INTERCOT Insider Live - Disney Podcast

Episode 71 - Gary, Ian, Where Are You?

December 16, 2014
The Cast: Carol Robert, Cindy Jachrimo, Christine Warner, Melanie Bounds

Snow for Thanksgiving & Weather Talk!

Disneyland - Cindy's First Trip.  $$$$$!  Mini Monorail.  Alice in Wonderland Refurbished and looks great.  John doesn't understand the changes but the ladies say it's very well done and they love it more.  Also liked additions to Big Thunder.  No Cupcakes, went to bed hungry!  Christine and bicoastal tickets.

CHERRY CHURROS!!! John has been vindicated - sort of... 

Krazy Kirk and the Hillbillies - every other joke trashed their old employer.  Park was a littly grimy and needs attention.

Disneyland is working to monetize just like Disney World. 

Trip Highlights


We broke the story about the Sorcerer's Hat Removal.  What's your source Maaaannnnnnn! People are funny and didn't want to believe.  You don't reveal confidential sources.

Something really big coming to DHS?

Big Hero 6

Take it or leave it - The Hat. Carol says relocate it/take it. Christine takes it. Cindy leaves it. Melanie says it's time to move on. John says leave it. Add the new stuff already.

Christmas Party / Osbourne Lights

Olaf makes an appearance!

Overselling of hard ticketed events - overcrowding makes it hard to enjoy.

Hilton Head Trip

#RunICOT & Awareness Bands

New York