Episode 1 - Part 2: The INTERCOT Insider Live

October 1, 2010

Disney Press Event
- Ian uploaded his story to the Disney Memories site. Yes, he stayed in the Castle.
- Gary thinks it's like watching other people's vacation slides and who wants to do that.
- Disney's Gary O'Brien
- Everything's a Celebration
- BTW, it's WDW's 39th Birthday, not 40 (our mistake)
- We love the Electrical Water Pageant
- You got a brick, I got a brick
- Destination D

Fantasyland Expansion (FLE)
- Double Dumbo
- The Dreaded Fire Mountain
- Disney Hotel @ National Harbor

Universal and Harry Potter
- Disney is being out Disneyed
- Harry Potter & The Forbidden Journey - We saw it coming years ago
- Have the Butterbeer AFTER you go on the ride
- Theming
- Ian's an old man

We've gone way over time
- It all comes back to beer.

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