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Episode 124 - Whip It, Whip It Dole

Episode 124 - Whip It, Whip It Dole

July 17, 2019

The Cast: Carolyn Pongracz, Jason Kauffman, Justin McCarthy & John Yaglenski

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- and we're back from Summer Vacation
- Galaxy's Edge Phase II
- A Monorail Of A different color
- Walk Around the World (for real)
- Lord Edward Uppiedownie
- Rants 'R' Epcot
- How do you take our spaghetti burger?
- Whip it, whip it dole
- Guess the Fake Cotton Flavor
- The Flying Elephant in the room
- Passholder Price Hike
- The Gauntlet has been laid (lane?)
- Carolyn rubbing elbows with the stars
- Hello Dalí!

Episode 123 - Where’s the Weenie?

Episode 123 - Where’s the Weenie?

May 19, 2019

The Cast: Carolyn Pongracz, Jason Kauffman, Justin McCarthy & John Yaglenski

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- It's Episode 1..2...3 ahaahaha
- We're back from Spring Break
- Put on your Hard Hat & Tails
- Racing Academy Rev's Up
- Where's the weenie?
- I'd like my Ronto medium rare.
- Hair of the Tauntaun
- What about Star Tours?
- Railway Running Behind Schedule
- Arc de Hollywood
- A Cardboard BBQ
- Who is the greatest Canadian Daredevil?
- Some bad OJ
- A Wet 5-ish K
- Justin's Challenge
- A Change That's Quite Peculiar
- Bag O' Magic Bands
- May 1st Policy Changes
- Summer Fun
- Sooorry, it's an invasion
- Plane Troubles
- Travel by Lightcycle
- How Much is the Ear Hat in the Window?
- Magic Kingdom Signature Sweets

Episode 122 - I Wish I Was A Goat

Episode 122 - I Wish I Was A Goat

April 7, 2019

The Cast: Carolyn Pongracz, Jason Kauffman, Jennifer Silveira & John Yaglenski

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- It's Episode 122
- Happy First Day of Spring
- What's Bracketology?
- A Star Wars Surprise
- Math is Hard
- Extra Magic Extra Hotels
- Indiana Jones and The Forbidden Refurb
- What's in a (Parking Lot) Name?
- Fun with Sound Effects
- Ticket Troubles
- V for Vomit
- Now with 80% more Rafiki!
- Don't Miss a Bollywood Beat
- A Perplexing Observation
- An Awesome Planet
- Snacking Along the Seine
- Baby Mouse's Terrace
- Go Find Walt's Frozen Head
- The Line was to the Tap styles
- John's an Angry Brick Owner
- Rise of the Blue Shirts
- Where's My cheese 2.0

Episode 121 - Please Don’t Take My Beverly Away

Episode 121 - Please Don’t Take My Beverly Away

March 6, 2019

The Cast: Carolyn Pongracz, Jason Kauffman, Gary O'Brien & John Yaglenski

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- It's episode 121
- It's all the J's
- Jason's First 5K
- Reimagining Epcot
- Don't take my Beverly Away
- A Sewer Apologist
- Selective Lighting Sources
- Justin Won the Great Monorail Bet
- How much is that Droid in the window?
- How Many in Your Party, you Rebel Scum?
- Milk was a bad choice
- Gondolas in the Sky
- A Fine Feathered Friend
- John and the Orange Bird
- Not Steve Perry
- Polka Dot Perfection
- Edible Effigies

Episode 120 - They’ll Have To Add Droid Parking

Episode 120 - They’ll Have To Add Droid Parking

January 24, 2019

The Cast: Carolyn Pongracz, Jason Kauffman, Gary O'Brien & John Yaglenski

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- It's Episode 120 and it's INTERCOTinental
- A real zoo-topia out there
- We're gonna make our castle bigger than your castle
- They'll have to add droid parking
- BBQ on a shrapnel
- What's a Municiberg?
- Lion King 25th Anniversary
- The Color of Rafiki's BUm
- A Suit for Mickey's Birthday
- 36 Nights of Halloween
- A suitcase of candy
- Sock Talk
- You've got a Healthy Glow
- A pressure valve of human bodies
- The Yeti is still down ...
- Awesome Mix Tape Vol 2
- The Return of Guess the Fake Churro Flavor
- Three Fingers, Two Tables, and a Microphone
- Not Ziggy Stardust
- A Plastic Problem
- It's a satchel
- 22 oz of meat
- The Wild Mid West
- Soda Sizes
- 6 Packs of 2-4's
- Don't Eat with Your Mouth Full
- Use the information wisely!

Episode 119 - A Very Special Christmas Episode

Episode 119 - A Very Special Christmas Episode

January 2, 2019

The Cast: Carolyn Pongracz, Gary O'Brien, Jason Kauffman, Justin McCarthy, Michael Montanez, Jennifer Silveira & John Yaglenski

- What is this rinky dink operation?
- So What Happened at Destination D?
--New Show
--Star Wars Land Updates
- 2,000 is Too Many People
- And Something Goes Wrong
- They're Not Robots, They're Audio-Animatronics!
- Avengers Assemble
- Guess The Fake Churro Flavor
- Does everyone have their moving buddy?
- It's a good time!
- Pirates are out, Vampires are in
- Say Cheese?
- Michael's Fun Photography Story
- Sign Mickey's Guest Book
- It's a Threefer
- Aside from the horrible construction ...
- Gondola Maintenance Gondol
- Monorail Troubles
- Breakfast & Beignet Burgers
- Justin's Just Back from Universal
- INTERCOT Crew Disney Resolutions

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Episode 118 - Coffee and Cowbells

Episode 118 - Coffee and Cowbells

January 2, 2019

The Cast: Carolyn Pongracz, Justin McCarthy, Jason Kauffman, Cindy Jachrimo & John Yaglenski

- It's Episode 118
- Surviving Disney without a smart phone
- A Whole New World of Disney
- Rose Gold Still Good as Gold?
- Glossy isn't a color
- An Illuminating Dinner
- A 5k Day
- Sirens and Cupcakes
- Tale of a 10k
- Get off your phone!
- Christmas Trees Sprouting Up Early
- Have a Happy Half
- Coffee and Cowbells
- Gu not Goo
- You can do it!
- Happy 21st Birthday INTERCOT
- Wonders of Wine
- The Adventurers Club Returns
- Quick News Takes
--New Ticketing and Prices in Effect
--Inorganic Cabins in Nature
--Skyliner, more like Sightliner

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Episode 117 - Stop and Smell the Churros

Episode 117 - Stop and Smell the Churros

January 2, 2019

The Cast: Carolyn Pongracz, Gary O'Brien, Jason Kauffman, Justin McCarthy & John Yaglenski

- Drink Talk
- Re-Imagining the Caribbean
- Sightlines, what are sightlines?
- There's a Bee in Your Gondola
- It's a Whole New World of Tickets
- Freezing and Crashing, Freezing and Crashing
- #CherryChurro
- The MCP Goes to Disney World or How Adults Do Disney
- Noooooo Nemo!
- Pork-stravaganza
- Modify, Modify, Modify
- It's probably chlorinated ...
- Don't forget your vacation Gantt Chart
- Stop and Smell the Churros
- Price is Right: Snack Edition
- Justin's Great Mickey Bar Scheme
- Mickey's 90th Birthday (cup) Cake
- Fancy Food on a Stick
- Purse of Poutine 2.0
- Seasonal Studios
- ...with cured meat
- #RunICOT/#CheerICOT
- Michael Just Flew in From Disneyland
- #DreamBigPrincess
- Sailing Away

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Episode 116 - Cementing a Legacy

Episode 116 - Cementing a Legacy

September 29, 2018

The Cast: Cindy Jachrimo, Jason Kauffman & John Yaglenski

Swan and Dolphin and Office
Wreckin' VR
Turning Back Into Trees
You get a dance party, and you get a dance party
A little more character (dining)
Open After Hours
The Dish on Disney Dining
There's an App for Crash
Keys to the Bluetooth
Cementing a Legacy
Panel Puzzlers
What's Up with the Bird Show
Panel Puzzlers:
--Favorite Breakfast?
--What's Wonders of Life Like Now?

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Episode 115 - Monsters After Dark

Episode 115 - Monsters After Dark

September 19, 2018

The Cast: Jason Kauffman, Carolyn Pongracz & John Yaglenski

- 115 is Live
- Hurricane Florence
- Illuminations Deluminating
- Showcase of Characters
- As the Rumour Mill Churns
- To Clone or Not to Clone
- Disneyland: Dry No More
- Minnie Van by the Mile
- That {was} Entertainment!
- DVC Fortitude
- The Scoopy Machine
- Sea World Leaked
- An INTERCOT Figment in Disneyland
- Run ICOT

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Episode 114 - Save the Monorails!

Episode 114 - Save the Monorails!

August 16, 2018

The Cast: Carolyn Pongracz, Jason Kauffman, Ian Mitchell & John Yaglenski

- Lunch with an Imagineer
- The Nation of Canada Takes on Toy Story Land
- Pandora vs Toy Story Land?
- The Smells of Disney
- Save the Monorails!
- Tron and the Train Tracks
- It's a Wonderful Processional Fantasmic!
- Cronuts and Rum Dole Whips
... and Greece
- Souvenir from the 5th dimension
- A Haul of Halloween Treats
- A Crabby Restaurant
- Grody Gondolas
- Hotel on Hold
- End of Summer Blowout
- Meanwhile at Universal
- Guess the Garage
- Coronado Construction

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Episode 113 - Going Gaga for Gondolas

Episode 113 - Going Gaga for Gondolas

July 24, 2018

The cast:  Cindy Jachrimo, Jason Kauffman, Carolyn Pongracz and John Yaglenski

- It's episode 113 and we are Really live
- Cindy at Christmas In July Media Event
- A 6 Hour Tour ....
- How many loads of laundry light Cinderlla Castle
- Fermented Ginger Bread
- A New Fall Gardens Tour
- A Christmas Twirly whirley
- Unwrapping New Christmas Merch
- A Sweet Sidebar
- Roaming Herds Horses
- Halloween Happenings
- The Many Names of Pete
- Joe Rhode and the Yeti
- For a Select Few (Floridians)
- The App Knows
- Bus Spotting
- Walk 500 Miles ... To get to the TTC
- Revving Up Sunset Showcase
- Going Gaga For Gondolas
- #RunICOT
- Bugging out for A Super Addition
- I Scream for Ice Cream (Churros)

Episode 112 - Toy Story Land Media Event

Episode 112 - Toy Story Land Media Event

June 26, 2018

The Cast: Carolyn Pongracz, Justin McCarthy & John Yaglenski

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- Join John & Crew as they talk about the lastest addition to Disney Studios in Florida - Toy Story Land.

Episode 111 - There’s No I in Burger

Episode 111 - There’s No I in Burger

June 6, 2018

The Cast: Carolyn Pongracz, Jennifer Silveira, Jason Kauffman, Cindy Jachrimo & John Yaglenski

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- Soda Talk and Tattoo Advice
- Seasons of Star Wars
- H is for Hydrolator
- Can I get just a 3 hour tour?
- 4DX (or 3.5DX in Canada)
- A Plethora of Pixar Pier Details
- Many Marvels
- Incredibles Ooot-and-a-boot
- ...its a parking lot now
- There's No I in Burger
- Dole Whip + Churro = Yum
- More Mobile Ordering
- The Nation of Canada Has an Announcement
- All Your Vermonts (or what's south of Quebec)
- We Meets The Redhead
- When you're not sure what to do, start a dance party
- Panel Puzzlers
-- Is the return value still there for Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party Goers?
-- Favorite Park Souvenir and how to display it?
-- Lyft vs Minnie Vans?
-- Disney Virtual Runs?
-- Ideas for Tricking People in trying Beverly?
-- What would be a premium you would pay for?
- 3, 3 Dessert Parties ....ah....ah....ahhh
- A Bounty of Banshees
- Weird One Day Tickets
- #FloridaProblems

Episode 110 - Ian Ruins Everything

Episode 110 - Ian Ruins Everything

May 28, 2018

INTERCOT Insider Live - Episode 110
Ian Ruins Everything
The Cast: Carolyn Pongracz, Justin McCarthy, Jason Kauffman, Ian Mitchell & John Yaglenski

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- Fleets of Monorails
- Is that a normal amount of fire?
- Trouble in Pandora (or Pandora Lost)
- Mickey Goes Mute
- A Quieter Canyon
- Sight lines, what are sight lines?
- Wheezy's Serenade
- A Little Less Mania
- Panel Puzzlers:
--Tips for Solo Trip?
--How to Survive the Summer Heat?
--Is Animal Kingdom an All Day Park?
--Favorite Dessert (Dole Whip Excluded)?
--What Ride can you ride over and over again?
- Ian ruins everything
- The Great Debate: Wishes vs Happily Ever After
- Quick Takes from Ian's Walt Disney World Trip
- A Much Wetter Kingdom
- Quick Takes from the INTERCOT Pal's Disneyland Trip
- Pixar Fest Churro Challenge--The Results




Episode 109 - Churros, Churros Everywhere

Episode 109 - Churros, Churros Everywhere

April 28, 2018
INTERCOT Insider Live - Episode 109
Churros, Churros Everywhere
The Cast: Carolyn Pongracz, Jennifer Silveira, Justin McCarthy, Jason Kauffman, Ian Mitchell & John Yaglenski
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- - - -
- It's Episode 109
- More Monorails?
- Pixar Fest is in Full Swing at Disneyland
- Churros, Churros Everywhere
- Purse Full of Poutine 2.0
- Parking Price Peril
- Digital Keys are coming
- That's called stalking
- Tiers of Joy
- Questions About Project H
- Curtain Call for Main Street Theater
- The Purple Wall
- A Cleaner Tommorowland
- Pandora People
- Panel Puzzler: What Event Would You Bring Back?
- What's In Woody's Lunch Box?
- Think {Millennial} Pink
- Shake-Up on Sunset Blvd.
- Free Dining Dates?
- Crowd Crazy
- Star Wars Talk
Episode 108 - Everything on a Stick

Episode 108 - Everything on a Stick

March 12, 2018

The Cast: Carolyn Pongracz, Cindy Jachrimo, Justin McCarthy, Jason Kauffman, Ian Mitchell & John Yaglenski

- - - -
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- - - -

- It' episode 108 and we're back after a short hiatus
- Sports Talk
- Let's take some questions from INTERCOTland
- What's up with the crowds?
- Everything on a stick
- River Country Construction
- Ventriloquists of Progress
- How much does a trip cost?
- To 5th Gate or Not?
- Stitch in Snow
- Odyssey, Wonders of Life, & Epcot Hotel oh my!
- Please stand clear of the Monorail Bet
- The Podcast Crew's Disney Firsts
- SummerWeen
- 20th Anniversary at Disney's Animal Kingdom
- A New-ish American Adventure
- Is Mickey Going Mute?
- So Long Citrus Swirl
- Where's the Pork?
- Be Our Escargot
- I'm a real buffet
- Fresh Eats at Epcot
- The Skyway--They're Building It.
- Looks Like Ewing, New Jersey
- #RunICOT; Wine & Dine Edition
- Mickey & Minnie Look Good for 90
- Extra Playtime in Toy Story Land
- An Extra Magical Season
- You Don't Know What School Bread Is?
- The Hammer of Thor

Episode 107 - You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out

Episode 107 - You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out

February 8, 2018

The Cast: Carolyn Pongracz, Jennifer Silveira, Justin McCarthy, Jason Kauffman & John Yaglenski

- Saddle up for a jam packed episode
- Cinemagine, Really?
- Ecpot
- What's Club Level anyways?
- That's $16.66 for 'its a small world'
- Looking for the plaids
- What's in your wallet?
- The Doctor Is In
- New Mousekeeping Policy
- Is that you Ellen?
- Kid's Clubs Closing
- The Star Wars
- You'll poke your eye out
- A piece of wood with a nail in it
- A whole new world
- I'm a sewage apologist
- ...but its got polka dots
- What time's the 3 O'clock parade
- Off with their heads?
- Please stand clear of the doors..they're open
- Doling Out Dole Whips
- Save The Wall Carpeting

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Episode 106 - Falcon or Faulken

Episode 106 - Falcon or Faulken

December 25, 2017

INTERCOT Insider Live - Episode 106
Falcon of Faulken
The Cast: Carolyn Pongracz, Jennifer Silveira, Cindy Jachrimo, Justin McCarthy, Ian Mitchell, Jason Kauffman & John Yaglenski

- It's Episode 106 ... do we have a full Brady Bunch?
- Speaking of the Star Wars ...
- New Details for Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge
- Falcon or Faulken
- Exclusive Shopping
- New VR Experience at Disney Springs
- Onto the Silver Screen
- Rating the Last Jedi
- It's an incredible coaster
- That's a Featurette!
- More Moonlight Magic
- Hall of Presidents is Re-Opening
- Kurt Russel and the Candlelight Processional
- A New Cirque du Soleil Show
- Name the Gavin
- Flights of Wonder Flying Away
- Minnie Vans Rolling Out
- Re-Imagining the Caribbean
- Viewing the Skyliner
- That's progress for ya!
- What doesn't Disney own?
- Construction Permit Palooza
- Meanwhile at Universal
- Stranger Showers
- When will Runway Railway Take to the Tracks?
- Quick Takes Around the World & Travel Talk
- Merry Christmas!

