Episode 3 - We’re Going To Disney World!

October 26, 2010

Laggy Gary
- get this episode up quickly in case the Phillies loose - and they did.

Downtown Disney Redevelopment / Demolition
- Nautical Theme Coming?
- Where do we go for nighttime entertainment?
- Welcome to the show Gary!  That is a big lag!
- The Hot Dog Hall of Fame… outsourced Redesign.

Disney Dining
- The Wave of American Flavors @ Disney’s Contemporary.
- The dining experience is very confusing and the food very average.  Bar is neat, the dining area looks like an upscale Denny’s.  Service was good though.  Give me a cheeseburger.
- Cosmic Rays Cheese Steaks are back and they’re not bad.  They use Cheese Wiz or a melted cheese that looks and tastes like it!  That’s a cheesesteak??
- The Plaza – totally underrated.
- Mexico – La Cava del Tequila.  Finger foods and wares are excellent.
- Miniature Gift Cards – pop it on your wrist and swipe it around the Food & Wine Festival.
- Food & Wine festival.  Food is fantastic as is the Party For The Senses.

Favorite Epcot Pavilion
- Gary likes the United Kingdom/Rose & Crown – Fish & Chips.  Mel likes Japan – Dining and Sushi.  Who is the candy lady?  John likes the Land – Soarin’ and Living With The Land – disappointed in the new ending of Spaceship Earth.  Ian likes Mexico.  Pictures himself living there in the attraction.

It all comes back to the Dining Plan
- Italy, Mexico, Le Cellier
- Buffalo Wild Wings and ESPN Club.  Chicken Dingers.

Bus Incident caught on Video @ Disney Studios.  
- Guest allegedly threw his baby at the bus driver and attempted to strangle him.

Duffy Redux
- The great Duffy Conspiracy - Duffy never stopped being sold.  Only recently pulled him, gave him clothes and rebranded him Duffy.
- Ian thinks it’s an epic fail.  John pointed out he never saw more than 4-5 people in line for Duffy.

- Has become very vanilla and bland.
- We want to spend money but we’ve all cut back.
- Ian once bought so much he had to ship it home.

We’ve been having a GREAT TIME despite the Cranky-ness
- Despite picking on a few things, we all were enjoying our time there.  Things are in great shape, attendance in high, resorts & rooms are nice.  Love the Tronorail.  Cast Members are FANTASTIC!
- The Contemporary Grounds coffee is GOOD!

Bay Lake Towers
- Touring the property.  Ian already owns DVC there.
- The lost INSIDER tapes – our favorite resorts segment got erased next week.
- John likes the refurbished Contemporary Rooms.  Mickey head subtle pattern in the couch.
- Ian has a brick – not the ones John and Mel thought though located in back of the Contemporary.
- It IS called Top of the World – Ian was wrong.
- John sees matching towers eventually – to make it look less out of place.

The Inferno Barge Guy & his bunker
- Mel wishes he was unemployed (she doesn’t like Illuminations in the Reflections of Earth incarnation.
- Gary says Mel wants lasers

Ian gets NLCS tickets – to see the Phillies loose.

That’s a wrap live from the Contemporary Resort.


Episode 2 - Where Did The Imagination Go?

October 16, 2010

- Too Bad Bob Iger isn't here again tonight

Duffy Mania
- Duffy @ Epcot - Duffy Mania

- Duffy is brought to life
- The Disney Bear didn't catch on last time
- Can't get enough of that wonderful Duff-y
- Ian is ready to take Duffy on a trip
- Exploit the existing properties
- New fangled characters

Imagination Looses Sponsor
- Kodak departs Imagination - can you blame them?

- Who goes there anymore
- We used to love Imagination - The Neon Tunnel

Disney Phone Apps
- +1 for Mel's Seque - Disney Phone Apps
- Ride Hopper - wait time application for iPhone and Android - http://mobile.ridehopper.com
- Walt Disney World Wait times for iPhone

- WDW Dining App for iPhone - Ian likes to eat
- Official http://m.disneyworld.go.com mobile site - can we get rid of Go.com - Mel uses it all the time.

