Episode 7 - Mark My Words, Never Again

January 7, 2011

The Cast: Melanie Bounds, Ian Mitchell, Gary Obrien, , Nanci Rossetti, John Yaglenski

Nanci From Magical Journeys

Specials for the New Year
- Kids Stay and Play Free
- Winter Spring Offer
- Late Winter Offer

Disney Dream Launching
- Nanci's going & for the record
- Onboard credits for Dream cruises
- If Disney wants to invite the INTERCOT Insider Staff - we are so there!
- Ian's mom blew $1300 this morning
- Ian wants to know how does Disney Cruise compare and is the extra cost worth it?
- General Cruise Line Discussion

Ian & John @ Disney in December
- Last minute plane tickets $2500 and crappy rental car
- Ian goes first... and attempts to keep things brief (right)
- Bay Lake Towers, property and location fantastic
- Lovin' Disney during the holidays
- Gary, don't give Disney marketing any ideas...
- Osborne Lights & Candlelight Processional
- Parks were mobbed - flat attendance?
- Manta evacuated - stuck on lift hill @ Sea World
- Peak of the Peak - 240 minute wait for Soarin'
- Mark My Words - NEVER AGAIN
- Ians incredibly long boat ride to the Studios
- Toy Story Mania - Ian's here to dominate!
- The John & Ian show

Holiday Decorations @ Fort Wilderness - a hidden gem
- Nanci spent 2 nights just driving around
- Ian says Celebration is a good get away to look at lights too

John's Trip to Disney
- Went the week between Christmas & New Years
- Who is going to wait an hour to go on Figment - instead the horribly outdated Captain EO
- John is frustrated with pricing - pushing $70 for lunch for 4
- Gary thinks there is a disconnect between the average Joe and a Disney vacation

Prison Guards @ Magic Kingdom Restaurants
- Touch screen ordering is a seriously flawed user experience
- Checkpoint Charlie to get in and just sit down. No food, no sit.
- Another boneheaded bean counter move that ruins the user experience

John's not impressed with Pooh Queue interactive elements
- He likes the design and blending with fantasyland though
- Where do I get fast passes?

2011 Predictions
- Ian predicts queue disaster at Haunted Mansion
- Mel would like more attention to Hollywood Studios and a new ride
- John says the interactive queues continue - and Hyperion Wharf will be a disappointment
- Gary will be celebrating... something

Universal's IOA hit capacity for the first time ever
- Universal Express cost the most it did all year @ $89 a person
- Had to wait till 11pm to get in Wizarding World and even then 90 minutes to get on the ride

SeaWorld was a great alternative on New Year's eve day and is a great value for your dollar

Don't miss "Disaster" featurning an incredible hologram of Christopher Walken

Dinner @ Eleven located at the Reunion Resort
- Great view, great food, romantic and intimate


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