Episode 76 - Christmas in April

April 12, 2015
INTERCOT Insider Live Disney Podcast
Episode 76 - Christmas in April
The Cast: Christine Warner, Cindy Jachrimo, Gary O'Brien, Ian Mitchell, Melanie Bounds, John Yaglenski

- Trader Sams/Poly villas & bungalows premiere, Tiki finally in lobby.
- Mel's Trip Report/Poly info - Be Our Guest Breakfast, The Hub.
- Relay for Life April 17 in Celebration, Florida - Donate $25 or more before April 17 and be entered to win one of two Fantasyland Lithographs. DONATE HERE: http://main.acsevents.org/goto/levelbest
- Disney Springs Boathouse & Steaks, Amphibicar rides, Sushi at Splitsville.
- Take it or leave it - $2k a Night Stay @ the Polynesian Bungalos - Leave it across the board. Canada needs to get an alternate theme song version in. We're very needy.
- Pedro's South of the Border talk
- Universal - John (the comparison to Disneyland is inevitable), the stay, the rides, the hotels etc.
- Woman Denied Entry At Disney’s Magic Kingdom For Trying To Bring In Baby Bengal Tiger (we have our doubts)
- Christine's Cruise Report (tip: book a smaller ship)
- Disney now a bank?  Have you seen where Disney is doing their own savings club for vacations?
- Selfie Sticks ban
- John missing the Fonz
- #runICOT 2016 registrations are coming up http://www.intercot.com/news/runicot
- The INTERCOT party house

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