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Episode 105 - Jack’s Got a Goiter

Episode 105 - Jack’s Got a Goiter

November 21, 2017

The INTERCOT Insider Live Disney Podcast
Episode 105 - Jack's Got A Goiter
The Cast: Carolyn Pongracz, Jennifer Silveira, Jason Kauffman & John Yaglenski

- Lots of little topics, so here we go
- Do we still want the Redhead?
- Splash'n' Down
- A magical re-appearance on Main Street
- A slightly early start for Spring at Epcot
- Food booths year 'round
- Tell'em Ian Sent You
- Here's my CARd
- A Preview of Playtime in Toy Story Land
- Projection Mapping on Sunset Blvd.
- A Special Guest on Star Tours
- Updates at Star Tours and More on Star Wars at the Studios
- The Rookery is now online
- Springing Up at Disney Spring
- Disneyland After Dark
- Petite Pixar Projection Party
- A Plethora of Pixar
- Sailing into Changes Aboard the Disney Cruise Line
- Pick-a-FastPass Panel


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Episode 104 - You Forgot My Cheese

Episode 104 - You Forgot My Cheese

November 14, 2017
The Cast: Carolyn Pongracz, Cindy Jachrimo, Ian Mitchell, Jason Kauffman, Justin McCarthy & John Yaglenski
- And we're back from ICOT20
- Hang Out at the Hangar
- A Magical Day at The Kingdom
- New Magic Kingdom Snacks
- Mobile Order works well
- You forgot my cheese
- No More Secret Menu Nachos, What's Next?
- Monorail...Party in the Sky?
- Onto to Epcot!
- Soarin', & Mickey Bars, & Fiesta's oh my
- Gary's Column
- Real, live Canadians
- A strange evening at Jellyrolls
- The Low Down on the Minnie Vans
- Exploring Pandora
- Bees are good, hornets are bad
- A wrap up to a great weekend
- RunDisney Cancelled at Disneyland
- New Hotel for Disneyland
- Swan and Dolphin and Pterodactyl?
- DisneyQuest Demolished
- An Oddly Specific Swinging Ride Patent
- A spark of hope for Innoventions
- Cheese and Floats?
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Episode 102 - A Bunch of People I Met on the Internet

Episode 102 - A Bunch of People I Met on the Internet

September 21, 2017

The Cast: Carolyn Pongracz, Jennifer Silveira, Ian Mitchell, Jason Kauffman, Justin McCarthy & John Yaglenski

- It's Episode 102, Electric Boogaloo
- Hurricane Talk
- What was Walt Disney World Like During and After Irma
- ICOT 20 is Almost Here
- A Quick History of INTERCOT
- A Preview of the ICOT20 Events
- Another Festival for Epcot
- New Christmastime Events for Disney's Hollywood Studios
- A Wet Halloween Party
- Sorry folks, the banshee should have told ya ...
- Guess the price of Haunted Mansion Furniture
- Disney After Hours are Returning for 2018
- Chef Mickey's Temporary Displacement

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Episode 101 - It’s Self Cleaning, It’s Soap

Episode 101 - It’s Self Cleaning, It’s Soap

August 28, 2017

The Cast: Michael Montanez, Ian Mitchell, Jason Kauffman, Justin McCarthy & John Yaglenski

- It's Episode 101, Where are the Dalmatians?
- John's Adventures in Australia
- Podcast Crew's Flight Follies
- No More Small Shampoos at Hotels
- Michael's Cabana Conundrum
- ICOT20 & FastPass Fun
- MaxPass at Disneyland
- New Fantasmic! Dessert Option at Hollywood Studios & Fantasmic! Updates for Disneyland
- What's Left Open at the Studios?
- No More Stupid Judy
- Guardian Galaxy at California Adventure
- John Finally Sees Avatar
- Waking up from One Man's Dream
- RIP Marty Sklar
- When Ian met Roy E. Disney
- New Grand Avenue land at the Studios, absorbing Muppet Courtyard
- August Halloween Parties are still early
- DVC/AP Dining Discounts through 9/30
- 30 Stays in 30 Days?
- It's TV Talk
- Minnie Van Roll-Out & Express Transportation Ending
- Citrus Swirl Orange Float
- Mobile Order Expanding
- New Dessert Menu for Fireworks Dessert party at Magic Kingdom: & 2 viewing choices
- Electric Light Parade is Glowing Away (again)

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Episode 100 - The D23 Extravaganza

Episode 100 - The D23 Extravaganza

July 23, 2017
The Cast: Carolyn Pongracz, Justin McCarthy, Cindy Jachrimo, Jason Kauffman & John Yaglenski
- It's episode 100 and D23 had major announcements
- Tron Attraction coming to Magic Kingdom
- Speedway is Staying
- New Theater and Main Street USA Expansion
- Curtain Call for the Great Movie Ride, New Attraction in Chinese Theater
- Toy Story Land Opening Date
- Star Wars Land, Sponsored by Samsung?
- Star Wars Hotel is coming, must be booked like a cruise
- 15th DVC Resort, being built on current Caribbean Beach Resort land
- The Gondolas are confirmed, will be called the Skyliner
- Minnie Vans are coming
- Ratatouille is coming to Epcot
- China getting first ever seamless 360 film
- Mission: Space is getting 2 separate missions and a immersive restaurant
- Most new attractions opening 2021, why is it taking so long?
- Ellen is out, Guardians of the Galaxy is In
- What does the new Epcot Concept art mean?
- Thrills Rides vs Dark Rides, is there a good mix?
- Mobile Ordering has expanded
- The Shaman was in the Garage
- Pixar Pier is coming, Pixar Fest too
- Paint the Night is staying at Disneyland Resort
- New Halloween in CarsLand
- More Nostalgia for Fans of Disney Park Heritage
- Disney Cruise Line is Expanding to 7 Ships
- Re-Imagined Disneyland Paris Hotel
- The Return of Take it Or Leave It
- ICOT20, join the Roll Call
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Episode 99 - Carolyn’s Therapy Session

Episode 99 - Carolyn’s Therapy Session

June 21, 2017

The Cast: Carolyn Pongracz, Jennifer Silveira, Cindy Jachrimo, Jason Kauffman & John Yaglenski

- Pandora Grand Opening
- Waits to get in the new land
- Flight of Passage Pre-Show Experience may  vary on wait time
- Comparing Pandora with and with-out crowds
- Banshees Sold Out
- How long will you wait for attractions?
- More on Dining in Pandora
- New B-Modes for Brand New Attractions
- More Spots for Mobile Ordering
- New Mickey Cinnamon Rolls and Cheshire Cat Tales at Magic Kingdom
- Light-Up Snacks & Mugs
- New Menu at the Coral Reef
- Carolyn's Therapy Session
- New Rooms at Pop Century
- This Just In ... or maybe not
- The Birds
- Angelica Reviews The Safari
- Attendance slightly down at Walt Disney World for 2016
- Animal Kingdom Park Hours Extended, but not for long
- ICOT20

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Episode 98 - Pandora Revealed

Episode 98 - Pandora Revealed

May 27, 2017

INTERCOT Insider Live - Episode 98
Pandora Revealed
The Cast: Carolyn Pongracz, Jason Kauffman, Ian Mitchell & John Yaglenski

- It's Episode 98 ... and 98 degrees?
- Happily Ever After Fireworks
- Once Upon A Time Projection Show still Running
- John Reviews Pandora: The World of Avatar
--Great attention to detail, very immersive
---Flight of Passage is a winner, some ride restrictions
--Na’vi River Journey
---Nice ride, amazing AA at end
--Cheeseburger Pod Review
--Chipotle in Space?
--Mobile Ordering starting in Pandora
--You can buy a Banshee and get your own Avatar!
--The land is really cool at night
- Ian's Off-Property Ordeal
- Animal Kingdom Lodge and the 412 Steps
- Frozen Ever After Reviews Redux
- Springtime Crowds
- INTERCOT Laundry Tips
- Bus Only Lanes are Coming, but lots of construction for now.
- Self driving cars and Gondolas
- Bring back the Tommorowland Music Loop
- Epcot Expansion Pad
- Parade Time Change
- Halloween and Christmas Party Talk
- Pixar Concert at Disney's Hollywood Studios
- Cricket Chips at Animal Kingdom
- New Characters to Meet at Hollywood Studios
- Splash Mountain Refurb Coming
- La Nouba Closing
- Portobello Country Italian Trattoria Closure
- Stop on by the INTERCOT Discussion Boards
- ICOT20, there will be swag

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Episode 97 - We’ve Lost Everyone

Episode 97 - We’ve Lost Everyone

April 20, 2017

INTERCOT Insider Live Podcast - Episode 97
We've Lost Everyone!
The Cast: Carolyn Pongracz, Cindy Jachrimo, Jason Kauffman, Justin McCarthy, Ian Mitchell, Jennifer Silveira & John Yaglenski

- The whole nation of Canida is on the podcast, welcome Jennifer.
- INTECOT 20 - October 13 thru 15 - Join us!
- Pandora Updates: No Riding Banshee's, FastPass Open, EMH, & More Details on the Land's Dining.
- Universal's 3rd Gate and Theme Park Wars!
- Both Water Parks Testing Old School Fastpass-like system with wristbands and return times.
- Miss Adventure Falls Opens at Typhoon Lagoon.
- Mission: Space 2 Month Summer Refurb. New Missions?
- Night Ranger and Frozen.
- We've lost everyone!
- Room refurbs at Yacht Club - hard floors and electronics ports.
- The Gondolas - Which announced shortly after recording.
- 3rd parking garage coming to Disney Springs.
- New Coffee Spot.
- Disneyland updates.
- Jim Hill Rumour - Tron Lightcycles.
- Seasonal Discounts.
- #runICOT.
- We say goodbye to Christopher Perry and donated $2500 to his family as a community.

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Episode 96 - A Murder of Banshees

Episode 96 - A Murder of Banshees

March 25, 2017

The Cast: Carolyn Pongracz, Jason Kauffman, Justin McCarty Cindy Jachrimo & John Yaglenski

- INTERCOT 20th Anniversary Celebration, October 13-15, 2017.
- Elevated Transportation Rumor
- 15 Story Tower to be built plus rooftop dining at Coronado.
- Caribbean Beach Refurb including waterfront dining.
- Pandora, The World of Avatar
- Universal Announces Opening Volcano Bay Water Theme Park and Race Thru New York with Jimmy Fallon.
- New Trams on the way taking design queues from Monorails
- Wishes fireworks ending May 11, Replaced by Happily Ever After
- Halloween starts in August?
- Meet and Greets at Star Wars Launch Bay
- Guardians of the Galaxy at Disneyland May 27, Marvel Land?
- Hollywood Studios parking expansion
- Starring Rolls has closed
- Character breakfast at Boardwalk
- Ultimate Disney Classics VIP Tour
- 20th Anniversary Planning

Episode 95 - What’s A Toboggan

Episode 95 - What’s A Toboggan

February 17, 2017

The Cast: Carolyn Pongracz, Ian Mitchell, Jason Kauffman, Justin McCarty & John Yaglenski

- Back from #runICOT Half Marathon Weekend at the Disneyland Resort - We go over the highlights from the group trip.
- Best Segue Ever!
- Grand Floridian Gutted?  Rumour Central. Why can't we build a new luxury resort?
- Boardwalk - new character breakfast.
- Carribean Beach expansion.
- INTERCOT's 20th Anniversary is coming! Save the dates... 13-15 October, 2017!
- Pandora - official Summer opening and we may know the dates.
- Rivers of Light.
- New night time show coming to the Magic Kingdom.
- Cabanas in the Magic Kingdom gone.
- Paddlefish opens.
- Shopping with Melanie Pace - personalized consultation.
- Disney Quest officially closing.
- Snack Attack!

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Episode 94 - Introducing Narf Tuna

Episode 94 - Introducing Narf Tuna

January 11, 2017

The Cast: Carolyn Pongracz, Cindy Jachrimo, Gary O'Brien, Ian Mitchell, John Yaglenski

- We lost another episode... farewell to you 93!
- #runICOT invades California, and a salute to those in Florida.
- #iansagoof and #ianlovesgary - please post.
- Renovations at Disneyland and closures.
- Motley Fool Article - 5 Ways Disney is Milking More Money out of Visitors.
- Carolyn and the Tram
- Cabanas in the Theme Parks
- Disney After Dark Returns
- Rogue One (includes spoilers)
- We go to NerdCon 4 - Gary explains RetCon
- International Festival of the Arts

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Episode 92 - Driving a Lawnmower

Episode 92 - Driving a Lawnmower

September 30, 2016
The Cast: Carolyn Pongracz, Christine Warner, Michael Montanez, Ian Mitchell, Jason Kaufman, John Yaglenski

- It's Fall, Pumpkin Spice Latte is out.
- Weathertalk on the 5's.
- Muppets attraction at the Magic Kingdom.
- Annual Passes.
- Epcot Food and Wine Festival.
- Dessert Parties.
- Hollywood studios looks like a war zone!
- 100% metal detection coming soon - no more random selection.
- D23: Destination D Amazing Adventures! happens Nov. 19-20 at the Contemporary at WDW, and there are special guests like Tony Baxter, James Cameron, Joe Rohde and Marty Sklar.
- DL Tower of Terror is leaving for Guardians of the Galaxy - Mission: BREAKOUT!
- Blue rocks in Tomorrowland.
- Stitch's Great Escape is now only going to be running seasonally, which could signal the end is near.
- Carolyn wants them to put a couple of short futuristic dark rides in the Innoventions buildings dammit!
- THERE'S A CANADIAN RESIDENT DISCOUNT! 25% off 4-day or more tickets.  AWESOME!
- NextGen MagicBand enabled features during some rides were turned off for a while (like where they put your name etc. on a screen), but they seem to be coming back online now.
- Has anyone reviewed Kong yet at Universal?
- Jon Favreau is going to be directing a live action Lion King remake.
- ICOT 20 - Details coming soon.

