INTERCOT Insider Live - Disney Podcast

Episode 42 - The INTERCOT 15th Anniversary Celebration LIVE

November 9, 2012

The Cast: Mel, Carol, Christine, Ian, Gary, John

- Poolside at the Contemporary Resort & FrankenStorm.

- Ian and John go to Universal and Ian is Impressed. Butter Beer, Wizarding World, The Mummy and More.

- Friday's Events, we get a big surprise to start the day at the Magical Journey's Trivia Meet

- Happy Birthday to Lawrence – our youngest member.

- The order of the meets and another Birthday Celebration at Carousel of Progress

- Dinner was a festival of Meat. Bacon with a side of bacon.

- Revenge of the Dolls – we filled the whole queue & the fourth boat never returned.


- New Fantasyland – ride video on our YouTube channel

- Fireworks Meet in the Rose Garden and on to the Wave.

- INTERCOT Consulting Strikes again – The PartyRail

- Saturday Events, going backstage and the big event. We don’t care about the napkins but we need both crisp and floppy bacon.

- A few people got a second ride on Soarin’

- Great stroller race – it’s on video and should be coming soon to the YouTube channel. A testimonial for Strollers & Groceries. Great Service.

- Small World Mexico and Tequila.

- Gary’s Column and the column police.

- John almost ruins the surprise by buying a Helly Hanson sweatshirt.

- 2 gigs are not enough & Ian doesn’t know his Geography very well.

- Ice Cream Beer was a huge hit. Grey Goose Slushy?

- Peter Brady makes an appearance

- The evening meet at Norway. Duffy had a Red Bull.

- Jellyrolls

- Had to edit Ian and his suggested t-shirt idea

- INTERCOT’s Best Of – INTERCOT 15. The audience goes first. Ian says the entire time but gets called on that… so he goes with when John gets verclempt. Carol goes with the crowd being escorted to Soarin’. Mel picks the Star Tours meet. Christine’s favorite was meeting an INTERCOT follower who wasn’t at the meet. Gary says it’s the friends he hung out with and some he finally got to meet in person. John says it’s the members of INTERCOT and the event of a whole.

- And, we’re out…