Episode 8 - Please Play Along at Home OR What’s a Maquette?

January 21, 2011

The Cast: Melanie Bounds, Ian Mitchell, Gary Obrien, , Nanci Rossetti, John Yaglenski

Fantasyland Announcements
- Seven Dwarfs Mine Coaster / dark ride with thrilling elements. First of it's kind ride system.
- Snow White's Scary Adventures being replaced with Princess Fairytale Hall.
- Mufassa says there's more to come - suprises in store.
- Will concept art match reaility? John's a hipster. Bring on the greenery!
- Play along at home and see the thread online at: http://intercot.com/discussion/showthread.php?t=178580
- Cohesive look and feel to the land is welcome by Ian as is another Dumbo.
- Antlers everywhere, kids tearing into meat.
- Yes, we repeat again - Ian stayed in the Castle suite.

Star Tours
- Opening date announced for Star Wars Weekend - May 20th. New attraction is in 3D, new droids, starspeeder, pilot and destination.
- We've lost Mel again.
- Gary goes off on George Lucas (again!) and shows his Yoda thermos.
- Everyone is looking forward to the revamped attraction
- Gary wants an adult Jedi Academy
- The discussion turns to Body Wars and the Wonders of Life Pavillion

INTERCOT Best of Shopping
-Gary likes the Centorium (extinct) and now Norway and Helly Hanson. The obsession with that store extends to Ian and John as well. We LOVE that store and LOVE shopping there.
- It's the jacket tht got away...
- Mel likes Mouse Gear and the Epcot retro stuff. She also learned about Kerning - and Keming - the result of bad Kerning
- Maquette - French word for a scale model, plastico or modello.

The Disney Dream Launches
- Ian and John are set to sail prior to the general public thanks to the Disney Cruise Line this Sunday
- Disney Dream Stats - it's MASSIVE!
- We hope to do a podcast live from the ship
- Mel challenges Ian and John to do the AquaDuck
- Secret Portholes
- Gary wants to understand dining with strangers. Is he going to be eating with Charo?
- Elton John will write a song for you - Dreamie and the Cruise

When To Take Your Kids to Disney/Taking Them Out of School
- Gary says take them while the magic is real
- The Pooh story & Pluto in a stroller
- Ian says - take the kids! Life is short - enjoy it!
- Its the Ian and Gary Show!
- John says the kids DO remember. Have you done the family shirt? It's all about Making Memories!
- The panel disagrees a bit on taking kids out of school.

Mel Visits Universal Finally
- She and Michael liked the queue but the ride made her sick
- Do the butterbeer after the ride...
- Mel pretty much got sick on everything
- Disaster & Christopher Walkin

See you on the DREAM!


Episode 7 - Mark My Words, Never Again

January 7, 2011

The Cast: Melanie Bounds, Ian Mitchell, Gary Obrien, , Nanci Rossetti, John Yaglenski

Nanci From Magical Journeys

Specials for the New Year
- Kids Stay and Play Free
- Winter Spring Offer
- Late Winter Offer

Disney Dream Launching
- Nanci's going & for the record
- Onboard credits for Dream cruises
- If Disney wants to invite the INTERCOT Insider Staff - we are so there!
- Ian's mom blew $1300 this morning
- Ian wants to know how does Disney Cruise compare and is the extra cost worth it?
- General Cruise Line Discussion

Ian & John @ Disney in December
- Last minute plane tickets $2500 and crappy rental car
- Ian goes first... and attempts to keep things brief (right)
- Bay Lake Towers, property and location fantastic
- Lovin' Disney during the holidays
- Gary, don't give Disney marketing any ideas...
- Osborne Lights & Candlelight Processional
- Parks were mobbed - flat attendance?
- Manta evacuated - stuck on lift hill @ Sea World
- Peak of the Peak - 240 minute wait for Soarin'
- Mark My Words - NEVER AGAIN
- Ians incredibly long boat ride to the Studios
- Toy Story Mania - Ian's here to dominate!
- The John & Ian show

Holiday Decorations @ Fort Wilderness - a hidden gem
- Nanci spent 2 nights just driving around
- Ian says Celebration is a good get away to look at lights too

John's Trip to Disney
- Went the week between Christmas & New Years
- Who is going to wait an hour to go on Figment - instead the horribly outdated Captain EO
- John is frustrated with pricing - pushing $70 for lunch for 4
- Gary thinks there is a disconnect between the average Joe and a Disney vacation

Prison Guards @ Magic Kingdom Restaurants
- Touch screen ordering is a seriously flawed user experience
- Checkpoint Charlie to get in and just sit down. No food, no sit.
- Another boneheaded bean counter move that ruins the user experience

John's not impressed with Pooh Queue interactive elements
- He likes the design and blending with fantasyland though
- Where do I get fast passes?

2011 Predictions
- Ian predicts queue disaster at Haunted Mansion
- Mel would like more attention to Hollywood Studios and a new ride
- John says the interactive queues continue - and Hyperion Wharf will be a disappointment
- Gary will be celebrating... something

Universal's IOA hit capacity for the first time ever
- Universal Express cost the most it did all year @ $89 a person
- Had to wait till 11pm to get in Wizarding World and even then 90 minutes to get on the ride

SeaWorld was a great alternative on New Year's eve day and is a great value for your dollar

Don't miss "Disaster" featurning an incredible hologram of Christopher Walken

Dinner @ Eleven located at the Reunion Resort
- Great view, great food, romantic and intimate