INTERCOT Insider Live - Disney Podcast

Episode 44 - Sometimes You Have to Get Ugly to Be Pretty

December 23, 2012

Sometimes You Have To Get Ugly To Be Pretty

The Cast: Mel, Carol, Christine, Gary, Michael, Ian & John

- Cranky John in the house and Mel goes right after him

- Incandescent twinkle lights

- Fantasyland, the media event and Ian’s castle, Beer, Duffy and Disney Sea

- Test Track POV – catch it at

- Crazy new audio animatronic, yet the Yeti is still down

- Christine’s lunch review of Be Our Guest

- Discussion of food at Disney Parks

- Apparently Swatch still exists

- Michael wants supersized Dumbo

- Bathroom news!

- Tables in Wonderland huge price increase

- Food booths coming to Downtown Disney

- Capn’ Jack cupcake

- Tin Can Mel joins us for the second half – her headphones broke

- Best of things we’ve look forward to opening – did they live up to the hype! Mel chooses Soarin’.  Michael says Animal Kingdom and the glorious Yeti, Christine surprises us with a HOODA - the bleachers at Fantasmic, Gary says Animal Kingdom too, John goes with Epcot park opening. Ian goes with – wait for it – The Year of a Million Dreams and his Castle stay.

- We argue over the birthplace of aviation

- The customer service gate keepers that keep us from enjoying our vacation and life in general.  Michael & John share their experiences.