INTERCOT Insider Live - Disney Podcast

Episode 56 - Go To Disneyland!

October 1, 2013
The INTERCOT Insider Live Disney Podcast
The Cast: Melanie Bounds, Christine Warner, Carol Robert, Gary O'Brien & John Yaglenski

- Harry Met Sally - John is turning in his man card.
- The Girls went to Disneyland last podcast and tell their story.
- Christine is blown away by Cars Land and how textured and layered Disneyland is.
- Lots of crying there - Carol talks about Main Street and Christine teared up over the headboards
- Disney's America shout out - stupid rich people of Virginia
- Run Disney left coast style and it was a hot mess according to Christine. Mel had less issues.
- The Fresh Prince literally lives in Bel-Air
- Christine was confused by Toad and said - Don't do drugs!
- Glow with the show coming to WDW
- Pal Mickey
- Take it or League It?
- New Take it or Leave It Theme!  SO AWESOME!!! Tonite's topic - Paying for a specific resort view. Carol says - Take It... it's only money! Gary agrees with Carol - and says Take It too! Christine says Take It as well. Mel says in general - Leave It cause we're cheap! John finally gets to go and says LEAVE IT!
- John wants socks every day
- We try to connect with Maria K from the INTERCOT boards who gives us her first hand experiences with MyMagicBand+.  She wonders how you might be able to ride with local friends or family who can't use the bands once the old FastPass system is gone. Park hopping is discouraged by the way things are set up.  What happens if a ride is closed or down due to inclement weather? Do you get that one of your 3 passes back?  Wrist band key and payment wise, there is a lot to like.  Maria proves John right - NO ONE will cancel their fast passes and put them back into the system. INTERCOT Consulting says - BLING - bump and transfer your fast passes to someone else.
- Quick hit topics... Starbucks at Fountainview is now open. No seating - grab and go.  Some coming to Downtown Disney as well.
- California Grill Re-Opens 
- Princess Fairytale Hall opening as well
- Gary's Random Tips - Wet Towels
- #RT4AT - ReTweet for a Tee - to celebrate the final month of ICOT 15.