INTERCOT is one of the largest and oldest Disney vacation planning websites on the internet.
Episode 91 - It’s a Picnic Day

Episode 91 - It’s a Picnic Day

August 27, 2016
The Cast: Michael Montanez, Justin McCarty, Carolyn Pongracz, Cindy Jachrimo, John Yaglenski

- Welcome to weather talk on the surface of the sun
- Michael travels around the world to the Disneyland's
- Quick trip to Hong Kong
- Then off to Shanghai and the Hunger Games District 3
- The beacon in the park was Starbucks - it was amazing
- It was the hottest Michael ever felt - 92 with 100 percent humidity with no shade
- The Castle is Huge!
- Michael confuses Hong Kong and Mystic Manor with Shanghai
- Tomorrowland is awesome and the whole trip was worth Light Cycles.
- Face characters look amazing
- Merchandise selection was a little lacking
- Michael's Fun Facts
- The space time continuum and slipstream effect
- Lots of changes coming to stateside parks - closures, changes, etc.
- What is the difference between a carousel and a merry-go-round
- Misfortune Falls
- New VR based haunted attraction to Halloween Horror Nights
- Disney Springs
- Virtual RunDisney medals
Episode 90 - Looks Good On You Though

Episode 90 - Looks Good On You Though

July 4, 2016
The Cast: Ian Mitchell, Christine Warner, Justin McCarthy, Carolyn Pongracz & John Yaglenski

- Take 2 - The first show was amazing!
- We go park by park talking about what's new
- Epcot - Frozen Ever After & Summerhouse, Soarin Around the World, Shanghai display evicts China pavilion, Guardians of the Galaxy?
- Animal Kingdom - Jungle Book Live, Tree of Life Awakens 
- Disney's Hollywood Studios -  3rd Toy Story Track, Newer Star Wars Show
- Magic Kingdom - new Castle Show, Muppet's to Liberty Square?
- Marathon Weekend at Disneyland and #runICOT
- DVC coming to Caribbean beach. 1st time at a moderate.
- Happy Independence Day Everyone!
Episode 89 - The Magic Was Wasted On You

Episode 89 - The Magic Was Wasted On You

May 27, 2016

The Cast: Melanie Bounds, Ian Mitchell, Cindy Jachrimo, Christine Warner, Michael Montanez & John Yaglenski

- Anything from Ian's trip
- Ample Hills Creamery Opening at Disney’s BoardWalk Inn & Villas This Spring
- Star Wars The Dark Side Inaugural 1/2 Marathon weekend. I think the general feeling of our group is we are fed up with RunDisney. Star Ward Dark Side marathon wrap up/fiasco
- Skipper's Canteen
- Jungle Book
- Invictus Games
- Michael Clark Duncan is Ving Rames
- Rivers of light delayed- sneak peek released
- Animal Kingdom evening hours and events open this month
- new-tiffins-restaurant-at-disneys-animal-kingdom-opens-memorial-day-weekend/
- Finding Dory characters to debut in Turtle Talk with Crush in May
- Frozen Even After attraction set to open June 17
- Soarin Reopens - Soarnin Around the World - Film
- Earful Tower has been removed
- New Star Wars Experiences
- Disney Springs town center opens in 2 weeks (some walls came down this weekend) - Disney Springs To Open More Than 30 New Shops & Dining Spots Throughout the Summer
- Weddings at MK in the gardens near the Castle
- Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire’ Set to Open in June at Magic Kingdom Park
- Golden Oaks to expand
- Special after hours Magic Kingdom events now open to AP/DVC members for $75. Originally they were $150 for general public.
- RunDisney virtual races

Episode 88: Cane and a Top Hat

Episode 88: Cane and a Top Hat

April 5, 2016
The Cast: Michael Montanez, Christine Warner, Cindy Jachrimo, Justin McCarthy, John Yaglenski

- Christine is having a great hair day, Justin is recovering from surgery.
- Brandy Robinson - Disney Mom's Panel and Cruise Line Specialist (she's been on 12 cruises.)  We talk about what the Mom's Panel is and how it works, her favorite ships and more.
- What's a BabyMoon?
- New ships coming to Disney Cruise Line - what will the name be? Enchantment suggests John. Frozen and Star Wars?
- Surge Pricing comes to one day park tickets. Is this the precursor to it coming to all passes? Value, Regular and Peak.
- We talk package deals.
- Zootopia is the sleeper film of the year!
- Purple Magic Bands.
- My Fantasy Bands - INTERCOT15.
- Disney Springs - 30 new retail locations coming.
- Flower and Garden Festival.
- New Star Wars Fireworks - now on our Facebook feed at - taped after the podcast.
Episode 87: Play Your Other Song Again

Episode 87: Play Your Other Song Again

March 2, 2016
The Cast: Ian Mitchell, Cindy Jachrimo, Michael Montanez, Carolyn Pongracz, John Yaglenski

- The year 1987... yes, we're doing this again.
- 23rd Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival.  What's the difference now between this and the Food and Wine festival?
- Zoolander 2 & Deadpool and bad decisions bringing young kids to innapropriate movies.
- This Just In
- Let the singing begin - Garden Rocks Concert Series. We go thru the acts appearing.
- Carolyn has connections to the biker in the Village People and Steve Perry.
- Food and Wine Festival at Disney's California Adventure
- California vs. Florida - Canada's view on the subject.  She cranks because she cares.
- Pi Day 5k - Virtual 5k - 3/14/16
- Michael doesn't like Pie
- We need more Characters!
Episode 86: The #runICOT Marathon Weekend Recap

Episode 86: The #runICOT Marathon Weekend Recap

January 26, 2016
The Cast: John Yaglenski, Melanie Bounds, Carol Robert, Carolyn Pongratz, Justin McCarthy
- Introducing Carolyn and Justin - Welcome!
- 3 out of 5 had problems with Magic Bands - why is this such a big issue
- Justin experiences his first audio issue on the Podcast.
- Day One 5k - group picture, Cheer Squad. Lack of costumes due to the new policy which came out days before the race.The weather was better for marathon weekend. So toy guns have been removed from the parks, but toy swords and light sabers are O.K.? Trader Sams meet.
- Day Two 10k - It's POURING! Early morning up at 2:45am. Didn't stop for photo ops since I was doing the half.  Boardwalk cheer section and slippery running.  Canada complains about the lack of scenery for the first half of the 10k. #runnerProblems.  Blisters because of wet shoes. No Cowbells??? Are you kidding me?
- Day Three Half Marathon - Scott David was awesome at the Magic Kingdom! Fist fight on Main Street USA?  Where you see flashes, pose! John finished running which was a huge deal for him. Running up Main Street is flat out cool.
- Day Four Full Marathon - Weather was very humid and tough to run in. Cheering at Shades of Green, Cancer buddy Melanie, Studios.  Carolyn gets lost.
- The 22.4 Magnet - John made his own.
- Justin's shoes.
- On to questions from our listeners. The #GrumpyChallenge. 
- Runners, how do you avoid blisters especially on your toes?
- #runICOT 2017 is going to Disneyland! The peer pressure is on Carol.
Episode 85 - The Disney Magic Touched Me

Episode 85 - The Disney Magic Touched Me

January 4, 2016

The Cast: Ian Mitchell, Michael Montanez, Cindy Jachrimo & John Yaglenski

- Chip Kelly Free Podcast

- The 12 days of Christmas and how we spent our holiday.

- #runICOT at Disney's Marathon Weekend - Join Us!

- John's Thanksgiving Trip - crowds were crazy.

- The mess that is Disney Springs parking and the Boathouse dinner.

- Hat store was amazing

- Finally saw Candlelight Processional - the Disney magic touched me!

- Family got sick during the vacation.

- When to visit anymore?

- John going to see Creed before Star Wars.

- Star Wars talk.

- Security Changes at Orlando theme parks. Pre-check for the parks.

- Purple Magic Band

- What did you get for Christmas?


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Episode 84 - This Magic Moment

Episode 84 - This Magic Moment

November 15, 2015

INTERCOT Insider Live Disney Podcast - Episode 84
The Cast: Carol Robert, Cindy Jachrimo, Ian Mitchell, Gary O'Brien, John Yaglenski

-  New Star Wars stuff
-  Kids these days and their ideas about CGI being better than practical effects
-  New Star Wars attractions/events
-  Has a ride ever been updated to be day and date with a movie?
-  Where is Jedi Training Academy exactly?
-  Star wars meet and greet for Visa members
-  Star Wars Weekends are no longer or are they?
-  Avatarland
- Is there ever going to be another movie - Apparently 2017
- Na'vi river ride looks good but.
- Is the other ride a Soarin' on another planet or more?
- Jimmy Fallon 8D ride at Universal - What are those other Ds?
- Ian's never seen any of the Harry Potter movies
- John is finally checking Candle Light Processional narrated by Gordon Jump - We've literally planned his arrival down to the minute.
- John has to take a selfie with the choir, Ian now has to watch It's a Wonderful Life
- John's never been to Primetime Café
- Thanksgiving at WDW, John's using his visual artist kids to photograph the entire place
- New Segment - This magic moment: Carol would have a lapulapu and watch Wishes, Gary would have a beer at WL pool bar, sit and read comics on iPad while family swam, John would take family to top of Cotemporary and have a beverage, a snack, watch the nighttime spectacular, Cindy would just go to Radiator Springs and watch the neon, Ian would go to Tapestry of Nations, if he had a time machine but in reality he would just hang out at Storm Along Bay with the kids.
- Hit us up on the boards and let us know where you would be in any Disney park at 8:30 pm RIGHT NOW.
- Motley Fool story - EPCOT is set to be the lowest attended park by 2020, Future World barely exists, dated, everything we love about EPCOT seems not to be attractions.
- New Colorthingie it's colors by Glidden 

Episode 83 - I Bring The Cheer

Episode 83 - I Bring The Cheer

November 9, 2015
INTERCOT Insider Live Disney Podcast
Episode 83 - I Bring The Cheer
The Cast: Michael Montanez, Ian Mitchell, Cindy Jachrimo, Christine Warner

- Michael is irritated and Christine looks like Murphy Brown?
- Annual Pass increases on both coasts - Michael and Cindy explain. Ian's head explodes.
- Does Disney want AP holders or not?  Is it time to build another park due to capacity issues?
- Food and Wine is out of control crowded on the weekends.
- Is tiered pricing for everyday tickets inevitable?
- New and updated INTERCOT forums - now Mobile ready and more features!
- Updated many sections of the site including Theme Parks, Water Parks, Disney Springs, Resorts and more!
- Flying Fish closing for major updates.
- Tables in Wonderland price increase to $175 residents / $150 passholders.
- The year was 1983.
- Sunset Showcase theater coming to Disney's Hollywood Studios.
- Duffy is out, Daisy is in...
- We get stumped on famous Disney turtles and ignore the obvious.
- Disney updating Fort Wilderness cabins.
- Christine wants to be able to pick a room view at all DVC resorts on points.
- No more storage compartments on Kali River Rapids
- Take it or Leave It - Lockers, John & Michael take them to avoid rides being shut down, Christine says no - OCD issues & no critters, Ian take them and Cindy sort of.
- Cargo shorts/pants are out?  Seriously?
- Candlelight Processional lineup finalized.
- Roller Coaster Tycoon World coming out December 10.
- Pecos to Mexican, Tortuga to Barbecue place.
- Completely forgot a new resort is coming to Universal Orlando
- New exit to Disney Springs is open
- 1983 Movies
- What kind of rinky dink podcast is this!
Episode 82 - It’s Getting Out of Hand People

Episode 82 - It’s Getting Out of Hand People

September 29, 2015
The Cast: Melanie, John, Ian, Cindy, Michael

- What year did YOU graduate from High School.
- D23 Conference with Michael who was there.
- Harrison Ford, Moana, Bill Murray, Chef - the Food Truck movie, Randy Q-Newman, Michael cried, T-shirt canons.
- John gets to pull out his Walken.
- Parks going to be a mess for the next 5 years.
- Annual Passes - what are they going to cut?
- Queue's were terrible at D23.
- Chris Evans was HOT.
- Shanghai Disney will be mind blowing.
- Stuff will be fixed for the next D23.
- Churros were AMAZING!
- Melanie has been Coast trotting - she's bi-coastal having visited Disney World, Universal and Disneyland.
- Mel will never stay off site at Universal again! Club Level stays.
- Fantasia Gardens - Mel's kids cant get enough.
- Disneyland looks great for the 60th.  Paint the Night & Disneyland Forever amazing.
- Aladdin being eliminated at Disneyland, Osborne Lights leaving Disney World.  - John thinks the show should move up the road to a different studio or that Universal should just start it's own lights show. INTERCOT Consulting (tm).
- The history of Osborne Lights told by Ian.
- John offers to move the Yaglenski Family Holiday Light Spectacular to Hilton Head if they contact him.
- Mulch, Sweat and Shears done.
- Take It or Leave It Tom Sawyers Island. Mel says take it. Michael takes it. Ian takes it, Cindy takes it, John takes it - Unanimous!
- Websites selling Disney Dining reservations to guests.
- #runICOT Marathon Weekend
Episode 81: Special Edition - Theme Park Expansion

Episode 81: Special Edition - Theme Park Expansion

August 18, 2015

 The Cast: Melanie Bounds, Christine Warner, Cindy Jachrimo, Ian Mitchell & John Yaglenski

In this Special Edition of the INTERCOT Insider Live Disney Podcast, the crew talks about the recently announced expansion to the Walt Disney World Resort at Disney's Hollywood Studios in the form of Star Wars Themed lands (also coming to California) and Toy Story Land.  They also discuss the new film announced for Soarin' at Epcot and the Jungle Navigation Company at the Magic Kingdom. Finally, they take questions from INTERCOT's Twitter feed and you, the listeners. Lots of new information and opinions galore on this jam packed episode!

Episode 80 - Grandma’s Closet

Episode 80 - Grandma’s Closet

August 10, 2015

The Cast:  Christine Warner, Cindy Jachrimo, Michael Montanez, Gary O'Brien & John Yaglenski

- Weather Talk previals again!  Where do YOU keep your thermostat?
- Hampton Inn - John's outgrown them. They look like Grandma's Closet.
- Where do you stay? Michael wants stuff done for him.
- Christine's trip to Disneyland - lots to go over in a short time.
- Lightning round of favorites.
- What's your Disney age?
- Churro discussion - Christine got a bad churro.
- D23
- Changes coming to Disney's Hollywood Studios
- Take It or Leave It - Short Trips.  Christine says no. John leaves it. Michael takes it with conditions. Gary leaves it - we think. Cindy takes it!
- Myrtle Beach and Ocean City crazy crowds.
- Star Wars stuff coming to Disney's Hollywood Studios - maybe soon to be Disney's Hollywood Adventure. Lots of changes ahead.
- Shanghai Disneyland
- Quick hit topics, Epcot breakfast. DVC Expansion at Wilderness Lodge. Disney Quest closing. TCM changes to Great Movie Ride.

Episode 79 - Can You Imagine

Episode 79 - Can You Imagine

July 13, 2015

The Cast: Christine Warner, Cindy Jachrimo, Ian Mitchell & John Yaglenski

PLEASE NOTE: Apologies from John - his mic is over modulated due to a new comptuer and bad audio drivers - which also caused some echo.  The problem is fixed for future shows.  Please bear with our audio problems but we didn't want you to miss out on the content of the show.

- Summer Songs Lead The Show
- Selfie Stick Ban, A worm can see fireworks - they are in THE SKY!
- Animal Kingdom "Poop" Treats got pulled.
- Ian follows up on the Cabin in the Woods
- What's going on with all the Sharks?
- Cindy goes to Legoland!
- Inside Out
- Shows in Parks - Must do? Ian says leave it.  Cindy says ditto. Christine takes it. John struggles to think of something. Leave it.
- Chris Squire, bass player of Yes passes from Leukemia at age 67.  John pays tribute and the show goes out in a special way. Can You Imagine?

Episode 78 - The Cabin in the Woods

Episode 78 - The Cabin in the Woods

June 23, 2015

The Cast: Melanie Bounds, Cindy Jachrimo, Ian Mitchell & John Yaglenski

- WDW Research looking into adopting a new ticket system. Tiered pricing.
- How exactly will this new plan work if implemented? Things are already complicated.
- Ian went to Walt Disney World and CROWDS!
- South of the Border - has anyone actually stayed there?
- Park opening and the line for Mine Train.
- The Cabin in the Woods - Ian's experience in the Fort Wilderness Cabins.
- Ian took his kids on Country Bears for the first time.
- Great Movie Ride changes.
- Ian's gotta run - literally.
- INTERCOT School: Theme Parks 101.
- Nintendo coming to Universal, new water park Volcano Bay in 2017, Kong Attraction well on it's way.
- Sea World opens new coaster in 2016 - tallest, fastest, longest...
- Busch Gardens opens Cobra's Curse family style coaster.
- Meanwhile Disney announces - Hocus Pocus Villain Spectacular Show, NBA Restaurant, Jock Lindsey's Hanger Bar. Avatar still lingering on the horizon.
- MagicBands and FastPass+ ROI?
- Star Wars or Cars or something coming?  What's going on?
- Tomorrowland - was it a failure?
- Jay Rasulo steps down from the Walt Disney Company.
- Disney's Hilton Head Resort and buying resale.
- Follow us on twitter @intercot
- Most importantly - visit the INTERCOT Boards! Tapatalk is enabled.
- Refreshed the look of the site and more improvements on the way!
- Join us in January for #runICOT Marathon Weekend.
- Reclining movie theater seats.

