Episode 3 - We’re Going To Disney World!

October 26, 2010

Laggy Gary
- get this episode up quickly in case the Phillies loose - and they did.

Downtown Disney Redevelopment / Demolition
- Nautical Theme Coming?
- Where do we go for nighttime entertainment?
- Welcome to the show Gary!  That is a big lag!
- The Hot Dog Hall of Fame… outsourced Redesign.

Disney Dining
- The Wave of American Flavors @ Disney’s Contemporary.
- The dining experience is very confusing and the food very average.  Bar is neat, the dining area looks like an upscale Denny’s.  Service was good though.  Give me a cheeseburger.
- Cosmic Rays Cheese Steaks are back and they’re not bad.  They use Cheese Wiz or a melted cheese that looks and tastes like it!  That’s a cheesesteak??
- The Plaza – totally underrated.
- Mexico – La Cava del Tequila.  Finger foods and wares are excellent.
- Miniature Gift Cards – pop it on your wrist and swipe it around the Food & Wine Festival.
- Food & Wine festival.  Food is fantastic as is the Party For The Senses.

Favorite Epcot Pavilion
- Gary likes the United Kingdom/Rose & Crown – Fish & Chips.  Mel likes Japan – Dining and Sushi.  Who is the candy lady?  John likes the Land – Soarin’ and Living With The Land – disappointed in the new ending of Spaceship Earth.  Ian likes Mexico.  Pictures himself living there in the attraction.

It all comes back to the Dining Plan
- Italy, Mexico, Le Cellier
- Buffalo Wild Wings and ESPN Club.  Chicken Dingers.

Bus Incident caught on Video @ Disney Studios.  
- Guest allegedly threw his baby at the bus driver and attempted to strangle him.

Duffy Redux
- The great Duffy Conspiracy - Duffy never stopped being sold.  Only recently pulled him, gave him clothes and rebranded him Duffy.
- Ian thinks it’s an epic fail.  John pointed out he never saw more than 4-5 people in line for Duffy.

- Has become very vanilla and bland.
- We want to spend money but we’ve all cut back.
- Ian once bought so much he had to ship it home.

We’ve been having a GREAT TIME despite the Cranky-ness
- Despite picking on a few things, we all were enjoying our time there.  Things are in great shape, attendance in high, resorts & rooms are nice.  Love the Tronorail.  Cast Members are FANTASTIC!
- The Contemporary Grounds coffee is GOOD!

Bay Lake Towers
- Touring the property.  Ian already owns DVC there.
- The lost INSIDER tapes – our favorite resorts segment got erased next week.
- John likes the refurbished Contemporary Rooms.  Mickey head subtle pattern in the couch.
- Ian has a brick – not the ones John and Mel thought though located in back of the Contemporary.
- It IS called Top of the World – Ian was wrong.
- John sees matching towers eventually – to make it look less out of place.

The Inferno Barge Guy & his bunker
- Mel wishes he was unemployed (she doesn’t like Illuminations in the Reflections of Earth incarnation.
- Gary says Mel wants lasers

Ian gets NLCS tickets – to see the Phillies loose.

That’s a wrap live from the Contemporary Resort.


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