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Episode 61 - Give ‘Em a ROY G BIV Pack

March 26th, 2014

The Cast - Christine Warner, Melanie Bounds, Ian Mitchell, John Yaglenski

- Guess Who reference gets us started

- New Festival of Fantasy parade - our twitter account killed it today with incredible shots. Follow us on twitter @intercot. Christine gives a complete rundown.

- See the full parade on our YouTube channel:

- Flower and Garden festival opens

- The Guess Who show was great!

- The Cheshire Cafe - White Chocolate Rabbit!

- John's blind auction story. Controversy follows him around.

- Water is gone in the Magic Kingdom.

- RunDisney and #runICOT events and the price of events.

- #runICOT is going to run to support THYCA ( and Thyroid Cancer Awareness and Survivors.  Registration will open April 22, 2014 at Noon EST for the Walt Disney World® Marathon Weekend! Details coming soon.

- Goodbye to a national hero - Wild Bill Guarnere from Band of Brothers.

- Take It or Leave It!  Turkey Legs and Bubble Gum.  Mel - Bubble Gum Yes, Turkey Legs No.  Christine - Turkey Legs and the sticks No, Bubble Gum Yes. Ian - Turkey Legs No, Gum No.  John - Turkey Legs No, Gum Yes.

- Travolta Screw Ups - Frozen.

- Rock Your Disney Side.

- Hub Reconfiguation - Big changes coming.

- Starbucks in Downtown Disney

- Star Wars Weekends and Special Fireworks!

- Fantasmic - How old is it? Can we get some HD projectors and new content?

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Episode 60 - The Trash Can Said Talk To My Agent

February 18th, 2014

The Cast: Christine Warner, Melanie Bounds, Ian Mitchell, Shane Gamble & John Yaglenski

- Media Preview Event, Seven Dwarfs Mine Coaster

- Our first podcast fire

- 4 Parks / 1 Day - Christine's Adventure

- Shane Gamble's experience with Magic Bands, bad shoes, and the electric slide.

- PUSH contract not renewed - lots of bad jokes ensue.

- Fire at Voyage of the Little Mermaid

- #runICOT updates, thanks for the charity suggestions.  John is leaning towards running Marathon Weekend in support of Thyroid Cancer Awareness but we are still looking for a site charity.

- Shane Gamble Live in the INTERCOT Studio!  Performs "Turn My Way" - available on Itunes, Amazon, XBox music and all major online stores.

- Shane is doing a pledge drive on Pledge Music right now.  For only $10, you can preorder his upcoming album including the song "Beautiful Work".  Visit and for more info!

- Just about had it with Winter!

- Flower and Garden Festival "Outdoor Kitchens"

- Flower Power Concert Series - Our annual singing and we fail miserably.  And for the record, it wasn't Giorgio Moroder, it was Jacques Morali, a French composer.  John is psyched - The Alan Parsons Project is coming!

- Shane Gamble comes back and plays "Beautiful Work" - an amazing new track from his upcoming CD. We ALL get the sentiment! Mel made her pledge while Shane was singing.

- Jammin' Jungle parade going bye bye

- New MK Parade - Festival of Fantasy (the floats and costumes look fantastic)

- Bounds, James Bounds

- Flower Power Concert Series

- Take it or leave it - Queue Waits 30 minutes or longer.  Ian says No, No! Christine says Take It!  Mel says NO! Christine says, no big deal - Take It!  John says Take It!

- Paris gets Ratatouille Inspired Area/Ride. Sounds interesting. Will similar attractions come to other parks?

- We talk about potential rides and attractions for Epcot and what might fit in.

- Welcome Home John!

- John Henson's passing


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Episode 59 - The Line For Goofy Was Too Long

January 29th, 2014

The Cast: John, Mel, Carol, Christine & Ian

- John's illness and why we were away so long
- Some of lifes best memories have happened at Disney World
- #RunICOT - Marathon Weekend
- The line for goofy was too long:
- Ian's Trip
- Staying at the Swan/Dolphin
- MyMagic+ - The ups and downs, the good and the bad
- Take It or Leave It - Tables in Wonderland
- Universal Announcements
- Spiced Road Table opens at Epcot
- Downtown Disney West Side – House of Blues New Smokehouse
- Disneyland Walts Footsteps
- SPOILER ALERTS - Saving Mr. Banks & Frozen
- Carol looses it on Main Street
- Forget it he's rolling
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Episode 58 - Ian’s Got A Toque On, Gary’s Got The Anorak

January 2nd, 2014

The Cast: John Yaglenski, Gary O'Brien, Christine Warner, Ian Mitchell, Michael Montanez

Apologies in advance for audio issues - we had problems with the recording but didn't want to throw the episode away - which is one of the reasons it took so long to release...