Episode 77 - You Don’t Look So Bobble Headish

Episode 77 - You Don’t Look So Bobble Headish

May 25, 2015
The Cast: Melanie Bounds, Carol Robert, Michael Montanez, Cindy Jachrimo, Ian Mitchell & John Yaglenski

- Why we run - Registration for Marathon Weekend pretty much done.  Went very quick. Charity registration may be available.
- We need new cowbells
- John did his first half marathon ever 
- Disneyland's Diamond Celebration
- Shopping Bags & Purses
- Hatbox Ghost Returns
- John is running on fumes
- Free Dining Fiasco
- Does the dining plan make sense really? 
- Concert series at Universal and Disney
- The difference between Sounds Like Summer and Eat to the Beat
- Take It or Leave It - Sounds Like Summer - 4-2 take it!
- Opps we offended someone on Facebook
- Walls down in the studio - up goes the stage.
- Tokyo Disney Resort announces large expansion, including Frozen land 
- And We're Out...
Episode 76 - Christmas in April

Episode 76 - Christmas in April

April 12, 2015
INTERCOT Insider Live Disney Podcast
Episode 76 - Christmas in April
The Cast: Christine Warner, Cindy Jachrimo, Gary O'Brien, Ian Mitchell, Melanie Bounds, John Yaglenski

- Trader Sams/Poly villas & bungalows premiere, Tiki finally in lobby.
- Mel's Trip Report/Poly info - Be Our Guest Breakfast, The Hub.
- Relay for Life April 17 in Celebration, Florida - Donate $25 or more before April 17 and be entered to win one of two Fantasyland Lithographs. DONATE HERE:
- Disney Springs Boathouse & Steaks, Amphibicar rides, Sushi at Splitsville.
- Take it or leave it - $2k a Night Stay @ the Polynesian Bungalos - Leave it across the board. Canada needs to get an alternate theme song version in. We're very needy.
- Pedro's South of the Border talk
- Universal - John (the comparison to Disneyland is inevitable), the stay, the rides, the hotels etc.
- Woman Denied Entry At Disney’s Magic Kingdom For Trying To Bring In Baby Bengal Tiger (we have our doubts)
- Christine's Cruise Report (tip: book a smaller ship)
- Disney now a bank?  Have you seen where Disney is doing their own savings club for vacations?
- Selfie Sticks ban
- John missing the Fonz
- #runICOT 2016 registrations are coming up
- The INTERCOT party house
Episode 75 - Addicted to Hummus

Episode 75 - Addicted to Hummus

March 14, 2015

The Cast: Christine Warner, Michael Montanez, Melanie Bounds, John Yaglenski

- It's our 75th Anniversary - Diamond! 75 podcasts down the line.
- Daylight Saving Time RANT!
- Addicted to Hummus.
- Soarin & Toy Story Mania Expansion.
- INTERCOT Consulting - Apply Star Tours concept to Soarin'
- John finally saw Big Hero 6.
- Michael gets sassy with John - It's not a Spoiler!
- Segue Kings - on to Pirates refurb all summer long.
- Cinderella Review - Christine saw a preview. Lets hear from you on the forums.
- Run Disney Registration becoming tougher and tougher. 
- The Three Amigos Challenge
- Take It or Leave It - Ponchos! Mel yellow yes, clear no. Christine - Yes. Michael NO - refund my purchase. Cindy yes. John No.  That's 3-2 Leave it!
- New iPhone Show Your Disney Side App.
- The new hub in the Magic Kingdom.
- Monorails not going away.
- Aloha Isle & Sunshine Tree Terrace. How will this help with traffic?  Bring back the Grape Juice stand.
- Galactic Gathering Cost - YOU make the call.
- Madonna & Kylie Minogue, Weigh in.

Episode 74 - There Is Something Wrong With Us

Episode 74 - There Is Something Wrong With Us

March 1, 2015
The INTERCOT Insider Disney Podcast
Episode 74 - There Is Something Wrong With Us!
The Crew: Cindy Jachrimo, Melanie Bounds, Ian Mitchell & John Yaglenski

- Epcot reference right off the bat.
- Missing but not missing the Oscars.
- Ticket Prices increase, break $100 for the first time.  Comparing other parks. Pass options. Non-Expiration option is gone.
- Annual passes for the water parks?  Didn't know they existed.
- Orlando becoming an upscale market?
- John's Trip.  4 hours refreshing the browser to find a room at the last minute. 
- All Star Movies started the stay. John thinks he has outgrown staying there. Likes AOA and Pop Century though.  Food court is still an issue.  Different lines for everything is a nightmare for a family.
- Day 1 to Epcot! Enjoyed LaCava and then moved on to Germany.  
- Day 2 to Universal. Warm Butterbeer is excellent!
- Day 3 random act of Disney kindness. To refresh the magic - take someone who hasn't gone to the park before with you. 
- John loved Monsieur Paul - one of the best meals he has ever had at Walt Disney World.
- The last 3 hours of John's vacation. What was supposed to be fun turned into a disappointing experience in crowd management and monorail maintenance. System needs some love. May be time to set aside some funds toward system upgrades.
- Speedway closing for transportation improvements.  Wondering if that means an improved guest experience into the Magic Kingdom parking lot?
- Can't imagine Disney without monorails...
- Our special guest - Ana Fallas of the Disney Parks Mom's Panel. She tells her story of a 7 year jouney to where she is today. Tells of her mom saving and how she contributed by babysitting to go to Disney World. Magical Moments at Epcot with a first step. We step through her favorites park by park!
- INTERCOT's Take It or Leave It - None of us can remember what we were supposed to do! Mel - Leave It, Cindy - Leave it, Ian - Leave It, John - Leave It.
- Jungle Cruise Restaurant coming to Adventureland Verandah!  New restaurant.
- #runICOT & #cheerICOT 2016 planning and Paris run as well. Light the Night in Celebration, Florida. 
- We still love the mouse after all these years.  Plenty of magic still left to go around.
- Spread the random Acts of Disney Kindness - buy someone a Mickey Bar. Be Good and Do Good.
Episode 73 - The runICOT Marathon Weekend Recap

Episode 73 - The runICOT Marathon Weekend Recap

January 27, 2015

The Cast: Gary O'Brien, Christine Warner, Cindy Jachrimo, Carol Robert, Melanie Bounds, Ian Mitchell. Michael Montanez & John Yaglenski

- The cheering continues, they can't stop
- The weather and ride reservations
- Triple filtered water
- 5k race day was super cold
- Tambu lounge meet
- Ian is doing a 10k, John is doing a Half
- Our fundraising efforts
- Sunrise in the Magic Kingdom
- Christine tells her Marathon Story
- Gary issues a challenge to Stacey Aswald to run any of the events at Marathon Weekend #runStaceyrun
- John reaches one person with his Cancer story
- The sign issues - code 3636
- Gary and the pink suit
- Get the fever and join us next January!
- Gary's Column meet
- Disneyland Magic Bands

Episode 72 - From Grandy to Grande

Episode 72 - From Grandy to Grande

December 25, 2014
The Cast: Gary O'Brien, Christine Warner, Cindy Jachrimo & John Yaglenski

It's the Holiday Edition and America's Barista FAIL.  Weather Temp Check.

What's going on holiday wise in the parks?  Who is going to find the Purple Cat?  Fisticuffs at the frozen castle lighting - does look beautiful though.  Universal Grinchmas and Macy's Parade.

Christine Loves New York - it's just like the slogan!

Comedy Warehouse Holiday Special.

The WDW Christmas Special taped and we don't know anyone who is making appearances.

The Love Boat mention - John does his Issac impression and no one can see it.

From Grandy to Grande

#runICOT is right around the corner.

John does his Bryant Gumbell impression.  Good luck to you.  Gary laughs.  This makes John happy.

Buy a wrist band for $10 - help us help Thyroid Cancer Research and Awareness.  Raising funds have been tough going.  Are we at the time of year when people are donated out?

Take It or Leave It - Christmas & New Years at Disney World.  Gary takes it. Christine - takes it.  John takes it as well... and Cindy - takes it.  It's unanimous.

The new Polynesian renderings.


In-App ticket purchases.

John's Dad grumps about the FastPass system.

Memory Maker

Star Wars Galactic Breakfast

Inside Out otherwise known as Body Wars II
Episode 71 - Gary, Ian, Where Are You?

Episode 71 - Gary, Ian, Where Are You?

December 16, 2014
The Cast: Carol Robert, Cindy Jachrimo, Christine Warner, Melanie Bounds

Snow for Thanksgiving & Weather Talk!

Disneyland - Cindy's First Trip.  $$$$$!  Mini Monorail.  Alice in Wonderland Refurbished and looks great.  John doesn't understand the changes but the ladies say it's very well done and they love it more.  Also liked additions to Big Thunder.  No Cupcakes, went to bed hungry!  Christine and bicoastal tickets.

CHERRY CHURROS!!! John has been vindicated - sort of... 

Krazy Kirk and the Hillbillies - every other joke trashed their old employer.  Park was a littly grimy and needs attention.

Disneyland is working to monetize just like Disney World. 

Trip Highlights


We broke the story about the Sorcerer's Hat Removal.  What's your source Maaaannnnnnn! People are funny and didn't want to believe.  You don't reveal confidential sources.

Something really big coming to DHS?

Big Hero 6

Take it or leave it - The Hat. Carol says relocate it/take it. Christine takes it. Cindy leaves it. Melanie says it's time to move on. John says leave it. Add the new stuff already.

Christmas Party / Osbourne Lights

Olaf makes an appearance!

Overselling of hard ticketed events - overcrowding makes it hard to enjoy.

Hilton Head Trip

#RunICOT & Awareness Bands

New York
Episode 70: The Bathroom Button

Episode 70: The Bathroom Button

November 2, 2014
The INTERCOT Insder Podcast Live - Episode 70
The Bathroom Button!
The Cast: John, Cindy, Michael, Mel, Christine, Gary and special guest Shawn Kendrot developer of Disney Expedition

Disney Expedition App:

Get a Lumia 520 to play with for under $50 on Amazon

The Bathroom Button! Pure Magic! Walking Directons too!

Toy Story Mania Experiement with no stand by

Segue into John’s Trip - Taking a trip is too complicated

Free Dining isn’t Free

Sea World lets you choose 

Universal Experience was great

Overbooking of MNSSHP

Michael’s Gay Days Adventures: Crazy crowded, but still not too crowded

Too bad DL and WDW aren’t part of the same company

Take It or Leave It: Guided Tours: Gary: Take it. Especially with Segways because machines, Cindy: Take it, when your children are appropriately aged, Michael: Take ‘em. Though he’d rather spend his money on booze, Christine: Leave it. She’s one and done. Walt’s Footsteps was all she needs, Mel:  Take it. But she’s never done one in Florida because of her kids’ ages (at the time), Shawn: Take it. They are planning on it, but kids are still young, John:  Take it. But he remembers some old obscure one that no one else remembers while in a cherry churro haze. Took the Behind the Seeds Tour on a lark. 

Viking boats trucked out the day after Maelstrom closed

Frozen ride budget still a nice $60 million

How long will this take?

Soarin’ is adding another theater but… will it go down while Maelstrom is retro-fitted to Frozen?

Soarin’ around the world

Lumberjack show - Everyone hates it

Haunted Mansion Tour very cool

We have tons of photos, check them out on all the feeds

The Four Seasons—So amazing, so spoiled. Cindy is spoiled now

Octopus burger traumatizes children

Still working things out, but overall it’s pretty great
Episode 69 - You Don’t Ask Someone Else To Say Garwsh!

Episode 69 - You Don’t Ask Someone Else To Say Garwsh!

September 30, 2014

The Cast: Gary O'Brien, Cindy Jachrimo, Todd McCartney, Ian Mitchell, Melanie Bounds, John Yaglenski

- Frozen in Malestrom It's great and terrible and where are we going to wait in line?

- INTERCOT Consulting: The perfect queue. Beer cart, bathroom, then ride

- Frozen Bathrooms

- Old attractions to New

- Two words. Hydro. Later.

- Everybody generally agrees that all the songs used to be better in old EPCOT -Mainly because they were so funky baby.

- Take it or leave it: Tiered amenities. John has the tallies

- Back to old attractions

- If You Had Wings was free, so obviously it was the best according to dad

- MNSSHP-New additions-Amazing, Bowler hat guy, John Warner's amazing photos, New trick or treat stations, Villain soiree not so much

- Disney Bound

- #runICOT

- Cheering is as inspiring as running

- You don't ask someone else to say Garwsh!  Goofy always does it. 

Episode 68: Gary Sells Out

Episode 68: Gary Sells Out

September 22, 2014
The Cast: Carol Robert, Cindy Jachrimo, Gary O'Brien, Michael Montanez, John Yaglenski

- Off Kilter is done, new entertainment coming to Epcot.

- Is there an example in Disney history where management has reversed their decision to close something?

- Talking Epcot again

- Marvel coming to Disneyland

- More FROZEN!

- Take it or leave it - Special Edition Magic Bands. Tried out during Star Wars Weekends. Frozen Bands have been circulating. Carol says leave it. Cindy says leave it too. Gary says leave it. Michael leave it. John leave it. Big Goose Egg.

- Carol suggests interchangeable cores for Magic Bands that you can switch to accessorize with your outfit.  INTERCOT Consulting(tm). Fantastic idea!

- Silly Jasmine and Nathan - Gary Sells Out

- Villains Sinister Soiree - trying to see the value proposition by the time you pay for park admission, then special party that night, then special party for only a few hours.  We do an economics lesson. $680 for 5 hours for a family of four.

- More Starbucks

- Drones in the parks

- #runICOT update
Episode 67: Blow It Up For Me Again James!

Episode 67: Blow It Up For Me Again James!

August 30, 2014
The Cast: Melanie Bounds, Christine Warner, Cindy Jachrimo, Gary O'Brien, Todd McCartney & John Yaglenski

- Back to School time!

- Robin Williams. His Life, his legacy, his Disney connection.

- The awkward transitions to our interview with Todd McCartney, The Horizons video restoration. Ecommerce in 1994.  Disney Rumors back in the day. website.  Movie nights! Converting and restoring video and film.  The Mickey Mouse Review! Mom threw away my park maps and tickets. Retro is a sliding scale.  The Wave machine in the Seven Season Lagoon. Backup, Backup, Backup

- Canada is kind of a big deal!

- Take It or Leave It! Special Events @ Resorts. Todd takes it.  Melanie loves the blowing up of the screen and is fascinated by it - otherwise leave it. Cindy says take it!  Christine absolutely takes it - so much to do.  Gary says take it as does John.  Final score ALL to Mel.

- Retro WDW Film Fest - totally need to do it!

- Eat at the Star Wars Cantina Bar... rumors for Disney's Hollywood Studios. What's possible, what would we like to see?

- Forsaken Epcot

- Frozen stuff.  John has actually seen the movie and LIKED IT! 

- Disney fan sites causing Frozen ride in Norway to happen... John has to laugh at that suggestion.  Just not the case. Pulse check, maybe but moving the needle on making something happen, Uh - No.

- Target twice in a day.  Whoa.  John has an unhealthy obsession with Target watches.

- 400 gallons of blue paint turned SeaBase Alpha into an abyss.

- The hidden sites on INTERCOT.  

- There needs to be a new master plan of Epcot, and complete rethinking of the park from top to bottom.  Cohesion is sorely lacking and the park is dying. Things are very disconnected.

- On Ride Videos - included in Memory Maker.

- Comic Book and Marvel updates

- Villains Event
Episode 66 - Crabby John Has Spoken

Episode 66 - Crabby John Has Spoken

August 11, 2014

The INTERCOT Insider Live: Episode 66
Crabby John Has Spoken
The Cast: Cindy Jackrimo, Michael Montanez, Melanie Bounds, Ian Mitchell & John Yaglenski

Cindy joins the podcast for the first time

Have you been to the park for the opening ceremony?  John's kids have opened the Magic Kingdom

Mel just got back from Disney World.  Found the parks crowded in July - whoda thunk.  Stayed at Caribbean Beach.  Stayin Alive Canada meet.

Michael tries not to go past the Mississippi in the summer

Opening day at Diagon Alley and Mel was there.  Her experiences.

Cindy stays at Cabana Bay Beach Resort @ Universal Orlando and gives us a review.  There is a lazy river at a value resort! Cup sensors in use there too.


Take it or Leave it - Refillable Mugs. Melanie says take it. Cindy says leave it.  Ian says leave it.  John says leave it.

Tervis Tumblers

Photos taken and sent to your account in the parks without you asking.

Magic Bands should include pedometers and GPS.

Should be a fastpass line for parking.

Why don't magicbands auto add the AP discount? Instead you need a license and a separate card.

Fast Pass for standby lines - our collective heads are going to explode.

Richard Petty Driving Experience and Cars Experience.  Cindy attended on behalf of the site.

Armed Forces Salute renewed again!

Frozen on board Disney Cruise line *(except the Dream)

Once Upon a Time on ABC

New Haunted Mansion Shop on the way.

Pin Collecting? Are you still doing it after all these years?

What did we learn?  Going to do this every two weeks & crabby John has spoken. Don't buy mugs unless you are Mel.  Mel hates this segment.  Ian learned Mel is crabby when we do what did we learn.  John learned it's Arendelle.

