INTERCOT Insider Live - Disney Podcast

Episode 41 - The Space Time Continuum

October 18, 2012

The INTERCOT Insider Live Episode 41 The Space Time Continuum The Cast: Melanie, Ian, Gary, Christine, John

- Chilly on the East Coast – We’re talking about weather?

- Smithsonian Magazine online had a great blog on Epcot & we discuss our love for the park and it’s problems - - Future World Fonts get a mention. Fireworks on the INTERCOT homepage.

- Christine in the Tower of Terror 10k –with pneumonia. Reports there were a few logistical issues.

- INTERCOT 15th Anniversary Celebration, YETI T-shirts fastest selling product ever.

- CapnTom is now on twitter @capntomicot

- Magic Shots coming via Photo Pass. The ghosts will appear in the photo

- What item is most photographed? Maybe a future best of.

- Seriously? A Castle mention? Again? Shut it.

- Characters moving and a Big Bird mention

- The Space Time Continuum

- Big Headed Epcot Dolls

- Best of Attraction Narrator - suggested by Biffco – Melanie enjoys Mark Twain – American Adventure. Ian – Paul Frees, Christine loves Patrick Warburton. Gary likes Gary Senesce in Mission Space. John says either Walter Cronkite or Jeremy Irons on Spaceship Earth.

- We come up with the next big Million Dollar Idea for Disney. Tip of the hat to INTERCOT Consulting Group LLC. Modern way to sell attraction music. It’s called DISNEY SHAZAM! Disney Music on Demand.

- More Castle talk. We’re not kidding. We think the stay in the castle should remain permanent

- Disneyland Happiness Year in Tokyo Disneyland

- Bitter Mel shows up yet again

- Characters in Flight new balloon

- Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom and new merchandise

- Storybook Circus

- Yeti Video? It’s a possibility