INTERCOT Insider Live - Disney Podcast

Episode 77 - You Don’t Look So Bobble Headish

May 25, 2015
The Cast: Melanie Bounds, Carol Robert, Michael Montanez, Cindy Jachrimo, Ian Mitchell & John Yaglenski

- Why we run - Registration for Marathon Weekend pretty much done.  Went very quick. Charity registration may be available.
- We need new cowbells
- John did his first half marathon ever 
- Disneyland's Diamond Celebration
- Shopping Bags & Purses
- Hatbox Ghost Returns
- John is running on fumes
- Free Dining Fiasco
- Does the dining plan make sense really? 
- Concert series at Universal and Disney
- The difference between Sounds Like Summer and Eat to the Beat
- Take It or Leave It - Sounds Like Summer - 4-2 take it!
- Opps we offended someone on Facebook
- Walls down in the studio - up goes the stage.
- Tokyo Disney Resort announces large expansion, including Frozen land 
- And We're Out...