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Episode 67: Blow It Up For Me Again James!

August 30th, 2014

The Cast: Melanie Bounds, Christine Warner, Cindy Jachrimo, Gary O'Brien, Todd McCartney & John Yaglenski

- Back to School time!

- Robin Williams. His Life, his legacy, his Disney connection.

- The awkward transitions to our interview with Todd McCartney, The Horizons video restoration. Ecommerce in 1994.  Disney Rumors back in the day. website.  Movie nights! Converting and restoring video and film.  The Mickey Mouse Review! Mom threw away my park maps and tickets. Retro is a sliding scale.  The Wave machine in the Seven Season Lagoon. Backup, Backup, Backup

- Canada is kind of a big deal!

- Take It or Leave It! Special Events @ Resorts. Todd takes it.  Melanie loves the blowing up of the screen and is fascinated by it - otherwise leave it. Cindy says take it!  Christine absolutely takes it - so much to do.  Gary says take it as does John.  Final score ALL to Mel.

- Retro WDW Film Fest - totally need to do it!

- Eat at the Star Wars Cantina Bar... rumors for Disney's Hollywood Studios. What's possible, what would we like to see?

- Forsaken Epcot

- Frozen stuff.  John has actually seen the movie and LIKED IT! 

- Disney fan sites causing Frozen ride in Norway to happen... John has to laugh at that suggestion.  Just not the case. Pulse check, maybe but moving the needle on making something happen, Uh - No.

- Target twice in a day.  Whoa.  John has an unhealthy obsession with Target watches.

- 400 gallons of blue paint turned SeaBase Alpha into an abyss.

- The hidden sites on INTERCOT.  

- There needs to be a new master plan of Epcot, and complete rethinking of the park from top to bottom.  Cohesion is sorely lacking and the park is dying. Things are very disconnected.

- On Ride Videos - included in Memory Maker.

- Comic Book and Marvel updates

- Villains Event
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Episode 66 - Crabby John Has Spoken

August 11th, 2014

The INTERCOT Insider Live: Episode 66
Crabby John Has Spoken
The Cast: Cindy Jackrimo, Michael Montanez, Melanie Bounds, Ian Mitchell & John Yaglenski

Cindy joins the podcast for the first time

Have you been to the park for the opening ceremony?  John's kids have opened the Magic Kingdom

Mel just got back from Disney World.  Found the parks crowded in July - whoda thunk.  Stayed at Caribbean Beach.  Stayin Alive Canada meet.

Michael tries not to go past the Mississippi in the summer

Opening day at Diagon Alley and Mel was there.  Her experiences.

Cindy stays at Cabana Bay Beach Resort @ Universal Orlando and gives us a review.  There is a lazy river at a value resort! Cup sensors in use there too.


Take it or Leave it - Refillable Mugs. Melanie says take it. Cindy says leave it.  Ian says leave it.  John says leave it.

Tervis Tumblers

Photos taken and sent to your account in the parks without you asking.

Magic Bands should include pedometers and GPS.

Should be a fastpass line for parking.

Why don't magicbands auto add the AP discount? Instead you need a license and a separate card.

Fast Pass for standby lines - our collective heads are going to explode.

Richard Petty Driving Experience and Cars Experience.  Cindy attended on behalf of the site.

Armed Forces Salute renewed again!

Frozen on board Disney Cruise line *(except the Dream)

Once Upon a Time on ABC

New Haunted Mansion Shop on the way.

Pin Collecting? Are you still doing it after all these years?

What did we learn?  Going to do this every two weeks & crabby John has spoken. Don't buy mugs unless you are Mel.  Mel hates this segment.  Ian learned Mel is crabby when we do what did we learn.  John learned it's Arendelle.

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Episode 65 - Live From The Tri State Area

