INTERCOT Insider Live - Disney Podcast

Episode 86: The #runICOT Marathon Weekend Recap

January 26, 2016
The Cast: John Yaglenski, Melanie Bounds, Carol Robert, Carolyn Pongratz, Justin McCarthy
- Introducing Carolyn and Justin - Welcome!
- 3 out of 5 had problems with Magic Bands - why is this such a big issue
- Justin experiences his first audio issue on the Podcast.
- Day One 5k - group picture, Cheer Squad. Lack of costumes due to the new policy which came out days before the race.The weather was better for marathon weekend. So toy guns have been removed from the parks, but toy swords and light sabers are O.K.? Trader Sams meet.
- Day Two 10k - It's POURING! Early morning up at 2:45am. Didn't stop for photo ops since I was doing the half.  Boardwalk cheer section and slippery running.  Canada complains about the lack of scenery for the first half of the 10k. #runnerProblems.  Blisters because of wet shoes. No Cowbells??? Are you kidding me?
- Day Three Half Marathon - Scott David was awesome at the Magic Kingdom! Fist fight on Main Street USA?  Where you see flashes, pose! John finished running which was a huge deal for him. Running up Main Street is flat out cool.
- Day Four Full Marathon - Weather was very humid and tough to run in. Cheering at Shades of Green, Cancer buddy Melanie, Studios.  Carolyn gets lost.
- The 22.4 Magnet - John made his own.
- Justin's shoes.
- On to questions from our listeners. The #GrumpyChallenge. 
- Runners, how do you avoid blisters especially on your toes?
- #runICOT 2017 is going to Disneyland! The peer pressure is on Carol.