INTERCOT Insider Live - Disney Podcast

Episode 91 - It’s a Picnic Day

August 27, 2016
The Cast: Michael Montanez, Justin McCarty, Carolyn Pongracz, Cindy Jachrimo, John Yaglenski

- Welcome to weather talk on the surface of the sun
- Michael travels around the world to the Disneyland's
- Quick trip to Hong Kong
- Then off to Shanghai and the Hunger Games District 3
- The beacon in the park was Starbucks - it was amazing
- It was the hottest Michael ever felt - 92 with 100 percent humidity with no shade
- The Castle is Huge!
- Michael confuses Hong Kong and Mystic Manor with Shanghai
- Tomorrowland is awesome and the whole trip was worth Light Cycles.
- Face characters look amazing
- Merchandise selection was a little lacking
- Michael's Fun Facts
- The space time continuum and slipstream effect
- Lots of changes coming to stateside parks - closures, changes, etc.
- What is the difference between a carousel and a merry-go-round
- Misfortune Falls
- New VR based haunted attraction to Halloween Horror Nights
- Disney Springs
- Virtual RunDisney medals