INTERCOT Insider Live - Disney Podcast

Episode 38 - A Porkstravaganza

September 4, 2012

The Cast: Ian, Melanie, Carol, Michael, Gary & John

- The singing starts early

- Celebrate the Magic - new night time show coming to Magic Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World.  Magic Memories and You going away.

- Ian cries at Finding Nemo the Musical - NOT MY DAD!

- The INTERCOT 15 and other assorted stuff.  Buy INTERCOT's single - the Yeti is Down on iTunes featuring Capn' Tom.

- Halloween Merchandise showing up in the parks.

- The INTERCOT Countdown Timer & INTERCOT's YouTube Channel.  We discuss video on the site.

- Splash Mountain leaving Extra Magic Hours

- Country Bears Shortening Show?  California Grill going down for lengthy rehab.

- The Be our Guest mess... advanced dining reservations. You're a resort guest and can't even eat at your own restaurant.

- Best of Resort Pool thanks to Tiggeria. Carol chooses the Polynesian. John recalls the pool back in the early days of Disney World, swimming in the 7 seas lagoon and the wave generator. Ian prefers Stormalong Bay. Mel goes with Corando Springs. Gary thinks the Wilderness Lodge is a good choice. Michael looks forward to the Monorail pool completion. John decides to go with the Contemporary circle pool for nostalgia reasons or any quiet pool at any resort.

- Enchanted Tales with Belle looks very cool. Ian is about 10 minutes behind.

- Frost Fairy Perriwinle coming to Disney Parks. Gary thinks she's hot.

- Phineas and Ferb & YOU: A Brand New Reality

- The Imagination Rainbow Tunnel - Mel and John share memories.

- Keep Moving Forward Epcot Segway Tour.  We suggest a level 200 class for those going for a second ride.

- Classic INTERCOT Podcast technical glitch. The deluge...

- Last Phase of Art of Animation Opening

- INTERCOT Fantasy Football League

- We salute Neil Armstrong - Prime - A Man on the Moon: