INTERCOT Insider Live - Disney Podcast

Episode 66 - Crabby John Has Spoken

August 11, 2014

The INTERCOT Insider Live: Episode 66
Crabby John Has Spoken
The Cast: Cindy Jackrimo, Michael Montanez, Melanie Bounds, Ian Mitchell & John Yaglenski

Cindy joins the podcast for the first time

Have you been to the park for the opening ceremony?  John's kids have opened the Magic Kingdom

Mel just got back from Disney World.  Found the parks crowded in July - whoda thunk.  Stayed at Caribbean Beach.  Stayin Alive Canada meet.

Michael tries not to go past the Mississippi in the summer

Opening day at Diagon Alley and Mel was there.  Her experiences.

Cindy stays at Cabana Bay Beach Resort @ Universal Orlando and gives us a review.  There is a lazy river at a value resort! Cup sensors in use there too.


Take it or Leave it - Refillable Mugs. Melanie says take it. Cindy says leave it.  Ian says leave it.  John says leave it.

Tervis Tumblers

Photos taken and sent to your account in the parks without you asking.

Magic Bands should include pedometers and GPS.

Should be a fastpass line for parking.

Why don't magicbands auto add the AP discount? Instead you need a license and a separate card.

Fast Pass for standby lines - our collective heads are going to explode.

Richard Petty Driving Experience and Cars Experience.  Cindy attended on behalf of the site.

Armed Forces Salute renewed again!

Frozen on board Disney Cruise line *(except the Dream)

Once Upon a Time on ABC

New Haunted Mansion Shop on the way.

Pin Collecting? Are you still doing it after all these years?

What did we learn?  Going to do this every two weeks & crabby John has spoken. Don't buy mugs unless you are Mel.  Mel hates this segment.  Ian learned Mel is crabby when we do what did we learn.  John learned it's Arendelle.