Episode 65 - Live From The Tri State Area

Episode 65 - Live From The Tri State Area

July 19, 2014

The Cast: Carol Robert, Melanie Bounds, Ian Mitchell, Gary O'Brien, Ian Mitchel
 - Carol is back!
 - ICOT Sports Talk and Geography
 - Harry Potter Stuff & Universal
 - Buy your tickets from the Official Ticket Center & go for multiple days.
 - Food at Universal Studios Orlando
 - Cabana Bay Hotel - Calling Sammy Davis Junior
 - Summer Road Trips & Magic Fingers. Holiday Inn & Howard Johnson's
 - Our "Go-to" Hotels
 - Dad, he's licking me!
 - Carol doesn't like Florida
 - Metro train lessons
 - Melanie will be at Universal on Diagon Alley opening day
 - Sounds Like Summer - ICOT Meet, flopping and flailing
 - Pointe Orlando - Minus 5 Ice Bar review
 - Frozen Summer Fun – Live at Disney’s Hollywood Studios
 - John hasn't seen Frozen - Ian hasn't seen It's A Wonderful Life.
 - Sounds like plush, but it's really paper. Flat Olaf
 - Pal Olaf & Glow With the Show MagicBand - INTERCOT Consulting
 - 300 Minute wait for Frozen Meet & Greet
 - Making walk up FastPass reservations are nearly impossible now for good rides.
 - Gary in Space
 - Take it or Leave It - DME, Mel Take, Gary Take, Carol Take, Christine Take, Ian Take, John Leave.
 - What did we learn?
 - Goodbye Kasey Kasem - American Top 40. Weekends were made for it.
 - Shane Gamble released "Beautiful Work" - Song going to radio in August! John was an executive producer. We play it to close the show.
 Brought to you by:
Magical Journey's
 The Official Ticket Center

Episode 64 - Fonz Solo

Episode 64 - Fonz Solo

June 7, 2014

 The Cast: Ian Mitchell, Melanie Bounds, Gary O'Brien & John Yaglenski
 Preshow: Ian is a crabby, crabby man.
 - Let's learn about International Bitterness Units
 - That's then, this is now. We recorded last week but posted it this week and we're now recording again this week.
 - Intercot Bitterness Units-Episode 63 was grouchy. John was going to edit it down but he left it to be true to the way people feel about things sometimes.
 - Mel's trip around Easter-Problems with linking in My Disney Experience/My Magic Plus
 - MDE/MMP guest relations, at least, are still good-very friendly, kind.
 - When it works, MDE/MMP/Photo pass are great!
 - Bands are wasteful, but you can totally match them with your outfit
 - Ian refuses to be negative. Manages to be negative about being negative.
 - Ian tells a completely hypothetical story about how you might miss a FP time and don't use a FP you lose it. Can't use another.
 - Mel feels the Easter crowd stories are exaggerated. Ian disagrees. No one surprised.
 - Gaston is great at everything
 - Christine and Mel's Beer Adventure in EPCOT
 - Vero Beach-what to do around town
 - Beach vacations, take it or leave it?
 - Two week vacations. Worth it? Oh yeah.
 - Mel's great Animal Kingdom Adventure. Huge build up for nooks and crannies.
 - DAK has some nice spots. No matter what they do Ian won't go.
 - Ian doesn't let the family go to AK.
 - Eat to the beat . Singing.
 - Take it or leave it: Using FP for character meets. Gary: Bitterly leaves it. Ian: Gives some weird past story of some video about 1972 that Ian shares, blah blah blah. After 25 minutes of a story he leaves it. Mel: Takes it! She would totally do it, despite John's shock. She'd do it to see Anna and Elsa. Aladdin. John: The correct answer is.Leave it. Not wasting an FP on it. John forces us out of the segment by playing the music
 - New Tinkberbell greeting.
 - The Kitchen Sink has moved beyond Beaches and Cream at three places I couldn't hear because connection crapped out.
 - Mickey's sink pants, take it or leave it?
 - Ian and Mel are not fans of sharing food.
 - Dole Whips at AK
 - Where is the refreshment stand by the Tiki Room? John and Mel have a very intense discussion about how to get very specific refreshments into the Tiki Room with them.
 - Starbucks in DTD.
 - Castaway Cay Run Disney Challenge
 - RunICOT-We'll all be there. Events are all almost all full, but Cheer ICOT is all open.
 - Back to Castaway Cay-John explains. Half and full marathon still open, 5 and 10K only open via large charities.
 - Holiday party tickets on sale.
 - Gary bores everyone with comic book stuff.
 - Fonz Solo
 - John's smoke detector is connected to Skynet.
 - Ian closes the show by complaining. No one is surprised.
 Brought to you by:
 Magical Journey's
 The Official Ticket Center

Episode 63 - Numbers With Ian

Episode 63 - Numbers With Ian

May 25, 2014
The Cast: Christine Warner, Michael Montanez, Ian Mitchell & John Yaglenski
- The return of Michael - he was not fired.
 - John's hooked on racing - he's been sucked in.
 - Why we were gone so long.
 - Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Media Event.
 - Fantasyland looks great with the walls down and the theming is top notch on the new attraction.  Pictures on our social media channels.
 - BTW, we are on Instagram now as @INTERCOT
 - Recycling MagicBands? How?
 - POV MineTrain video is online at - there are 2 different versions along with the press breakfast.
 - The ride leaves you wanting more - it's great but quick. Very well themed and love the dark ridee portion. Worth the wait and has repeat factor.
 - FastPass system melted.
 - Rained A LOT during the weekend. John had to get a Helly Hansen raincoat. Can't stand the ponchos and the sweat.
 - Polynesian Renovation - Trader Sam's coming and the name is being changed back to the Polynesian Village Resort. Lobby renovations coming as well.
 - Harambe Nights $134 is the DELUXE ticket not the base, $119 is regular admission.
 - Christine is over special ticketed events. Thinks it's being overplayed.
 - John did the $29 Epcot Wind Down and really liked the Tequilla tasting and thought it was a good value. There was good and bad though.
 - New parade is AWESOME!
- Ian's trip. Stayed at Fort Wilderness.  Golf carts are a must! Bridge is closed. Monorail is closed. Boats are closed. It's pouring.... A 2.5 hour tour, a 2.5 hour tour. Fastpass Plus issues. Walking off the Haunted Mansion.
 - Take It or Leave It - Downtown Disney. Mitchell - Leave It. Warner - Take It. Montanez - Take It?? Yaglenski - Leave It.
 - 4 Parks, 1 World, 1 Nite
 - Star Wars Weekends. Unfortunately the first day of the breakfast went south and John Warner didn't get any characters.
 - Service Level, Cost and Expectations
 - The Alan Parsons Project!
 - Pixar in Concert -
Episode 62 - Once Upon A Vine at Bardwalk

Episode 62 - Once Upon A Vine at Bardwalk

April 29, 2014

The Cast: Christine Warner, Melanie Bounds, Ian Mitchell, & John Yaglenski

- The Return of Gary - It's GARY!

- Singing Starts...

- March Madness Disney Style - INTERCOT Consulting: we needed
pins or t-shirts!

- Seven Dwarfs Mine Train - INTERCOT will be covering.
John's invitation got lost - was later found mailed to the
wrong address. No soft openings?

- FastPass+ Changes - lots of new things coming

- Konami Code gets a reference

- Mel loves ET

- Once Upon A Vine - wonderful wine!

- #runICOT and #cheerICOT - Coming to Marathon Weekend in

- John ran his first 5k in a Vineyard!

- ROYGBIV pack - pink, purple, cyan and lime for #runICOT

- Gary says he'll go if John agrees to run a 5k and a 10k -
this is epic. Mel, John, Ian and Gary are ALL in!

- That's Not A Pillow!!!!

- Take It or Leave It - Staying off property. Ian says leave
it. Gary says leave it. John says take it as does Mel.

- We loose Ian and BOOM he's back

- Jon Pinette passes away

- Small World 50th Anniversary

- D-tech Me returns for Star Wars Weekends. Breakfast with the Characters from the movie. Mark Hamill will be there too!

- Kouzzina closing at Boardwalk

- Bardwalk and the Shakespeare Theme Park

- Oswald debuts in park.

- What have we learned?

Episode 61 - Give ‘Em a ROY G BIV Pack

Episode 61 - Give ‘Em a ROY G BIV Pack

March 26, 2014

The Cast - Christine Warner, Melanie Bounds, Ian Mitchell, John Yaglenski

- Guess Who reference gets us started

- New Festival of Fantasy parade - our twitter account killed it today with incredible shots. Follow us on twitter @intercot. Christine gives a complete rundown.

- See the full parade on our YouTube channel:

- Flower and Garden festival opens

- The Guess Who show was great!

- The Cheshire Cafe - White Chocolate Rabbit!

- John's blind auction story. Controversy follows him around.

- Water is gone in the Magic Kingdom.

- RunDisney and #runICOT events and the price of events.

- #runICOT is going to run to support THYCA ( and Thyroid Cancer Awareness and Survivors.  Registration will open April 22, 2014 at Noon EST for the Walt Disney World® Marathon Weekend! Details coming soon.

- Goodbye to a national hero - Wild Bill Guarnere from Band of Brothers.

- Take It or Leave It!  Turkey Legs and Bubble Gum.  Mel - Bubble Gum Yes, Turkey Legs No.  Christine - Turkey Legs and the sticks No, Bubble Gum Yes. Ian - Turkey Legs No, Gum No.  John - Turkey Legs No, Gum Yes.

- Travolta Screw Ups - Frozen.

- Rock Your Disney Side.

- Hub Reconfiguation - Big changes coming.

- Starbucks in Downtown Disney

- Star Wars Weekends and Special Fireworks!

- Fantasmic - How old is it? Can we get some HD projectors and new content?

Episode 60 - The Trash Can Said Talk To My Agent

Episode 60 - The Trash Can Said Talk To My Agent

February 18, 2014

The Cast: Christine Warner, Melanie Bounds, Ian Mitchell, Shane Gamble & John Yaglenski

- Media Preview Event, Seven Dwarfs Mine Coaster

- Our first podcast fire

- 4 Parks / 1 Day - Christine's Adventure

- Shane Gamble's experience with Magic Bands, bad shoes, and the electric slide.

- PUSH contract not renewed - lots of bad jokes ensue.

- Fire at Voyage of the Little Mermaid

- #runICOT updates, thanks for the charity suggestions.  John is leaning towards running Marathon Weekend in support of Thyroid Cancer Awareness but we are still looking for a site charity.

- Shane Gamble Live in the INTERCOT Studio!  Performs "Turn My Way" - available on Itunes, Amazon, XBox music and all major online stores.

- Shane is doing a pledge drive on Pledge Music right now.  For only $10, you can preorder his upcoming album including the song "Beautiful Work".  Visit and for more info!

- Just about had it with Winter!

- Flower and Garden Festival "Outdoor Kitchens"

- Flower Power Concert Series - Our annual singing and we fail miserably.  And for the record, it wasn't Giorgio Moroder, it was Jacques Morali, a French composer.  John is psyched - The Alan Parsons Project is coming!

- Shane Gamble comes back and plays "Beautiful Work" - an amazing new track from his upcoming CD. We ALL get the sentiment! Mel made her pledge while Shane was singing.

- Jammin' Jungle parade going bye bye

- New MK Parade - Festival of Fantasy (the floats and costumes look fantastic)

- Bounds, James Bounds

- Flower Power Concert Series

- Take it or leave it - Queue Waits 30 minutes or longer.  Ian says No, No! Christine says Take It!  Mel says NO! Christine says, no big deal - Take It!  John says Take It!

- Paris gets Ratatouille Inspired Area/Ride. Sounds interesting. Will similar attractions come to other parks?

- We talk about potential rides and attractions for Epcot and what might fit in.

- Welcome Home John!

- John Henson's passing


Episode 59 - The Line For Goofy Was Too Long

Episode 59 - The Line For Goofy Was Too Long

January 29, 2014
The Cast: John, Mel, Carol, Christine & Ian

- John's illness and why we were away so long
- Some of lifes best memories have happened at Disney World
- #RunICOT - Marathon Weekend
- The line for goofy was too long:
- Ian's Trip
- Staying at the Swan/Dolphin
- MyMagic+ - The ups and downs, the good and the bad
- Take It or Leave It - Tables in Wonderland
- Universal Announcements
- Spiced Road Table opens at Epcot
- Downtown Disney West Side – House of Blues New Smokehouse
- Disneyland Walts Footsteps
- SPOILER ALERTS - Saving Mr. Banks & Frozen
- Carol looses it on Main Street
- Forget it he's rolling
Episode 58 - Ian’s Got A Toque On, Gary’s Got The Anorak

Episode 58 - Ian’s Got A Toque On, Gary’s Got The Anorak

January 2, 2014
The Cast: John Yaglenski, Gary O'Brien, Christine Warner, Ian Mitchell, Michael Montanez

Apologies in advance for audio issues - we had problems with the recording but didn't want to throw the episode away - which is one of the reasons it took so long to release...

- Ian's got a toque on, Gary's got the anorak.
- MyMagic+ Delayed according to the Orlando Sentinel.
- Ian's experiences and frustrations with the MyMagic+ App.
- What problem did this system solve?
- Is vacation planning becoming to much of a hassle.
- Christmas version of Reflections of Earth.
- Candlelight Processional.
- Another INTERCOT Consulting Idea!
- Michael goes to Hawaii and Disney's Aulani - and has the scoop for you!
- Diane Disney Miller passed away.
- Saving Mr. Banks.
- Frozen.
- Take It or Leave It - Water Parks! Gary says Take It - and just watches everyone having a good time while eating.  Michael says he doesn't do Water Parks or public pools - Leave It. Ian Takes It but he never goes anymore. Christine Takes the Water Parks and does the lazy river and bars. Take It - John likes the lazy river.
- Holiday Happenings @ the parks and resorts.
- Celebrating dead rides.
- Coast to Coast AM
Episode 57 - Really Realistic Swirling Animals

Episode 57 - Really Realistic Swirling Animals

October 28, 2013
The Cast: John Yaglenski, Melanie Bounds, Gary O'Brien, Christine Warner, Ian Mitchell

- We learn what SNOAP is... who knew and then it leads to talk about the weather.
- Ian starts asking TOO MANY QUESTIONS.
- Changes coming to Animal Kingdom with new Avatar Themed Land and Discovery River Nighttime Show!  We try to figure out where exactly this will be taking place.
- We look forward to Disney's Animal Kingdom being open at night. 
- Enough about the Lands.
- John's Trip to The Disney Worlds and his MyMagic+ Experience
- He liked the room key, he liked the paying with your band but hated the preplanning & fastpass experience. Ended up not using scheduled times at all.
- MyMagic+ for dining at Be Our Guest - got John to try something he woulnd't have otherwise and was a good experience.
- Christine has worries for local guests.
- John is hopeful the system will be tweaked before wide rollout.
- False start.
- Parking lot views, still no sugar free syrup at the kona (COME ON!), John says just get the plain coffee, sushi chefs have moved.
- RFID paper cups. Ian claims John made this up and Mel's head is about to pop off!
- Starbucks - AWESOME!
- Universal & Simpsons Area
- INTERCOT's Take It or Leave It - Character Meals. Mel says take it unless it's Chef Mickeys. Gary says it's situational but take it.  Ian takes it - always a highlight. Christine says leave it - hates the hustle and bustle of it all. John says leave it now - kids are grown.
- Glow with the Show debuts.
- Main Street bypass & hotel pools.
- The crew laments the demise of Epcot attractions.
Episode 56 - Go To Disneyland!

Episode 56 - Go To Disneyland!

October 1, 2013
The INTERCOT Insider Live Disney Podcast
The Cast: Melanie Bounds, Christine Warner, Carol Robert, Gary O'Brien & John Yaglenski

- Harry Met Sally - John is turning in his man card.
- The Girls went to Disneyland last podcast and tell their story.
- Christine is blown away by Cars Land and how textured and layered Disneyland is.
- Lots of crying there - Carol talks about Main Street and Christine teared up over the headboards
- Disney's America shout out - stupid rich people of Virginia
- Run Disney left coast style and it was a hot mess according to Christine. Mel had less issues.
- The Fresh Prince literally lives in Bel-Air
- Christine was confused by Toad and said - Don't do drugs!
- Glow with the show coming to WDW
- Pal Mickey
- Take it or League It?
- New Take it or Leave It Theme!  SO AWESOME!!! Tonite's topic - Paying for a specific resort view. Carol says - Take It... it's only money! Gary agrees with Carol - and says Take It too! Christine says Take It as well. Mel says in general - Leave It cause we're cheap! John finally gets to go and says LEAVE IT!
- John wants socks every day
- We try to connect with Maria K from the INTERCOT boards who gives us her first hand experiences with MyMagicBand+.  She wonders how you might be able to ride with local friends or family who can't use the bands once the old FastPass system is gone. Park hopping is discouraged by the way things are set up.  What happens if a ride is closed or down due to inclement weather? Do you get that one of your 3 passes back?  Wrist band key and payment wise, there is a lot to like.  Maria proves John right - NO ONE will cancel their fast passes and put them back into the system. INTERCOT Consulting says - BLING - bump and transfer your fast passes to someone else.
- Quick hit topics... Starbucks at Fountainview is now open. No seating - grab and go.  Some coming to Downtown Disney as well.
- California Grill Re-Opens 
- Princess Fairytale Hall opening as well
- Gary's Random Tips - Wet Towels
- #RT4AT - ReTweet for a Tee - to celebrate the final month of ICOT 15.
Episode 55 - And We’re Out Of Ideas

Episode 55 - And We’re Out Of Ideas

September 2, 2013

Show notes coming soon!

