INTERCOT Insider Live - Disney Podcast

Episode 75 - Addicted to Hummus

March 14, 2015

The Cast: Christine Warner, Michael Montanez, Melanie Bounds, John Yaglenski

- It's our 75th Anniversary - Diamond! 75 podcasts down the line.
- Daylight Saving Time RANT!
- Addicted to Hummus.
- Soarin & Toy Story Mania Expansion.
- INTERCOT Consulting - Apply Star Tours concept to Soarin'
- John finally saw Big Hero 6.
- Michael gets sassy with John - It's not a Spoiler!
- Segue Kings - on to Pirates refurb all summer long.
- Cinderella Review - Christine saw a preview. Lets hear from you on the forums.
- Run Disney Registration becoming tougher and tougher. 
- The Three Amigos Challenge
- Take It or Leave It - Ponchos! Mel yellow yes, clear no. Christine - Yes. Michael NO - refund my purchase. Cindy yes. John No.  That's 3-2 Leave it!
- New iPhone Show Your Disney Side App.
- The new hub in the Magic Kingdom.
- Monorails not going away.
- Aloha Isle & Sunshine Tree Terrace. How will this help with traffic?  Bring back the Grape Juice stand.
- Galactic Gathering Cost - YOU make the call.
- Madonna & Kylie Minogue, Weigh in.