INTERCOT Insider Live - Disney Podcast

Episode 54 - Lightning and Flash Cubes

August 20, 2013
The Cast: Carol Robert, Christine Warner, Ian Mitchell, John Yaglenski

- INTERCOT Insider Magic Recording Our Way.
- It's back to school time. Schools heading back early.
- John's never wanted to buy DVC more after his trip to Hilton Head.
- Trip Report from Disney's Hilton Head Resort - TOTALLY RELAXING!
- Christine's stay at the Treehouse Villas.
- Ian mentions his stay in the castle.
- Imagination Rehab?  Odd signs point to the possiblity.
- Euphamisms for thunderstorms
- Take It or Leave It - Extra Magic Hours.  Still waiting on a creative original theme song - it's up to you people! Disney World leave it, Disneyland take it says Carol. Christine says leave it - they leave you for dead. John says if he's alone - leave it but with the family - take it - but overall leave it. Ian says leave it.  The final score Leave it 3.5, Take it .5
- INTERCOT events & meets 
- Discussion of Curbs in the Magic Kingdom
- Fastpass+
- Amazon Prime Moment
- K Cups Discussion
- Take It or Leave It feedback
- Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party
- Magical Journey's can handle all your Disney Specials!
- INTERCOT Cruise - Beginning of Summer - 2014?
- Park Schedules & Closures