INTERCOT Insider Live - Disney Podcast

Episode 64 - Fonz Solo

June 7, 2014

 The Cast: Ian Mitchell, Melanie Bounds, Gary O'Brien & John Yaglenski
 Preshow: Ian is a crabby, crabby man.
 - Let's learn about International Bitterness Units
 - That's then, this is now. We recorded last week but posted it this week and we're now recording again this week.
 - Intercot Bitterness Units-Episode 63 was grouchy. John was going to edit it down but he left it to be true to the way people feel about things sometimes.
 - Mel's trip around Easter-Problems with linking in My Disney Experience/My Magic Plus
 - MDE/MMP guest relations, at least, are still good-very friendly, kind.
 - When it works, MDE/MMP/Photo pass are great!
 - Bands are wasteful, but you can totally match them with your outfit
 - Ian refuses to be negative. Manages to be negative about being negative.
 - Ian tells a completely hypothetical story about how you might miss a FP time and don't use a FP you lose it. Can't use another.
 - Mel feels the Easter crowd stories are exaggerated. Ian disagrees. No one surprised.
 - Gaston is great at everything
 - Christine and Mel's Beer Adventure in EPCOT
 - Vero Beach-what to do around town
 - Beach vacations, take it or leave it?
 - Two week vacations. Worth it? Oh yeah.
 - Mel's great Animal Kingdom Adventure. Huge build up for nooks and crannies.
 - DAK has some nice spots. No matter what they do Ian won't go.
 - Ian doesn't let the family go to AK.
 - Eat to the beat . Singing.
 - Take it or leave it: Using FP for character meets. Gary: Bitterly leaves it. Ian: Gives some weird past story of some video about 1972 that Ian shares, blah blah blah. After 25 minutes of a story he leaves it. Mel: Takes it! She would totally do it, despite John's shock. She'd do it to see Anna and Elsa. Aladdin. John: The correct answer is.Leave it. Not wasting an FP on it. John forces us out of the segment by playing the music
 - New Tinkberbell greeting.
 - The Kitchen Sink has moved beyond Beaches and Cream at three places I couldn't hear because connection crapped out.
 - Mickey's sink pants, take it or leave it?
 - Ian and Mel are not fans of sharing food.
 - Dole Whips at AK
 - Where is the refreshment stand by the Tiki Room? John and Mel have a very intense discussion about how to get very specific refreshments into the Tiki Room with them.
 - Starbucks in DTD.
 - Castaway Cay Run Disney Challenge
 - RunICOT-We'll all be there. Events are all almost all full, but Cheer ICOT is all open.
 - Back to Castaway Cay-John explains. Half and full marathon still open, 5 and 10K only open via large charities.
 - Holiday party tickets on sale.
 - Gary bores everyone with comic book stuff.
 - Fonz Solo
 - John's smoke detector is connected to Skynet.
 - Ian closes the show by complaining. No one is surprised.
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