Episode 54 - Lightning and Flash Cubes

Episode 54 - Lightning and Flash Cubes

August 20, 2013
The Cast: Carol Robert, Christine Warner, Ian Mitchell, John Yaglenski

- INTERCOT Insider Magic Recording Our Way.
- It's back to school time. Schools heading back early.
- John's never wanted to buy DVC more after his trip to Hilton Head.
- Trip Report from Disney's Hilton Head Resort - TOTALLY RELAXING!
- Christine's stay at the Treehouse Villas.
- Ian mentions his stay in the castle.
- Imagination Rehab?  Odd signs point to the possiblity.
- Euphamisms for thunderstorms
- Take It or Leave It - Extra Magic Hours.  Still waiting on a creative original theme song - it's up to you people! Disney World leave it, Disneyland take it says Carol. Christine says leave it - they leave you for dead. John says if he's alone - leave it but with the family - take it - but overall leave it. Ian says leave it.  The final score Leave it 3.5, Take it .5
- INTERCOT events & meets 
- Discussion of Curbs in the Magic Kingdom
- Fastpass+
- Amazon Prime Moment
- K Cups Discussion
- Take It or Leave It feedback
- Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party
- Magical Journey's can handle all your Disney Specials!
- INTERCOT Cruise - Beginning of Summer - 2014?
- Park Schedules & Closures
Episode 53 - It’s A Snoozer

Episode 53 - It’s A Snoozer

July 25, 2013
INTERCOT Insider Live Podcast Episode 53
It’s a Snoozer!
The Cast: Melanie Bounds, Ian Mitchell, Christine Warner & John Yaglenski

- We hit all of our crutches out of the chute
- Transformers Opens and we were there – Christine says its great but likes Spiderman better
- Simpson yourself, Rock the Universe, King Kong coming back @ Universal
- Disney’s Hollywood Studios rumors -left side of the park gone? Where would Osborne Lights go?  Expansion of Star Wars Brand. 2018?
- Where is Avatarland?
- Pairing down our collectibles - seems like most of us have stopped collecting. Clutter and the soft collectibles market.
- Starbucks in Main Street - INTERCOT approved minus the loss of the chocolate cake.
- Christine is over Limited Time Magic
- INTERCOT’s Take It or Leave It!  Where is out theme people? Attractions / Rides on both coasts.  Christine likes originality and says Leave It.  Ian does’t have a strong opinon but says Take It! Melanie wants to Leave It - and like Christine likes going to different parks just to see attractions. John splits the panel and says Take It!
- Thanks to our 2 listeners
- INTERCOT Kid’s shirts
- John is heading to Disney’s Hilton Head and will be reporting on it!
- Disneyland Tinkerbell Half Marathon and 10k added
- MagicBand discussion and accessories.  John may be coming around.  Wants a watch add-on to make the bands useful in day to day life. Ian just about loses it - take us to ludicrous speed! He then admits - John is on to something.  Another great idea from INTERCOT Consulting.
- Galaxy Quest and Space Balls references both in one episode
- Halloween time at Disneyland Resort
- Grand Floridian Villas - Christine says looks lovely.

Episode 52 - Not The Sun But The Moon Princess ImaLamma

Episode 52 - Not The Sun But The Moon Princess ImaLamma

July 1, 2013

The INTERCOT Insider Live Podcast Episode 52 - Not The Sun But The Moon Princes ImaLama The Cast: Melanie Bounds, Carol Robert, Christine Warner, Ian Mitchell, John Yaglenski

- We Talk About The Weather - How Original. Andrea storm and music.

- 24 Hour Monstrous Summer Kickoff and review.

- Park Ticket price increases - $5 more for Magic Kingdom, Universal Prices.

- Universal unveils Transformers Ride & Simpson's Springfield.

- Grand Floridian DVC on sale, Ian sells his DVC.

- Debate on using points for cruises.


- Talk of the space time continuum.

- Take it or Leave it - per Carol... Disney Buses: Carol says it's three fold but currently, it's Leave It! Christine says Take 'Em because you can and sit down. Ian Leaves It.  Mel says pretty much - Leave It! John says Leave It and use the Rental Car and coins a new term, my "patience is out the wall".

- Discussion about Boats vs. Buses.  There's SPIDERS!

- Muppets Down a month, Jungle Cruise as well

-  Track Completed at the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train in New Fantasyland

- A Pirate’s Adventure: Treasures of the Seven Seas has officially set sail at Magic Kingdom Park.  Christine says the game has issues

- Wii U Tour

- Sent from my iPad?  WHO CARES!  Change it to -- my favorite Disney website is!  Viral marketing.  Do it now!

- Star Wars Weekends - Hyperspace Hoopla is phenominal.  See it on Princess ImaLama

- Character spot in Epcot

- Spaceship Earth Twinkle Lights

- INTERCOT's DMOD (Disney Music On Demand) gets a mention

- New Ice Cream Shop - one scoop, two scoops... get out of the line!

- Starbucks in the Magic Kingdom - it's gonna be okay.

- #RunICOT

Episode 51 - Bring Back Old Cinderella

Episode 51 - Bring Back Old Cinderella

June 10, 2013

The Cast: Christine Warner, Michael Montanez, Ian Mitchell, Gary O'Brien & John Yaglenski

- Crazy Eddie's Chistmas in May

- Twitter rumours involving helecopters and Harrison Ford got out of control - of course not true.

- #RunICOT - Expedition Everest Challenge.  Christine said it didn't live up to last years event.

- Disney Parks to Kick Off a ‘Monstrous Summer’ With 24 Hours of Magic on Both Coasts. New parade in 2014.

- More cool merchandise is on the way - Duffy the Disney Bear Sully.

- Vinylmation jumping the shark?

- Limited Time Magic vs. Year of a Million Dreams and a Castle Stay Mention

- John gets our new segment Take It or Leave It!

- Update of Disney Magic - cool new stuff on the way.

- MonsterRail

- Time is now to update Reflections of Earth

- INTERCOT's Take It or Leave It - Limited Time Events.  John - Leave It, not a fan. Ian agrees with John - Leave It.  Michael is digging Limited Time Events and says Take It. Christine says Leave It - even locals don't have enough notice to make plans.  Gary says it's useless and Leaves It.  The tribe has spoken ant it's 4-1 Leave It.

- Ian's Trip Re-Cap

Episode 50 - By The Time I Sneezed We Were Toast

Episode 50 - By The Time I Sneezed We Were Toast

May 9, 2013

The Cast: Christine Warner, Melanie Bounds, Gary O'Brien, Ian Mitchell & John Yaglenski

- Sports seasons & the rise of Lacrosse.

- RunDisney blowout sales of marathon weekend. By the time I sneezed, we were toast. We want a Churro 5k, Tequila 5k...

- We discuss our ailments. Sounding like old people.

- Magical Journey's special for current bookings.

- Annette Funicello's passing.

- Mickey Mouse club reboot circa 1977

- AK 15th Anniversary coming up.

- Car games while driving. Sneaking into drive-in movies and other fun stuff including the Cutting Crew.

- Prime Pick of the Week: 30th Anniversary Edition of Sports by Huey Lewis

- Best Of Memorable INTERCOT moment. Ian's best of is the 15th Anniversay Trivia Meet. Melanie says the Baltimore meet years ago. Gary goes back to 2000 and watching the server. Christine touches on the community aspect and how she was stunned by support of our members in her time of need. John remembers the beginning of Discussion Boards.

- Sounds like summer dates announced! BEEGEES 'a coming in the form of Stayin' Alive Canada. Mel and Ian are non-plussed.

- Flower garden wrapping up soon. Was it a hit with food kiosks? Dole Whip with Rum!

- APs get RFID--finally! Crabby John doesn't like it.

- IRON Man 3 and IronManorail

Episode 49 - Gotta Put The Gators Somewhere

Episode 49 - Gotta Put The Gators Somewhere

April 12, 2013

The Cast: Christine, Carol, Melanie, Ian and John

- Big News, Disney Unveils Vision for Disney Springs

- Do you like the new name?

- The Dogs interrupt the show

- We go over the new layout of Downtown Disney

- DVC points going thru the roof! Visit the Timeshare Store!

- Mr Rogers, Captain Kangaroo and more

- Food Trucks at Downtown Disney?

- Why is there no place to go late at night in Disney? Besides Jellyrolls

- RFID Card exchanges

- Vera Bradley purses

- New minimum age for park entry

- January #runICOT event - April 9th registration opens

- Carol mocks John and his lack of reservation planning

- Best of Favorite Disney Movie.  Carol - Little Mermaid, Christine - Mary Poppins, Melanie - Pirates of the Carribean, Ian - Cars, John - The Lion King.

- We need a new recurring segment - we're running out of ideas

- Ian has not seen It's a Wonderful Life!

- Flower and Garden

Episode 48 - Get Out Of The Line!

Episode 48 - Get Out Of The Line!

March 11, 2013

The Cast: Melanie Bounds, Carol Robert, Ian Mitchell, Gary O'Brien, John Yaglenski

- We talk Coffee and welcome Joffrey's to Walt Disney World. It goes on for a while. We actually start things on a positive note.

- Mel went to Asia.  How about that.

- New Big Thunder Mountain Queue.

- We talk Mork from Ork.

- Queue the movie, Fastpass the movie, Busses the movie!

- Interactive Queue's - where does it end.

- Get out of the line! Carol is scared of the my plus magic doodad.

- Monorail Red is Back and unwrapped.

- Beautifully Disney Cosmetics

- Omnimover boat ride

- Downtown Disney - AGAIN. Disney Springs?

- And we're BACK!

- Best of Resort Lobby. Gary goes with Wilderness Lodge, Carol says the Grand Californian, Mel prefers the Disneyland Hotel, Ian goes fru-fru at the Grand Floridian, and John likes Boardwalk.

- Resort ID cards, dedicated Monorail cars, the guard shacks.

- Downtown Disney resorts

- Star Wars, Han Solo and more.

- Disneyland - the girls detail their trips and experiences from their recent visit. World of Color, Starbucks, attention to details, the big wheel and more.

- Spectromagic returning or not?

- New Run Disney Forum

- Segway Tour eliminated

- Rain songs

Episode 47 - Half a Podcast is Better Than None

Episode 47 - Half a Podcast is Better Than None

March 3, 2013

The Cast: Michael Montanez, Christine Warner, Gary O'Brien, Ian Mitchell & John Yaglenski

- Ian is in lean back mode to start the show

- Tweeting from both coasts

- Disneyland vs. Disney World... again

- Random sounds confuse us

- Tony Baxter retiring and will be used as a consultant.

- New Pirate Adventure coming to Adventureland

- Brady Bunch mention

- Wilderness Explorers - like KidCot for Animal Kingdom

- Check into the Yeti is Down on Foursquare

- Talking Movies.  Star Wars 7 and JJ Abrams. Tomorrowland the movie? OZ is coming. Muppets Again in 2014. Saving Mr. Banks.

- The second half of the show was unlistenable - something happened audio wise and unfortunately, will join the fabled lost episode in things that were great but never made it to air.  Sorry!

Episode 46 - I Don’t Follow The Baseball

Episode 46 - I Don’t Follow The Baseball

February 4, 2013

The INTERCOT Insider Live

Episode 46 – I Don’t Follow The Baseball

The Cast: Michael Montanez, Christine Warner, Gary O’Brien, Ian Mitchell, John Yaglenski

- Cranky old people complaining about how cold it is

- Gary was selling his new product - Athletic Trainer Plus ( and the kerning is beautiful

- This year’s D23 and Alan Parsons. Michael is planning a breakfast

- My Magic Plus formally announced and there’s a lot of details to go over

- Michael wants the magic bands to zap you when you do something dumb

- Christine is apprehensive about how all this will work for AP holders/locals

- Wrist band should light up to shows and parades – thank you to INTERCOT Consulting

- A Logan’s Run reference by Gary - classic

- Prime Pick - Down and Out In The Magic Kingdom:

- Best of Place to Have a Meal at a Great Price. Michael says Tomorrowland Terrace, Christine goes with Columbia Harbor House, Capn’ Tom – Errr, Gary likes some lunch at the Flame Tree Grill, Ian picks the Kona Café, John’s value is a hot dog the size of his head at Casey’s or the Yorkshire County Fish Shop.

- We get sidetracked by the Calgon commercial

- RunDisney and Jeff Galloway, New Balance shoes and merchandise.

- Mary Poppins the Musical

- Universal Mardi Gras Celebration – Concerts

- Disney management shuffling, reorganization

- Mickey and the Magical Map at Disneyland

Episode 45 - The Holiday Edition

Episode 45 - The Holiday Edition

December 28, 2012

The Cast: Gary, Carol, Ian, Mel, Christine, Michael, John

- Everyone is in the Holiday mood and Michael corrects John

- John opens his present - Kerning Matters

- Michaels Trip to Disneyland, Carsland looks great.

- The mythical cherry churro comes up again

- Mel with a Disneyland Tokyo mention

- Candlelight Processional Disneyland style and comparing shows

- Starbucks in Disneyland

- Christmas Ornaments - How much of your tree do Disney items take up

- Holiday Merchandise

- John rants about mixing LCD lights and incandescent lights

- Talk about Hawaii

- Spiraling - Do You Hear What I Hear by request - GO BUY IT!

- Best of 2012 Disney Memory. Michael: Going to ICOT15, Carol: Staying at the Grand Californian, Christine: Canada Staying Alive, Mel: Pricesses Half Marathon, Gary: ICOT15 Trivia Meet, Ian: (Castle Mention) Family trip at Boardwalk, John: Disney Fantasy cruise with his family

- Ms. Tick Tock had an issue and had her battery removed

- Count your blessings - hug your kids

- Press opening of Fantasyland - Thanks to Disney for inviting us! Dragon, Jack down, broke down on Test Track, Splitsville, AOA Lion king rooms & Resort Mrrch NIke polos, busses, Whats new/next - Around the world - Avatarland Still on

- Girls in NYC - Guest Relations experience compared to florida.

- Kodak sponsorship ending - Philharmagic, muppetvision, Imagination etc.

- Twitters and Facebooks

- Ian complains about the festiveness

- Christmas/Holiday plans

Episode 44 - Sometimes You Have to Get Ugly to Be Pretty

Episode 44 - Sometimes You Have to Get Ugly to Be Pretty

December 23, 2012

Sometimes You Have To Get Ugly To Be Pretty

The Cast: Mel, Carol, Christine, Gary, Michael, Ian & John

- Cranky John in the house and Mel goes right after him

- Incandescent twinkle lights

- Fantasyland, the media event and Ian’s castle, Beer, Duffy and Disney Sea

- Test Track POV – catch it at

- Crazy new audio animatronic, yet the Yeti is still down

- Christine’s lunch review of Be Our Guest

- Discussion of food at Disney Parks

- Apparently Swatch still exists

- Michael wants supersized Dumbo

- Bathroom news!

- Tables in Wonderland huge price increase

- Food booths coming to Downtown Disney

- Capn’ Jack cupcake

- Tin Can Mel joins us for the second half – her headphones broke

- Best of things we’ve look forward to opening – did they live up to the hype! Mel chooses Soarin’.  Michael says Animal Kingdom and the glorious Yeti, Christine surprises us with a HOODA - the bleachers at Fantasmic, Gary says Animal Kingdom too, John goes with Epcot park opening. Ian goes with – wait for it – The Year of a Million Dreams and his Castle stay.

- We argue over the birthplace of aviation

- The customer service gate keepers that keep us from enjoying our vacation and life in general.  Michael & John share their experiences.