INTERCOT Meet Next Week
- INTERCOT Meet - Friday Oct 22 - 2pm Mexico La Cantina

Toy Story Mania
- Toy Story Mania line - he doesn't get it. Like riding thru Grandma's basement. He had a giant potato. John gets it - finally.
- New air gates slowing things down, no single rider line
- Your kids will beat you at games eventually
- Tangled Hair Spring? Photoshop that and get it on the site
- Ian's waiting for the Villain's Park

Question from Twitter on Social Media
- Twitter Question (@intercot) - Documenting your trip with social media, how much to you blog?
- We've lost Ian - come in Chopper 5
- Gary loves twittering - don't put this on the internet
- Ian's infected computer erased the original episode
- Don't eat it - I need to take a picture of that!!

Segment 2

The Disney Dining Plan
- Disney Dining Plan

- Gary's used quick service and full plan - lots of water & juice
- Nescapoop. Can we say poop?
- Ian's belly
- More Busier, Less Staff - Where's my sit-down breakfast?
- I don't want to plan & nothing's available
- We found Olivia's @ Old Key West
- Ian goes with the flow
- The Kona is always full

The Best Of
- The Best of: Restaurants - Gary: Big River Brewery (Rocket Red Ale); Ian: Chefs de France (Tuna fetish) ; Mel: O'hana ; John: California Grill or Kona
- Gary does a wicked Stitch
- Ian ate an Ostrich
- It's the drink that eats like a meal

Another Question from Twitter on Replacing Something
- What would you replace? Imagination, Entrance to Epcot, Bring back Horizons, Communicore, Whatever - Mel? Country Bears?
- Duffy's Everywhere!
- Cut your hair on Main Street?

Interactivity in the Parks
- Haunted Mansion Queue - Interactivity? Pooh? Space Mountain, Spaceship Earth... Ian's old school.
- John does Roz
- +1 for Mel - stepping out to the left

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Episode 1 - Part 2: The INTERCOT Insider Live

October 1, 2010

Disney Press Event
- Ian uploaded his story to the Disney Memories site. Yes, he stayed in the Castle.
- Gary thinks it's like watching other people's vacation slides and who wants to do that.
- Disney's Gary O'Brien
- Everything's a Celebration
- BTW, it's WDW's 39th Birthday, not 40 (our mistake)
- We love the Electrical Water Pageant
- You got a brick, I got a brick
- Destination D

Fantasyland Expansion (FLE)
- Double Dumbo
- The Dreaded Fire Mountain
- Disney Hotel @ National Harbor

Universal and Harry Potter
- Disney is being out Disneyed
- Harry Potter & The Forbidden Journey - We saw it coming years ago
- Have the Butterbeer AFTER you go on the ride
- Theming
- Ian's an old man

We've gone way over time
- It all comes back to beer.

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Episode 1 - Part 1: The INTERCOT Insider Live

October 1, 2010

Food and Wine Festival
- 15 Beers for 15 Years.
- New kiosks - Belgum, Singapore & South Korea.
- New restaurant @ Mexico
- Sam Adams Special Brew?
- Join our Tweets @intercot

Disney During the Holidays
- ICOT's Birthday #13
- Villans
- Costumes
- Universal Halloween Horror Nights / Hallowscream

- Doors Being Added
- The Great Tram Controversy

Fanatical Disney Fans
- The Scrims are ruining my trip
- Tomorrowland Music Loop
- Tom Morrow
- Tomrrowland Transit Authority Peoplemover

Cranky Disney Geeks
- Once in a life vacation
- Nostalgia or Obsessive?
- The Layers of a Disney Vacation (Ian loves Mickey Ears)
- The Luxury Guide to Walt Disney World
- It all comes back to beer
- Disney Dining Plan - It's a whole other show