- Ian's got a toque on, Gary's got the anorak.
- MyMagic+ Delayed according to the Orlando Sentinel.
- Ian's experiences and frustrations with the MyMagic+ App.
- What problem did this system solve?
- Is vacation planning becoming to much of a hassle.
- Christmas version of Reflections of Earth.
- Candlelight Processional.
- Another INTERCOT Consulting Idea!
- Michael goes to Hawaii and Disney's Aulani - and has the scoop for you!
- Diane Disney Miller passed away.
- Saving Mr. Banks.
- Frozen.
- Take It or Leave It - Water Parks! Gary says Take It - and just watches everyone having a good time while eating.  Michael says he doesn't do Water Parks or public pools - Leave It. Ian Takes It but he never goes anymore. Christine Takes the Water Parks and does the lazy river and bars. Take It - John likes the lazy river.
- Holiday Happenings @ the parks and resorts.
- Celebrating dead rides.
- Coast to Coast AM
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Episode 57 - Really Realistic Swirling Animals

October 28th, 2013

The Cast: John Yaglenski, Melanie Bounds, Gary O'Brien, Christine Warner, Ian Mitchell

- We learn what SNOAP is... who knew and then it leads to talk about the weather.
- Ian starts asking TOO MANY QUESTIONS.
- Changes coming to Animal Kingdom with new Avatar Themed Land and Discovery River Nighttime Show!  We try to figure out where exactly this will be taking place.
- We look forward to Disney's Animal Kingdom being open at night. 
- Enough about the Lands.
- John's Trip to The Disney Worlds and his MyMagic+ Experience
- He liked the room key, he liked the paying with your band but hated the preplanning & fastpass experience. Ended up not using scheduled times at all.
- MyMagic+ for dining at Be Our Guest - got John to try something he woulnd't have otherwise and was a good experience.
- Christine has worries for local guests.
- John is hopeful the system will be tweaked before wide rollout.
- False start.
- Parking lot views, still no sugar free syrup at the kona (COME ON!), John says just get the plain coffee, sushi chefs have moved.
- RFID paper cups. Ian claims John made this up and Mel's head is about to pop off!
- Starbucks - AWESOME!
- Universal & Simpsons Area
- INTERCOT's Take It or Leave It - Character Meals. Mel says take it unless it's Chef Mickeys. Gary says it's situational but take it.  Ian takes it - always a highlight. Christine says leave it - hates the hustle and bustle of it all. John says leave it now - kids are grown.
- Glow with the Show debuts.
- Main Street bypass & hotel pools.
- The crew laments the demise of Epcot attractions.
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Episode 56 - Go To Disneyland!

October 1st, 2013

The INTERCOT Insider Live Disney Podcast
The Cast: Melanie Bounds, Christine Warner, Carol Robert, Gary O'Brien & John Yaglenski

- Harry Met Sally - John is turning in his man card.
- The Girls went to Disneyland last podcast and tell their story.
- Christine is blown away by Cars Land and how textured and layered Disneyland is.
- Lots of crying there - Carol talks about Main Street and Christine teared up over the headboards
- Disney's America shout out - stupid rich people of Virginia
- Run Disney left coast style and it was a hot mess according to Christine. Mel had less issues.
- The Fresh Prince literally lives in Bel-Air
- Christine was confused by Toad and said - Don't do drugs!
- Glow with the show coming to WDW
- Pal Mickey
- Take it or League It?
- New Take it or Leave It Theme!  SO AWESOME!!! Tonite's topic - Paying for a specific resort view. Carol says - Take It... it's only money! Gary agrees with Carol - and says Take It too! Christine says Take It as well. Mel says in general - Leave It cause we're cheap! John finally gets to go and says LEAVE IT!
- John wants socks every day
- We try to connect with Maria K from the INTERCOT boards who gives us her first hand experiences with MyMagicBand+.  She wonders how you might be able to ride with local friends or family who can't use the bands once the old FastPass system is gone. Park hopping is discouraged by the way things are set up.  What happens if a ride is closed or down due to inclement weather? Do you get that one of your 3 passes back?  Wrist band key and payment wise, there is a lot to like.  Maria proves John right - NO ONE will cancel their fast passes and put them back into the system. INTERCOT Consulting says - BLING - bump and transfer your fast passes to someone else.
- Quick hit topics... Starbucks at Fountainview is now open. No seating - grab and go.  Some coming to Downtown Disney as well.
- California Grill Re-Opens 
- Princess Fairytale Hall opening as well
- Gary's Random Tips - Wet Towels
- #RT4AT - ReTweet for a Tee - to celebrate the final month of ICOT 15.
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Episode 55 - And We’re Out Of Ideas

September 2nd, 2013

Show notes coming soon!