Episode 43 - The Return of Darth Chinwattle

Episode 43 - The Return of Darth Chinwattle

December 3, 2012

The Cast: John, Carol, Christine, Michael, Gary & Ian - Wine & Dine Half Marathon and what's a Swolphin? - Food and Wine festival - Starbucks coming to Walt Disney World - controversy on main street - John was ill during the big day - The Bathrooms in the Living Seas Salon - garlicly - and more bathroom talk - Churro cart needs to be parked in front of the castle & the mythical cherry churro - Art of Animation Resort - Thumbs up from John, Ian and Gary with one huge TURRIBLE exception - the food courts. Something needs to be done. It's the least magical part of your vacation. - The frustration of trying to get home during SuperStorm Sandy - Coffee in the room - Disney purchases Darth Chinwattle's empire. INTERCOT Consulting has a plan to redo the studios. Gary offers his services. - Phone discussion. John says naked phones and things devolve from there. - Best of - Waste of Space suggested by iDisney. Carol says pleasure island. Christine's says the Odyssey at Epcot. Ian says Wonders of Life at Epcot. Michael thinks the area between the Seas and Imagination is a concrete mess. Gary stays in Epcot and names the Outpost. John wants a resort between the TTC and the Contemporary. - Prime Pick of the Week - Microsoft Surface Tablet - Legend of Captain Jack Sparrow at Disney's Hollywood Studios - Mermaids in Pirates of the Caribbean ride and what happened to the waterfall sounds at the beginning of the ride? Is it broke? Where is ghost monkey? - Effects on rides that are not working. - Customer Service in all aspects of life - Carol talks about Disney running the monorail for INTERCOT guests alone. THAT'S Magical - Wi-Fi in the parks - Carol subs for Mel ***** Brought to you by: Magical Journey's The Official Ticket Center *****

Episode 42 - The INTERCOT 15th Anniversary Celebration LIVE

Episode 42 - The INTERCOT 15th Anniversary Celebration LIVE

November 9, 2012

The Cast: Mel, Carol, Christine, Ian, Gary, John

- Poolside at the Contemporary Resort & FrankenStorm.

- Ian and John go to Universal and Ian is Impressed. Butter Beer, Wizarding World, The Mummy and More.

- Friday's Events, we get a big surprise to start the day at the Magical Journey's Trivia Meet

- Happy Birthday to Lawrence – our youngest member.

- The order of the meets and another Birthday Celebration at Carousel of Progress

- Dinner was a festival of Meat. Bacon with a side of bacon.

- Revenge of the Dolls – we filled the whole queue & the fourth boat never returned.


- New Fantasyland – ride video on our YouTube channel

- Fireworks Meet in the Rose Garden and on to the Wave.

- INTERCOT Consulting Strikes again – The PartyRail

- Saturday Events, going backstage and the big event. We don’t care about the napkins but we need both crisp and floppy bacon.

- A few people got a second ride on Soarin’

- Great stroller race – it’s on video and should be coming soon to the YouTube channel. A testimonial for Strollers & Groceries. Great Service.

- Small World Mexico and Tequila.

- Gary’s Column and the column police.

- John almost ruins the surprise by buying a Helly Hanson sweatshirt.

- 2 gigs are not enough & Ian doesn’t know his Geography very well.

- Ice Cream Beer was a huge hit. Grey Goose Slushy?

- Peter Brady makes an appearance

- The evening meet at Norway. Duffy had a Red Bull.

- Jellyrolls

- Had to edit Ian and his suggested t-shirt idea

- INTERCOT’s Best Of – INTERCOT 15. The audience goes first. Ian says the entire time but gets called on that… so he goes with when John gets verclempt. Carol goes with the crowd being escorted to Soarin’. Mel picks the Star Tours meet. Christine’s favorite was meeting an INTERCOT follower who wasn’t at the meet. Gary says it’s the friends he hung out with and some he finally got to meet in person. John says it’s the members of INTERCOT and the event of a whole.

- And, we’re out…

Episode 41 - The Space Time Continuum

Episode 41 - The Space Time Continuum

October 18, 2012

The INTERCOT Insider Live Episode 41 The Space Time Continuum The Cast: Melanie, Ian, Gary, Christine, John

- Chilly on the East Coast – We’re talking about weather?

- Smithsonian Magazine online had a great blog on Epcot & we discuss our love for the park and it’s problems - - Future World Fonts get a mention. Fireworks on the INTERCOT homepage.

- Christine in the Tower of Terror 10k –with pneumonia. Reports there were a few logistical issues.

- INTERCOT 15th Anniversary Celebration, YETI T-shirts fastest selling product ever.

- CapnTom is now on twitter @capntomicot

- Magic Shots coming via Photo Pass. The ghosts will appear in the photo

- What item is most photographed? Maybe a future best of.

- Seriously? A Castle mention? Again? Shut it.

- Characters moving and a Big Bird mention

- The Space Time Continuum

- Big Headed Epcot Dolls

- Best of Attraction Narrator - suggested by Biffco – Melanie enjoys Mark Twain – American Adventure. Ian – Paul Frees, Christine loves Patrick Warburton. Gary likes Gary Senesce in Mission Space. John says either Walter Cronkite or Jeremy Irons on Spaceship Earth.

- We come up with the next big Million Dollar Idea for Disney. Tip of the hat to INTERCOT Consulting Group LLC. Modern way to sell attraction music. It’s called DISNEY SHAZAM! Disney Music on Demand.

- More Castle talk. We’re not kidding. We think the stay in the castle should remain permanent

- Disneyland Happiness Year in Tokyo Disneyland

- Bitter Mel shows up yet again

- Characters in Flight new balloon

- Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom and new merchandise

- Storybook Circus

- Yeti Video? It’s a possibility

Episode 40 – The Birds Got Me Dressed

Episode 40 – The Birds Got Me Dressed

October 1, 2012

Recorded September 24, 2012 The Cast: Gary, Carol, Mel, Michael, John

- We've been doing this for 2 years now - whoda thunk it. The lost episode comes up yet again!

- Be Our Guest Discussion.  Alcohol in the Magic Kingdom for the first time ever (other than after hours private events). Disney changes policy. Does it open the door to alcohol at more locations or not?

- The INTERCOT 15th Anniversary Celebration... its right around the corner. We are anticipating things being a big blur. We'll be taping a podcast to wrap up the weekend at the Contemporary Pool Snack Bar.

- Chocolate Covered Bacon and a Virtual High Five!

- Pirates of the Caribbean additions – possibly from On Stranger Tides.  Just swapping out mist projection.  Kids and scary rides.  Disneyland vs. Disney World version.

- Chase Lounge at the Food and Wine Festival.

- Gary and the puppet.

- The Yeti is Down shirts are coming and the INTERCOT bear.  Tawney.  Pete.  Stuffy.  Cotty.  Geo.  INTERScott.  We need a name and a backstory on how the INTERCOT bear met Duffy.

- INTERCOT’s Best Of - something you want to do at Disney that you need special permission for.  DisneyKidSince1970 suggested the topic.  Carol volunteers to go first and she wants to go into Walt’s Apartment alone. Michael wants to run a churro cart but only for a limited time and challenges the validity of the Cherry Churro. Gary wants to sit alone on Main Street USA and watch the sunrise while having a cup of coffee (Ian ruined it). Melanie wants access behind all the construction walls.  John wants to stand on top of Spaceship Earth and appear in a promo video.

- The world is coming to an end – John watched Phineas and Ferb.

- Sally and Jack at Downtown Disney but only for about 3 days.

- Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party – video on

- Epcot 30 arrives and the events are a bit underwhelming. Horizons Resurrected on the other hand is doing something super cool…

- Space Shuttle flying over Walt Disney World and Disneyland.

- Costumes at American Adventure.

- Art of Animation – all sections are now open.

- Disney Magic in the Lone Star State – complete with 10 gallon hat.

- Wreck it Ralph coming soon and classic arcade games.

***** Brought to you by: Magical Journey's The Official Ticket Center *****

Episode 39 - The Ladies Love Cetera

Episode 39 - The Ladies Love Cetera

September 16, 2012

The INTERCOT Insider Live Podcast - Episode 39 The Ladies Love Cetera

- The ladies love Cetera and a welcome to Christine Warner.

- The Fantasyland expansion. Christine gets a preview and walks us thru the new attraction in great detail.

- Gary is vidicated.

- Olivanders Wand Shop/Show

- Mrs. Tick Tock fail & Miagi Says

- Avatarland scrapped or on hold? Rumours are flying. Ian thinks it will never see the light of day.

- Universal and their expansion, Disney Studios Expansion.

- INTERCOT's Best Of - Breakfast. Christine: Whispering Canyon. Ian: Chef Mickey's. Carol:Kona. Gary: Akershus. Melanie Ohana. John: Sara Lee Bakery.

- INTERCOT 15th Anniversary Celebration, Duffy T-shirt

- Show and Tell

- Ian wants 20 new BEST OF suggestions

- Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party

- Lion King Rooms at Art of Animation Resort. Carol is not a fan. The crew likes the Nemo and Cars rooms. The decor confuses us a bit.

- Mel's going back for some more Run Diney.

- Gary and the POV cam.

- Fantasmic adding seating & rumours. world of Color a good fit?

-Kilamanjaro Safari's welcoming new Zebra space

- Check out our YouTube channel with lots of new video at

- The podcast slowly grinds to a halt. It's time to go...

- We talk about the new Test Track

- Prime pick of the week - Lionel Richie's new album -

Episode 38 - A Porkstravaganza

Episode 38 - A Porkstravaganza

September 4, 2012

The Cast: Ian, Melanie, Carol, Michael, Gary & John

- The singing starts early

- Celebrate the Magic - new night time show coming to Magic Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World.  Magic Memories and You going away.

- Ian cries at Finding Nemo the Musical - NOT MY DAD!

- The INTERCOT 15 and other assorted stuff.  Buy INTERCOT's single - the Yeti is Down on iTunes featuring Capn' Tom.

- Halloween Merchandise showing up in the parks.

- The INTERCOT Countdown Timer & INTERCOT's YouTube Channel.  We discuss video on the site.

- Splash Mountain leaving Extra Magic Hours

- Country Bears Shortening Show?  California Grill going down for lengthy rehab.

- The Be our Guest mess... advanced dining reservations. You're a resort guest and can't even eat at your own restaurant.

- Best of Resort Pool thanks to Tiggeria. Carol chooses the Polynesian. John recalls the pool back in the early days of Disney World, swimming in the 7 seas lagoon and the wave generator. Ian prefers Stormalong Bay. Mel goes with Corando Springs. Gary thinks the Wilderness Lodge is a good choice. Michael looks forward to the Monorail pool completion. John decides to go with the Contemporary circle pool for nostalgia reasons or any quiet pool at any resort.

- Enchanted Tales with Belle looks very cool. Ian is about 10 minutes behind.

- Frost Fairy Perriwinle coming to Disney Parks. Gary thinks she's hot.

- Phineas and Ferb & YOU: A Brand New Reality

- The Imagination Rainbow Tunnel - Mel and John share memories.

- Keep Moving Forward Epcot Segway Tour.  We suggest a level 200 class for those going for a second ride.

- Classic INTERCOT Podcast technical glitch. The deluge...

- Last Phase of Art of Animation Opening

- INTERCOT Fantasy Football League

- We salute Neil Armstrong - Prime - A Man on the Moon:

Episode 37 - The Ballad of the Yeti

Episode 37 - The Ballad of the Yeti

August 16, 2012
The INTERCOT Insider Live Podcast
Episode 37 - The Ballad of the Yeti
The Cast: Melanie, Gary, Carol, Ian, John
Taped: 8/9/2012
- Fantasyland Grand Opening Announced December 6, 2012
- Does it seem like this has been going on forever?
- Cylon Mel appears - and Wreck It Ralph
- New Disney Mountain?
- Pete's Silly Sideshow
- Is it a ride, show or attraction?
- Country Bears Refurb - what could be done to update it?
- D23 Expo
- Sign up soon for the I-15 Special Events!
- Honey Boo-Boo & Creepy Dolls
- Four Corners is not Four Corners
- Ian suggests we do a Simpsons podcast
- The Ballad of the Yeti (The Yeti is Down)
- INTERCOT 15th Anniversary Celebration
- Food and Wine Festival (John sings AGAIN)
- Don't miss the staff of ICOT at Rising Star Karaoke at Universal Orlando Resort
- Food at the festival and booths
- INTERCOT's Best of from member Buttercup who suggested we do Best of Signage. Carol likes Walt's Quote at Disneyland, Ian prefers the Walt Disney World sign at the entrance roads, Melanie digs the Art of Animation, Gary says a sign at Boardwalk Resort is cool, John creeps us out with the Haunted Mansion.
- John says bring back the radio station you heard while approaching the entrance.
- Check out the fonts at
- Military Salute
- Pirates league at Disneyland
- Amazon PRIME Purchase - The Speakman S-2005-H Anystream Hotel Showerhead - $36
- The Yeti is Down (reprise)
Episode 36 - A Fresh New Me

Episode 36 - A Fresh New Me

August 7, 2012

The Cast: Melanie, Michael, Jeff, Gary, John

- Ian is on Vacation and Carol is without power - again

- DCA opened and we didn't get invited

- The light up ears at World of Color -

- Merchandise or Cars Land - you decide

- Starbucks!

- Michael has rules about his hoodies

- Merchandise quality is improving

- Is the trolly at DCA transportation - did Melanie add a new rule?

- DCA attracting NASCAR fans?

- Radiator Springs Racers review

- Junkyard Jamboree review

- Handwich at the Cozy Cone

- Rehabbed Bobsleds at the Matterhorn

- INTERCOT's Best Of "Ride Your Family or Friends Think You Are Crazy for Loving." Melanie likes the Living With The Land, Golden Zephyr is Michael's secret favorite. Jeff goes with Journey Into Your Imagination. Gary says Storytime with Belle. John giggles with the Laugh Floor Comedy Club.  Meg wins a signed CD.

- Fastpass expanding again?

- Jonah Adkins small world map.

- John's cruise out of Baltimore on Carnival, stop at Disney, Atlantis Waterpark rules.

- Jeff's trip to Sea World and Disney World. The Balad of the Yeti - coming to a podcast near you. What's open or closed?

- Agent P's Adventure

- INTECOT's 15th Anniversary Celebration - I15.  4 days worth of events. See the homepage.

- Mel impersonates

- Shane Gamble's album drops September 18, the first single "Turn My Way" plays us out. Be sure to check him out online at and buy his new album.

See the podcast thread for the winners of the contest!

The INTERCOT Insider Live Podcast is brought to you by:

Magical Journeys and The Official Ticket Center

Episode 35 - You’re All Very Special

Episode 35 - You’re All Very Special

July 7, 2012

The INTERCOT Insider Live Podcast
Episode 35- You're All Very Special
The Cast: Mel, Carol, Nanci, John, Ian, Jeff

- Seriously? Carol? Hello? Ok, she was on mute

- Gary emails in and calls John sexy

- Art of Animation Resort opens

- Mel Cylon's out and everyone is afraid to mention it

- Underwater conversations

- Ticket price increase

- Character Meet to replace Camp Mini Mickey? Was John right?

- Cars Land opening

- Despicable Me @ Universal

- Latest Fantasyland information and opening times

- Dumbo pagers, Ian guarantees lines even with two Dumbos

- We grumble about meet and greets and being net one ride

- Next podcast - 10 copies of Shane Gamble's CD to give away at random to those who suggest topics for Best Of

- INTERCOT's Best of Ride Experience That Didn't Go As Planned. Carol broke down on Space Mountain. Mel, Body Wars, Barf and Elizabeth Shue mention, Jeff stuck on Carousel of Progress, Nanci rides Haunted Mansion with someone else's child, Ian stuck on Alice in Wonderland, John recalls riding up front on the Epcot line and the driver repeatedly honking the horn

- Adventures by Disney in 2013

- Glow with the Show Mickey ears

- Buying tickets with your smartphone

- Duffy dad's day shirt

- Horizons mention - Epcot 30th Anniversary Celebration

- Marathon/Run Disney News

- Snow White mention

- Victoria & Alberts - no one on the podcast has been there

- Sign up for i15 special event is now online

Episode 34 - Running Over The Speedway Rails

Episode 34 - Running Over The Speedway Rails

June 8, 2012

The Cast: Ian, Gary, Melanie & John

Talking to Ian live at Boardwalk in Room 4041

Fantasyland looks nice but not much open

Bathrooms in Fantasyland - Reclaimed water? What's the deal?

Double Dumbo in place

AvengeRail Redux

Flower & Garden Festival - Epcot looks great

Snow White had a line and woo hoo - a meet and greet coming

Body Wars still there?

