INTERCOT Insider Live - Disney Podcast

Episode 51 - Bring Back Old Cinderella

June 10, 2013

The Cast: Christine Warner, Michael Montanez, Ian Mitchell, Gary O'Brien & John Yaglenski

- Crazy Eddie's Chistmas in May

- Twitter rumours involving helecopters and Harrison Ford got out of control - of course not true.

- #RunICOT - Expedition Everest Challenge.  Christine said it didn't live up to last years event.

- Disney Parks to Kick Off a ‘Monstrous Summer’ With 24 Hours of Magic on Both Coasts. New parade in 2014.

- More cool merchandise is on the way - Duffy the Disney Bear Sully.

- Vinylmation jumping the shark?

- Limited Time Magic vs. Year of a Million Dreams and a Castle Stay Mention

- John gets our new segment Take It or Leave It!

- Update of Disney Magic - cool new stuff on the way.

- MonsterRail

- Time is now to update Reflections of Earth

- INTERCOT's Take It or Leave It - Limited Time Events.  John - Leave It, not a fan. Ian agrees with John - Leave It.  Michael is digging Limited Time Events and says Take It. Christine says Leave It - even locals don't have enough notice to make plans.  Gary says it's useless and Leaves It.  The tribe has spoken ant it's 4-1 Leave It.

- Ian's Trip Re-Cap