INTERCOT Insider Live - Disney Podcast

Episode 49 - Gotta Put The Gators Somewhere

April 12, 2013

The Cast: Christine, Carol, Melanie, Ian and John

- Big News, Disney Unveils Vision for Disney Springs

- Do you like the new name?

- The Dogs interrupt the show

- We go over the new layout of Downtown Disney

- DVC points going thru the roof! Visit the Timeshare Store!

- Mr Rogers, Captain Kangaroo and more

- Food Trucks at Downtown Disney?

- Why is there no place to go late at night in Disney? Besides Jellyrolls

- RFID Card exchanges

- Vera Bradley purses

- New minimum age for park entry

- January #runICOT event - April 9th registration opens

- Carol mocks John and his lack of reservation planning

- Best of Favorite Disney Movie.  Carol - Little Mermaid, Christine - Mary Poppins, Melanie - Pirates of the Carribean, Ian - Cars, John - The Lion King.

- We need a new recurring segment - we're running out of ideas

- Ian has not seen It's a Wonderful Life!

- Flower and Garden