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Episode 132 - Big Red is Okay!

March 23, 2020

INTERCOT Insider Live - Episode 132
Big Red is Okay!
The Jumbo-Sized Cast: John Yaglenski, Carolyn Pongracz, Jennifer Silveira, Gary O’Brien, Ian Mitchell & Cindy Jachrimo!


- The gang starts off giggling about Big Red and Warden Wilson Matua!
- With the start of the COVID-19 shutdown in March, the podcast crew talks about who is under lockdown, following the new social distancing guidelines and washing hands.
- Everyone is catching up on their tv series binge-watching: Carolyn likes Handmaids Tale on Hulu, Jenn likes Servant on Apple TV, Cindy likes Supernatural on Netflix, Gary likes Letterkenny & Schitt’s Creek on Netflix, Ian enjoys Man In The High Castle and Hunters on Amazon Prime, and John has been binging Picard on CBS All Access (among others!)
- A bit of discussion about Disney+ and the binge-worthy shows for kids and adults alike on there!
- The recent, unprecedented shutdown of all Disney Parks worldwide as an indicator of the Coronavirus situation is concerning.
- Ian’s overnight stay in Cinderella Castle during the 100 years of Magic celebration is mentioned… again… of course.
- The cast members who worked right up until closing at the parks were still creating magic for guests with a smile on their face despite the worry of the virus.  So appreciated!
- Feeling inspired by people coming together for live online concerts, helping out their fellow humans and finding positive ways to connect during this uneasy time.
- Big thanks to all of the essential workers that are keeping the world running!
- John gives a quick rundown of the recent Media Event he attended for the opening of Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway, and plugs the videos he took on our YouTube channel. It’s a great ride but it feels quite “wide open” and “odd” inside because the trackless ride system requires so much space. Would have been nice to keep the Great Movie Ride in addition to this.
- Trip down memory lane remembering “classic” Disney attractions: Horizons & the original Spaceship Earth, and what is going to happen with scheduled ride refurbishments.
- John mentions his recent “John Tries” segment at the Regal Eagle Smokehouse at Epcot up on Facebook & YouTube where he enjoys the beef brisket, chicken & pulled pork. (Spoiler: the pork was the best!)
- Is it called “Hockey” or “Ice Hockey”?
- John finishes up singing the praises of a Savannah-View room at Animal Kingdom Lodge.

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