July 19th, 2014

The Cast: Carol Robert, Melanie Bounds, Ian Mitchell, Gary O'Brien, Ian Mitchel
 - Carol is back!
 - ICOT Sports Talk and Geography
 - Harry Potter Stuff & Universal
 - Buy your tickets from the Official Ticket Center & go for multiple days.
 - Food at Universal Studios Orlando
 - Cabana Bay Hotel - Calling Sammy Davis Junior
 - Summer Road Trips & Magic Fingers. Holiday Inn & Howard Johnson's
 - Our "Go-to" Hotels
 - Dad, he's licking me!
 - Carol doesn't like Florida
 - Metro train lessons
 - Melanie will be at Universal on Diagon Alley opening day
 - Sounds Like Summer - ICOT Meet, flopping and flailing
 - Pointe Orlando - Minus 5 Ice Bar review
 - Frozen Summer Fun – Live at Disney’s Hollywood Studios
 - John hasn't seen Frozen - Ian hasn't seen It's A Wonderful Life.
 - Sounds like plush, but it's really paper. Flat Olaf
 - Pal Olaf & Glow With the Show MagicBand - INTERCOT Consulting
 - 300 Minute wait for Frozen Meet & Greet
 - Making walk up FastPass reservations are nearly impossible now for good rides.
 - Gary in Space
 - Take it or Leave It - DME, Mel Take, Gary Take, Carol Take, Christine Take, Ian Take, John Leave.
 - What did we learn?
 - Goodbye Kasey Kasem - American Top 40. Weekends were made for it.
 - Shane Gamble released "Beautiful Work" - Song going to radio in August! John was an executive producer. We play it to close the show.
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Episode 64 - Fonz Solo

June 7th, 2014

 The Cast: Ian Mitchell, Melanie Bounds, Gary O'Brien & John Yaglenski
 Preshow: Ian is a crabby, crabby man.
 - Let's learn about International Bitterness Units
 - That's then, this is now. We recorded last week but posted it this week and we're now recording again this week.
 - Intercot Bitterness Units-Episode 63 was grouchy. John was going to edit it down but he left it to be true to the way people feel about things sometimes.
 - Mel's trip around Easter-Problems with linking in My Disney Experience/My Magic Plus
 - MDE/MMP guest relations, at least, are still good-very friendly, kind.
 - When it works, MDE/MMP/Photo pass are great!
 - Bands are wasteful, but you can totally match them with your outfit
 - Ian refuses to be negative. Manages to be negative about being negative.
 - Ian tells a completely hypothetical story about how you might miss a FP time and don't use a FP you lose it. Can't use another.
 - Mel feels the Easter crowd stories are exaggerated. Ian disagrees. No one surprised.
 - Gaston is great at everything
 - Christine and Mel's Beer Adventure in EPCOT
 - Vero Beach-what to do around town
 - Beach vacations, take it or leave it?
 - Two week vacations. Worth it? Oh yeah.
 - Mel's great Animal Kingdom Adventure. Huge build up for nooks and crannies.
 - DAK has some nice spots. No matter what they do Ian won't go.
 - Ian doesn't let the family go to AK.
 - Eat to the beat . Singing.
 - Take it or leave it: Using FP for character meets. Gary: Bitterly leaves it. Ian: Gives some weird past story of some video about 1972 that Ian shares, blah blah blah. After 25 minutes of a story he leaves it. Mel: Takes it! She would totally do it, despite John's shock. She'd do it to see Anna and Elsa. Aladdin. John: The correct answer is.Leave it. Not wasting an FP on it. John forces us out of the segment by playing the music
 - New Tinkberbell greeting.
 - The Kitchen Sink has moved beyond Beaches and Cream at three places I couldn't hear because connection crapped out.
 - Mickey's sink pants, take it or leave it?
 - Ian and Mel are not fans of sharing food.
 - Dole Whips at AK
 - Where is the refreshment stand by the Tiki Room? John and Mel have a very intense discussion about how to get very specific refreshments into the Tiki Room with them.
 - Starbucks in DTD.
 - Castaway Cay Run Disney Challenge
 - RunICOT-We'll all be there. Events are all almost all full, but Cheer ICOT is all open.
 - Back to Castaway Cay-John explains. Half and full marathon still open, 5 and 10K only open via large charities.
 - Holiday party tickets on sale.
 - Gary bores everyone with comic book stuff.
 - Fonz Solo
 - John's smoke detector is connected to Skynet.
 - Ian closes the show by complaining. No one is surprised.
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Episode 63 - Numbers With Ian