The Astuter Computer Show

Free "High Speed" Internet

Fork and Screen at Downtown Disney

The Avengers

INTERCOT's Best of Section of a Park At Night - Ian says the

Bridge between France and England, Gary goes with Gary's

Column, Melanie is a fan of Liberty Square and John goes with

Future World between Imagination and the Seas.

Ian says buh-bye

Star Wars Weekend and the Han Solo thing

Who is the most famous celbrity you have met in the parks

Animal Kingdom 5k

Run Disney 20th Anniversary of the Walt Disney World Marathon

John gets massively confused as to which Speedway

INTERCOT's 15th Anniversary Celebration this October 25-28

Busch Gardens VerBolten

Episode 33 - We Crank Because We Care

Episode 33 - We Crank Because We Care

May 17, 2012

The INTERCOT Insider Live Podcast Episode 33 - We Crank Because We Care

The Cast: Ian, Melanie, Gary & John

- Unfortunately, we didn't make our deadline

- Sports talk starts the show and a Bake McBride reference

- John got sick

- NextGen latest rumors - cutting wait times?

- What's wrong with being spontaneous

- Was this really Walt's vision?

- Eisner's vision

- Levels of frustration & what's a vacation

- The Disney evangelists

- Do the people really want NextGen?

- The simplicity of an old theme park experience & Knobels Grove

- Crowds all the time

- Florida Orange Bird

- A hologram of Anita Bryant

- We rehash the merchandising debate and are hopeful of the direction clothing wise

- Poo poo and eating your words

- DVC @ Fort Wilderness, Gary has feelings - he says leave it alone

- STOLPort - check it out on Google Earth says Gary

- DVC in the parks?  Disney’s America mention

- Ian staying in the castle - AGAIN

- Staying in the Haunted Mansion & Haunted Mansion themed rooms?

- Mel stayed in a Pirates Room and gives a review

- Test Track refurb - the horrible Test Track All-Stars acapella group covering the closure.

- A clown making balloon animals would be more entertaining.

- John approves of the kerning in the new Test Track logo

- Gary suggests a cross promotion with the Shriners

- Thanks to @inbloomphoto who wanted to know - Best of Special Effects.  Ian loves Haunted Mansion, Gary’s a fan of the sense of smell - goes with scents such as Spaceship Earth and Soarin’, Melanie likes the Bride Room in the Haunted Mansion. John goes with the classic Peter Pan and flying over London.

- Ian suggests they stop firing movie people and fire the publicity department instead.

-Tom Hanks to play Walt Disney?

- Prime pick of the week from Gary - Jonah Man:

- Visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Episode 32 - Goofy Can’t Be Trusted

Episode 32 - Goofy Can’t Be Trusted

April 24, 2012

The INTERCOT Insider Live Episode 32 - Goofy Can't Be Trusted The Cast: Mel, Carol, Ian, Gary & John

- Robocalls interrupt the show opening

- John's trip on the Disney Fantasy - details from the preview cruise. Picture gathering innovations, Animators Palatte and how it has changed, The plussing of the cruise experience,  Muppet Detective Agency, Teen time on the ships, Technical issues interrupt the show, Food on the ship.

- Avengerail appears and the argument begins

- Why does it take so long to build anything now?

- Best of Resort Theming & Review of last weeks show. Ian goes first and chooses Animal Kingdom. Carol shocks no one and chooses the Polynesian. Gary enjoys Boardwalk. Melanie picks Coronado Springs. John goes last and enjoys Port Orleans French  Quarter.

- Cars Land

- Art of Animation Resort

- Mel tells us about the triple Yeti blast

- Easter Egg vinylmation

- Brave characters coming to the park

- Adventures by Disney to Asia

- Glen Keane retires

- Amazon Prime purchase of the podcast - The new Flying Colors CD.

Episode 31 - The Episode That Never Ends

Episode 31 - The Episode That Never Ends

March 22, 2012

The INTERCOT Insider Live Podcast

The Cast: Melanie, John, Ian, Carol, Gary.

Show notes to be published next week.  Wanted to get this online before the Disney Cruise Line preview cruise.  It's a whopper of a show clocking in at nearly 2 hours and 21 minutes.


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Episode 30 - Little Red Is Not Okay

Episode 30 - Little Red Is Not Okay

March 7, 2012

The Cast: Ian Mitchell, Gary O'Brien, Michael Montanez, Melanie Bounds

- Valentines Day Roundup

- Fast Pass Times Now To Be Enforced?

- The effect of social media & technology on the parks.

- A couple of Horizons metions. Why don't they open Body Wars when Test Track goes down

- Crazy Disney Collectors

- Disney World thinks we don't have an attention span. Disneyland does? Where is our sense of exploration. Where are the parks and our experiences headed?

- Ian violates our terms of service and then channels his inner Andy Rooney

- INTERCOT Best Of - Ride Vehicle: Ian - Mr. Toad, Gary - Mission Space, Melanie - Maelstrom, Michael - Disneyland Buzz Lightyear, John - 20,000 Leagues

- Kilamanjaro Story Change

- Drained Jaws at Universal and Garys Column (visit him on facebook)

- New Kids Menu Items effective February 15

- We mention some of our listeners favorite hidden mickeys

- Cylon Mel makes an appearance

- John pictures darthmacho as Pedro

- Ian's stay in the castle - yes, we have heard it before...

- Disney Profits

- Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom

- Mel was on Beard and Mustache watch and totally forgot about it.

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Episode 29 - Thats A Lot Of Shuffleboard

Episode 29 - Thats A Lot Of Shuffleboard

February 15, 2012

INTERCOT Insider Live Podcast Thats a Lot of Shuffleboard Episode 29

The Cast: Mel, John, Ian, Gary, Carol

- Castmember beards and casual Fridays. Mel will be on mustache watch.

- Cruise Line news - unfortunately, some of it is horribly incorrect in this part of the show.  We will get it straight after the break. No, the Europe cruises do not leave from Florida, and the Alaskan cruise does not leave from Seattle.

- Disney Premier Visa - new card will have an annual fee. 8 designs.

- Ian kills his router and forces an unexpected reboot.

- Electric Umbrella. Gary wants to know why the restaurant stinks so bad now.

- We correct our missteps Cruise wise.

- INTERCOT Best Of Parades. Carol misses Tapestry of Nations. Melanie says BOO TO YOU! Ian is a fan of Spectromagic. Gary goes for the Main Street Electrical Parade. John goes with the hipster choice of the Bicentennial Parade from 1976.

- The INTERCOT 15th Anniversary boards are up.  Join in the fun and plan your trip.

- One of our members actually made a Flight of Meatloaf.  John and Ian are upset that beef was not included.

- Star Wars weekends announced May 18 - June 10.

- Universal announcements. New Spiderman updates, water show, parade, Despicable Me, new Blue Man Show and more.

- Gary the squirrel and Ponce DeLe Squarepants

Episode 28 - The Changing of the Balloons

Episode 28 - The Changing of the Balloons

January 29, 2012

The Cast: Ian, Melanie, Michael & John

- Taping earlier tonite, Gary & Carol out earlier

- One More Disney Day - 24 Hours of Disney Magic.  Watch the balloons go from night time balloons to daytime balloons.

- Ian brings up staying in the castle - YET AGAIN.

- Reimagined Test Track headed to Epcot this fall.  How customized is customized, how interactive is interactive? Horizons & World of Motion mention.

- Magic, Memories & You - Valentines segment starts February 3.

- Disney Dream float out. Ian promises that if we get invited on a preview cruise, he will match that with a paid booking of his own!

- Marathon Weekend

- INTERCOT's Best Of - Hidden Mickeys.  Michael goes with Soarin in California.  Ian goes with the ballroom in the Haunted Mansion. Melanie goes with a hidden Mickey in Indiana Jones.  John goes with the bamboo in the stairwell at the Polynesian.  Send us your favorites in the podcast thread.

- Mel's Marathon Weekend - she did her very first 5k. Cylon Michael makes an appearance. We get off on a CES - Consumer Electronics Show tangent with the Transparent Smart Window - Ludwig Von Drake was out at the events - his first appearance supposedly ever.

- John says fix the Yeti - bring the people who designed Ka - the Cirque show in to get the job done.

- Wifi service extended into Moderate Resorts at the lobby and feature pools. Why is the big D so technically challenged.

- INTERCOT's Garys Column -

- Tidbits from Jason - Big Thunder queue to be revamped & other items.  Wine Bar @ Italy!

- Jolly Holiday Bakery & Electronica

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Episode 27 - A Flight of Meatloaf - The Holiday Edition

Episode 27 - A Flight of Meatloaf - The Holiday Edition

December 24, 2011

INTERCOT Insider Live Episode 27 - A Flight of Meatloaf - The Holiday Edition

The Cast: Gary, Mel, John, Jeff, Ian, Michael & Carol

- - - -

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- - - -

It's a full house - 7 of us onboard for this episode

DVC Talk - Grand Floridian Villas are coming in late 2013. The group talks about their GF experiences. Some like, some don't.

Monorail Resort discussion

DVC head dismissed and then given a consulting deal and a letter of recommendation. Ian's cheese is steamed.

Huge DVC dues increases

Starting in January - you can book DVC online

Tables in Wonderland available to DVC members without AP

Disneyland DVC

Harry Potter expansion in Hollywood and Orlando

Comedy Club players coming to Disney's Hollywood Studios and former Sounds Dangerous location.

Run Disney Twilight Zone Tower of Terror Race

INTERCOT's Best of Bar / Lounge / Hangout.  Ian - Jellyrolls. Michael - Rose & Crown / Hearthstone. Gary - Territory Lounge. Carol - Tambu Lounge.  Jeff - Yak and Yeti. John - California Grill. Mel - Tune In Lounge.

Android Cases appear

Disneyland update

Prep and Landing

Ian's & Jeff's trip reports

Gary's trip to the Kennedy Space Center and the Vehicle Assembly Building

Episode 26 - That Was A Weird One

Episode 26 - That Was A Weird One

December 12, 2011

The Cast: Melanie, John, Gary & Jeff

Apparently we recorded inside a can - John must have had his webcam mic on instead of his studio mic. Apologies for the quality.

Cancellations: National Harbor deal done, Hyperion Warf, Health and Wellness Suites

John's stay at Pop Century. Rooms are a bit small. Good value for the price. One sink is a challenge. Thaksgiving Dinner was great at the food court.

Trip Report @ the Old Spice Classic at ESPN Wide World of Sports.  Restaurant and the ordering system are great. Virtual Fans are for the birds. Customer Service at the Magic Kindom rocks. The magic that is Disney

Wide World of Sports expanding.

Mel mocks John's countdown.

Best of Holidays - JPL loves the Gingerbread Houses, Mel likes Osborne Lights, Gary says sugar free Hot Cocoa, John votes for the Ice Castle and the different trees at parks and resorts.

RFID on Annual Passes. John compares to the Washington DC Metro System. The implications of having RFID in your passes and keys.

Flower and Garden 2012 Details - Fantasia theme

Muppets on DCL

Exotic Driving Experence

Enchanted Discussion

Episode 25 - Ian In Charge

Episode 25 - Ian In Charge

November 14, 2011

The Cast: Gary, Mel, Carol, Gary, Ian & John

***** Brought to you by: Magical Journeys The Official Ticket Center *****

Ian and the intro - John lets Ian host as promised.

John and his stay at Animal Kingdom Lodge, Gary at Pop and Carol / Mel at Bay Lake Towners.

AKL - John got a bunkbed room and felt a little cramped. It was a hike to his room and was about as far away as you an get. Wifi is in and is filtered. Mel is checking out Thought the quick serve was jut ok. Overall liked the resort and would stay there again. Great atmosphere - Kids would love it.

Gary stayed in the 50s at Pop Century and had panic attacks at the food court.

The Old Spice Classic coming up at ESPN Wide World of Sports Thanksgiving weekend.

Food and Wine Favorites - Kahula pork shooters, Kielbasa and Pierogi from Poland, Ravioli from Italy

Bay Lake towers - Mel and Carol stayed in a villa. Apparently there was a mosquito issue. Tried the Wave and found it just fine. Had good luck with bus service.

Walt Disney World weddings - Gary attended one. The experience is incredible. There was controversy!

The INTERCOT Idea Factory continues - Gary suggests preferred stroller parking.

INTERCOTs Best Of - Cast Member Costume - Carol says Liberty Tree Tavern, Ian pickes Monorail Pilot Costumes (no luck fiding them online). Mel goes with the MouseGear costumes. John says the 1970's speedway jumpsuits.

Via Napoli Discussion

Dieting at Walt Disney World & the beer to Margarita ratio

LMNOP is not the INTERCOT 15th Anniversary - ICOT15 - Dates are now official... October 26-28 2012.

Ian does the close - hang around for outtakes

Episode 24 - Meet Me At Garys Column

Episode 24 - Meet Me At Garys Column

October 23, 2011

Birthday Stuff. Happy Birthday INTERCOT Insider - One Year Old. Happy Birthday INTERCOT - We're 14! Duffy has been at the park one year.

The passing of Steve Jobs. His tie in to Disney and Pixar. Was he this generations Walt Disney? What happens down the road with Apple? Will there be a what would Steve do effect? John recommends you look up John Taylors book - Storming of the Magic Kingdom.

Rober Iger stepping down... 4 years from now. What will be his legacy?

Unplug and Plug - we finally get it right.

We ponder the career of Willow Bay.

Big Thunder Mountain long rehab Jan 9 thru May 27. Dumbo goes down Jan 9 thru Feb 17. Park hours are out thru April 2012.

INTERCOTs best of - Place to people watch. Carol hangs at World Showcase on a bench in Epcot. Gary looses everyone and wants folks to meet him at the Road Furniture in Epcot's UK - otherwise known as Gary's Column. Show 25, Ian may need to host. Ian sits by the fountain in Innoventions Plaza. Melanie people watches at Hollywood Studios outside Sweet Spells. Gary swears he saw Kenny Rogers there and chaos ensues. John heads to the Kona Cafe sushi bar.

Animal Kingdom Lodge - John is set to stay there and asks the staff their opinion and whether it's too far away from everything. We ponder why they didn't put in some sort of boat transportation to Animal Kingdom - missed opportunity.

New FREE Android App for the Podcast. Why no Apple app? iTunes provides a great way to subscribe unlike Android which didn't provoide a great way to subscribe. Search INTERCOT Insider in the marketplace or go to: - Please rate us if you get a chance.

John's trip to California and Disneyland - so he hung with NotaGeek.

Duffy Storybook debuts. We ponder if it's rehashed Duffy.

Dooney & Bourke new items arriving at Disney Parks.

Episode 23 - Famous Garys In History

Episode 23 - Famous Garys In History

September 22, 2011

Episode 23 - Famous Garys In History September 29th, 2011

The Cast: Gary, Mel, Carol, Gary, Ian & John

Avatar Coming To Disney Parks

- Big announcement - partnership with James Cameron to create Avatar "stuff"

- Gary and Carol want a Lord of the Rings land

- Development begins in 2014 at Disney's Animal Kingdom

- 60% of the podcast crew has not seen the movie...

- Gary points out the detail James Cameron goes to

- Would Avatar fly in California?

- Ian went thru the 5 stages of grief

- Avatar looks like one big Yes album cover (not enough blue though)

- Why not develop the intellectual property they already have?

- Disney PR put out a FAQ

- Ian is worried Avatar land will be heavily "film based"

- Walken gets a mention

- John thinks Camp Minnie Mickey is toast - mark his word

- The Discovery River Boats - FAIL

- First appearance of Cylon Gary - then Ian calls in with a Ma Bell phone.

- Call us anxious or nervious - but we see potential

- So much untapped potential - John wants a better Lion King attraction or one based on Aladdin (Mel loves the idea).

- Ian wants a Willy Wonka theme park

- Ian sings "I Can See Clearly Now" and we get in our beer mention and talk IBU's

- INTERCOT's Best Of - Attraction with little to no line: Melanie says People Mover, Ian queue's for Snow White's Scary Adventures, Carol says Flights of Wonder, Gary jumps on the way back machine for Carousel of Progress, John goes to Epcot & Spaceship Earth.

- GM to re-up Test Track Sponsorship?

- A discussion of Famous Gary's including Gary the Snail.

- iTunes Reviews

- Downtown Disney trick or treating

- Don't touch Gary

- Trick or Meet Up - sold out

- Epcot changing the opening schedule / rope drop

- The GREAT STROLLER RACE 2012 - Mel throws down the challenge vs. Ian. Gary and John to film.

- Gary made a Bert Convy reference! Bert Convy!

- Magic Kingdom Parking lot - Hero's and Villains