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Episode 70: The Bathroom Button

November 2, 2014
The INTERCOT Insder Podcast Live - Episode 70
The Bathroom Button!
The Cast: John, Cindy, Michael, Mel, Christine, Gary and special guest Shawn Kendrot developer of Disney Expedition

Disney Expedition App:

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The Bathroom Button! Pure Magic! Walking Directons too!

Toy Story Mania Experiement with no stand by

Segue into John’s Trip - Taking a trip is too complicated

Free Dining isn’t Free

Sea World lets you choose 

Universal Experience was great

Overbooking of MNSSHP

Michael’s Gay Days Adventures: Crazy crowded, but still not too crowded

Too bad DL and WDW aren’t part of the same company

Take It or Leave It: Guided Tours: Gary: Take it. Especially with Segways because machines, Cindy: Take it, when your children are appropriately aged, Michael: Take ‘em. Though he’d rather spend his money on booze, Christine: Leave it. She’s one and done. Walt’s Footsteps was all she needs, Mel:  Take it. But she’s never done one in Florida because of her kids’ ages (at the time), Shawn: Take it. They are planning on it, but kids are still young, John:  Take it. But he remembers some old obscure one that no one else remembers while in a cherry churro haze. Took the Behind the Seeds Tour on a lark. 

Viking boats trucked out the day after Maelstrom closed

Frozen ride budget still a nice $60 million

How long will this take?

Soarin’ is adding another theater but… will it go down while Maelstrom is retro-fitted to Frozen?

Soarin’ around the world

Lumberjack show - Everyone hates it

Haunted Mansion Tour very cool

We have tons of photos, check them out on all the feeds

The Four Seasons—So amazing, so spoiled. Cindy is spoiled now

Octopus burger traumatizes children

Still working things out, but overall it’s pretty great