INTERCOT Insider Live - Disney Podcast

Episode 67: Blow It Up For Me Again James!

August 30, 2014
The Cast: Melanie Bounds, Christine Warner, Cindy Jachrimo, Gary O'Brien, Todd McCartney & John Yaglenski

- Back to School time!

- Robin Williams. His Life, his legacy, his Disney connection.

- The awkward transitions to our interview with Todd McCartney, The Horizons video restoration. Ecommerce in 1994.  Disney Rumors back in the day. website.  Movie nights! Converting and restoring video and film.  The Mickey Mouse Review! Mom threw away my park maps and tickets. Retro is a sliding scale.  The Wave machine in the Seven Season Lagoon. Backup, Backup, Backup

- Canada is kind of a big deal!

- Take It or Leave It! Special Events @ Resorts. Todd takes it.  Melanie loves the blowing up of the screen and is fascinated by it - otherwise leave it. Cindy says take it!  Christine absolutely takes it - so much to do.  Gary says take it as does John.  Final score ALL to Mel.

- Retro WDW Film Fest - totally need to do it!

- Eat at the Star Wars Cantina Bar... rumors for Disney's Hollywood Studios. What's possible, what would we like to see?

- Forsaken Epcot

- Frozen stuff.  John has actually seen the movie and LIKED IT! 

- Disney fan sites causing Frozen ride in Norway to happen... John has to laugh at that suggestion.  Just not the case. Pulse check, maybe but moving the needle on making something happen, Uh - No.

- Target twice in a day.  Whoa.  John has an unhealthy obsession with Target watches.

- 400 gallons of blue paint turned SeaBase Alpha into an abyss.

- The hidden sites on INTERCOT.  

- There needs to be a new master plan of Epcot, and complete rethinking of the park from top to bottom.  Cohesion is sorely lacking and the park is dying. Things are very disconnected.

- On Ride Videos - included in Memory Maker.

- Comic Book and Marvel updates

- Villains Event