May 25th, 2014

The Cast: Christine Warner, Michael Montanez, Ian Mitchell & John Yaglenski
- The return of Michael - he was not fired.
 - John's hooked on racing - he's been sucked in.
 - Why we were gone so long.
 - Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Media Event.
 - Fantasyland looks great with the walls down and the theming is top notch on the new attraction.  Pictures on our social media channels.
 - BTW, we are on Instagram now as @INTERCOT
 - Recycling MagicBands? How?
 - POV MineTrain video is online at - there are 2 different versions along with the press breakfast.
 - The ride leaves you wanting more - it's great but quick. Very well themed and love the dark ridee portion. Worth the wait and has repeat factor.
 - FastPass system melted.
 - Rained A LOT during the weekend. John had to get a Helly Hansen raincoat. Can't stand the ponchos and the sweat.
 - Polynesian Renovation - Trader Sam's coming and the name is being changed back to the Polynesian Village Resort. Lobby renovations coming as well.
 - Harambe Nights $134 is the DELUXE ticket not the base, $119 is regular admission.
 - Christine is over special ticketed events. Thinks it's being overplayed.
 - John did the $29 Epcot Wind Down and really liked the Tequilla tasting and thought it was a good value. There was good and bad though.
 - New parade is AWESOME!
- Ian's trip. Stayed at Fort Wilderness.  Golf carts are a must! Bridge is closed. Monorail is closed. Boats are closed. It's pouring.... A 2.5 hour tour, a 2.5 hour tour. Fastpass Plus issues. Walking off the Haunted Mansion.
 - Take It or Leave It - Downtown Disney. Mitchell - Leave It. Warner - Take It. Montanez - Take It?? Yaglenski - Leave It.
 - 4 Parks, 1 World, 1 Nite
 - Star Wars Weekends. Unfortunately the first day of the breakfast went south and John Warner didn't get any characters.
 - Service Level, Cost and Expectations
 - The Alan Parsons Project!
 - Pixar in Concert -
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Episode 62 - Once Upon A Vine at Bardwalk

April 29th, 2014

The Cast: Christine Warner, Melanie Bounds, Ian Mitchell, & John Yaglenski

- The Return of Gary - It's GARY!

- Singing Starts...

- March Madness Disney Style - INTERCOT Consulting: we needed
pins or t-shirts!

- Seven Dwarfs Mine Train - INTERCOT will be covering.
John's invitation got lost - was later found mailed to the
wrong address. No soft openings?

- FastPass+ Changes - lots of new things coming

- Konami Code gets a reference

- Mel loves ET

- Once Upon A Vine - wonderful wine!

- #runICOT and #cheerICOT - Coming to Marathon Weekend in

- John ran his first 5k in a Vineyard!

- ROYGBIV pack - pink, purple, cyan and lime for #runICOT

- Gary says he'll go if John agrees to run a 5k and a 10k -
this is epic. Mel, John, Ian and Gary are ALL in!

- That's Not A Pillow!!!!

- Take It or Leave It - Staying off property. Ian says leave
it. Gary says leave it. John says take it as does Mel.

- We loose Ian and BOOM he's back

- Jon Pinette passes away

- Small World 50th Anniversary

- D-tech Me returns for Star Wars Weekends. Breakfast with the Characters from the movie. Mark Hamill will be there too!

- Kouzzina closing at Boardwalk

- Bardwalk and the Shakespeare Theme Park

- Oswald debuts in park.

- What have we learned?

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Episode 61 - Give ‘Em a ROY G BIV Pack

March 26th, 2014

The Cast - Christine Warner, Melanie Bounds, Ian Mitchell, John Yaglenski

- Guess Who reference gets us started

- New Festival of Fantasy parade - our twitter account killed it today with incredible shots. Follow us on twitter @intercot. Christine gives a complete rundown.

- See the full parade on our YouTube channel:

- Flower and Garden festival opens

- The Guess Who show was great!

- The Cheshire Cafe - White Chocolate Rabbit!

- John's blind auction story. Controversy follows him around.

- Water is gone in the Magic Kingdom.

- RunDisney and #runICOT events and the price of events.

- #runICOT is going to run to support THYCA ( and Thyroid Cancer Awareness and Survivors.  Registration will open April 22, 2014 at Noon EST for the Walt Disney World® Marathon Weekend! Details coming soon.

- Goodbye to a national hero - Wild Bill Guarnere from Band of Brothers.

- Take It or Leave It!  Turkey Legs and Bubble Gum.  Mel - Bubble Gum Yes, Turkey Legs No.  Christine - Turkey Legs and the sticks No, Bubble Gum Yes. Ian - Turkey Legs No, Gum No.  John - Turkey Legs No, Gum Yes.

- Travolta Screw Ups - Frozen.

- Rock Your Disney Side.