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Episode 54 - Lightning and Flash Cubes

August 20th, 2013

The Cast: Carol Robert, Christine Warner, Ian Mitchell, John Yaglenski

- INTERCOT Insider Magic Recording Our Way.
- It's back to school time. Schools heading back early.
- John's never wanted to buy DVC more after his trip to Hilton Head.
- Trip Report from Disney's Hilton Head Resort - TOTALLY RELAXING!
- Christine's stay at the Treehouse Villas.
- Ian mentions his stay in the castle.
- Imagination Rehab?  Odd signs point to the possiblity.
- Euphamisms for thunderstorms
- Take It or Leave It - Extra Magic Hours.  Still waiting on a creative original theme song - it's up to you people! Disney World leave it, Disneyland take it says Carol. Christine says leave it - they leave you for dead. John says if he's alone - leave it but with the family - take it - but overall leave it. Ian says leave it.  The final score Leave it 3.5, Take it .5
- INTERCOT events & meets 
- Discussion of Curbs in the Magic Kingdom
- Fastpass+
- Amazon Prime Moment
- K Cups Discussion
- Take It or Leave It feedback
- Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party
- Magical Journey's can handle all your Disney Specials!
- INTERCOT Cruise - Beginning of Summer - 2014?
- Park Schedules & Closures
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Episode 53 - It’s A Snoozer

July 25th, 2013

INTERCOT Insider Live Podcast Episode 53
It’s a Snoozer!
The Cast: Melanie Bounds, Ian Mitchell, Christine Warner & John Yaglenski

- We hit all of our crutches out of the chute
- Transformers Opens and we were there – Christine says its great but likes Spiderman better
- Simpson yourself, Rock the Universe, King Kong coming back @ Universal
- Disney’s Hollywood Studios rumors -left side of the park gone? Where would Osborne Lights go?  Expansion of Star Wars Brand. 2018?
- Where is Avatarland?
- Pairing down our collectibles - seems like most of us have stopped collecting. Clutter and the soft collectibles market.
- Starbucks in Main Street - INTERCOT approved minus the loss of the chocolate cake.
- Christine is over Limited Time Magic
- INTERCOT’s Take It or Leave It!  Where is out theme people? Attractions / Rides on both coasts.  Christine likes originality and says Leave It.  Ian does’t have a strong opinon but says Take It! Melanie wants to Leave It - and like Christine likes going to different parks just to see attractions. John splits the panel and says Take It!
- Thanks to our 2 listeners
- INTERCOT Kid’s shirts
- John is heading to Disney’s Hilton Head and will be reporting on it!
- Disneyland Tinkerbell Half Marathon and 10k added
- MagicBand discussion and accessories.  John may be coming around.  Wants a watch add-on to make the bands useful in day to day life. Ian just about loses it - take us to ludicrous speed! He then admits - John is on to something.  Another great idea from INTERCOT Consulting.
- Galaxy Quest and Space Balls references both in one episode
- Halloween time at Disneyland Resort
- Grand Floridian Villas - Christine says looks lovely.

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Episode 52 - Not The Sun But The Moon Princess ImaLamma

July 1st, 2013

The INTERCOT Insider Live Podcast Episode 52 - Not The Sun But The Moon Princes ImaLama The Cast: Melanie Bounds, Carol Robert, Christine Warner, Ian Mitchell, John Yaglenski

- We Talk About The Weather - How Original. Andrea storm and music.

- 24 Hour Monstrous Summer Kickoff and review.

- Park Ticket price increases - $5 more for Magic Kingdom, Universal Prices.

- Universal unveils Transformers Ride & Simpson's Springfield.

- Grand Floridian DVC on sale, Ian sells his DVC.

- Debate on using points for cruises.


- Talk of the space time continuum.

- Take it or Leave it - per Carol... Disney Buses: Carol says it's three fold but currently, it's Leave It! Christine says Take 'Em because you can and sit down. Ian Leaves It.  Mel says pretty much - Leave It! John says Leave It and use the Rental Car and coins a new term, my "patience is out the wall".

- Discussion about Boats vs. Buses.  There's SPIDERS!

- Muppets Down a month, Jungle Cruise as well

-  Track Completed at the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train in New Fantasyland

- A Pirate’s Adventure: Treasures of the Seven Seas has officially set sail at Magic Kingdom Park.  Christine says the game has issues

- Wii U Tour

- Sent from my iPad?  WHO CARES!  Change it to -- my favorite Disney website is!  Viral marketing.  Do it now!

- Star Wars Weekends - Hyperspace Hoopla is phenominal.  See it on Princess ImaLama

- Character spot in Epcot

- Spaceship Earth Twinkle Lights

- INTERCOT's DMOD (Disney Music On Demand) gets a mention

- New Ice Cream Shop - one scoop, two scoops... get out of the line!

- Starbucks in the Magic Kingdom - it's gonna be okay.

- #RunICOT

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