INTERCOT Insider Live - Disney Podcast

Episode 57 - Really Realistic Swirling Animals

October 28, 2013
The Cast: John Yaglenski, Melanie Bounds, Gary O'Brien, Christine Warner, Ian Mitchell

- We learn what SNOAP is... who knew and then it leads to talk about the weather.
- Ian starts asking TOO MANY QUESTIONS.
- Changes coming to Animal Kingdom with new Avatar Themed Land and Discovery River Nighttime Show!  We try to figure out where exactly this will be taking place.
- We look forward to Disney's Animal Kingdom being open at night. 
- Enough about the Lands.
- John's Trip to The Disney Worlds and his MyMagic+ Experience
- He liked the room key, he liked the paying with your band but hated the preplanning & fastpass experience. Ended up not using scheduled times at all.
- MyMagic+ for dining at Be Our Guest - got John to try something he woulnd't have otherwise and was a good experience.
- Christine has worries for local guests.
- John is hopeful the system will be tweaked before wide rollout.
- False start.
- Parking lot views, still no sugar free syrup at the kona (COME ON!), John says just get the plain coffee, sushi chefs have moved.
- RFID paper cups. Ian claims John made this up and Mel's head is about to pop off!
- Starbucks - AWESOME!
- Universal & Simpsons Area
- INTERCOT's Take It or Leave It - Character Meals. Mel says take it unless it's Chef Mickeys. Gary says it's situational but take it.  Ian takes it - always a highlight. Christine says leave it - hates the hustle and bustle of it all. John says leave it now - kids are grown.
- Glow with the Show debuts.
- Main Street bypass & hotel pools.
- The crew laments the demise of Epcot attractions.