- Hub Reconfiguation - Big changes coming.

- Starbucks in Downtown Disney

- Star Wars Weekends and Special Fireworks!

- Fantasmic - How old is it? Can we get some HD projectors and new content?

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Episode 60 - The Trash Can Said Talk To My Agent

February 18th, 2014

The Cast: Christine Warner, Melanie Bounds, Ian Mitchell, Shane Gamble & John Yaglenski

- Media Preview Event, Seven Dwarfs Mine Coaster

- Our first podcast fire

- 4 Parks / 1 Day - Christine's Adventure

- Shane Gamble's experience with Magic Bands, bad shoes, and the electric slide.

- PUSH contract not renewed - lots of bad jokes ensue.

- Fire at Voyage of the Little Mermaid

- #runICOT updates, thanks for the charity suggestions.  John is leaning towards running Marathon Weekend in support of Thyroid Cancer Awareness but we are still looking for a site charity.

- Shane Gamble Live in the INTERCOT Studio!  Performs "Turn My Way" - available on Itunes, Amazon, XBox music and all major online stores.

- Shane is doing a pledge drive on Pledge Music right now.  For only $10, you can preorder his upcoming album including the song "Beautiful Work".  Visit and for more info!

- Just about had it with Winter!

- Flower and Garden Festival "Outdoor Kitchens"

- Flower Power Concert Series - Our annual singing and we fail miserably.  And for the record, it wasn't Giorgio Moroder, it was Jacques Morali, a French composer.  John is psyched - The Alan Parsons Project is coming!

- Shane Gamble comes back and plays "Beautiful Work" - an amazing new track from his upcoming CD. We ALL get the sentiment! Mel made her pledge while Shane was singing.

- Jammin' Jungle parade going bye bye

- New MK Parade - Festival of Fantasy (the floats and costumes look fantastic)

- Bounds, James Bounds

- Flower Power Concert Series

- Take it or leave it - Queue Waits 30 minutes or longer.  Ian says No, No! Christine says Take It!  Mel says NO! Christine says, no big deal - Take It!  John says Take It!

- Paris gets Ratatouille Inspired Area/Ride. Sounds interesting. Will similar attractions come to other parks?

- We talk about potential rides and attractions for Epcot and what might fit in.

- Welcome Home John!

- John Henson's passing


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Episode 59 - The Line For Goofy Was Too Long

January 29th, 2014

The Cast: John, Mel, Carol, Christine & Ian

- John's illness and why we were away so long
- Some of lifes best memories have happened at Disney World
- #RunICOT - Marathon Weekend
- The line for goofy was too long:
- Ian's Trip
- Staying at the Swan/Dolphin
- MyMagic+ - The ups and downs, the good and the bad
- Take It or Leave It - Tables in Wonderland
- Universal Announcements
- Spiced Road Table opens at Epcot
- Downtown Disney West Side – House of Blues New Smokehouse
- Disneyland Walts Footsteps
- SPOILER ALERTS - Saving Mr. Banks & Frozen
- Carol looses it on Main Street
- Forget it he's rolling
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Episode 58 - Ian’s Got A Toque On, Gary’s Got The Anorak

January 2nd, 2014

The Cast: John Yaglenski, Gary O'Brien, Christine Warner, Ian Mitchell, Michael Montanez

Apologies in advance for audio issues - we had problems with the recording but didn't want to throw the episode away - which is one of the reasons it took so long to release...

- Ian's got a toque on, Gary's got the anorak.
- MyMagic+ Delayed according to the Orlando Sentinel.
- Ian's experiences and frustrations with the MyMagic+ App.
- What problem did this system solve?
- Is vacation planning becoming to much of a hassle.
- Christmas version of Reflections of Earth.
- Candlelight Processional.
- Another INTERCOT Consulting Idea!
- Michael goes to Hawaii and Disney's Aulani - and has the scoop for you!
- Diane Disney Miller passed away.
- Saving Mr. Banks.
- Frozen.
- Take It or Leave It - Water Parks! Gary says Take It - and just watches everyone having a good time while eating.  Michael says he doesn't do Water Parks or public pools - Leave It. Ian Takes It but he never goes anymore. Christine Takes the Water Parks and does the lazy river and bars. Take It - John likes the lazy river.
- Holiday Happenings @ the parks and resorts.
- Celebrating dead rides.
- Coast to Coast AM
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