INTERCOT Insider Live - Disney Podcast

Episode 37 - The Ballad of the Yeti

August 16, 2012
The INTERCOT Insider Live Podcast
Episode 37 - The Ballad of the Yeti
The Cast: Melanie, Gary, Carol, Ian, John
Taped: 8/9/2012
- Fantasyland Grand Opening Announced December 6, 2012
- Does it seem like this has been going on forever?
- Cylon Mel appears - and Wreck It Ralph
- New Disney Mountain?
- Pete's Silly Sideshow
- Is it a ride, show or attraction?
- Country Bears Refurb - what could be done to update it?
- D23 Expo
- Sign up soon for the I-15 Special Events!
- Honey Boo-Boo & Creepy Dolls
- Four Corners is not Four Corners
- Ian suggests we do a Simpsons podcast
- The Ballad of the Yeti (The Yeti is Down)
- INTERCOT 15th Anniversary Celebration
- Food and Wine Festival (John sings AGAIN)
- Don't miss the staff of ICOT at Rising Star Karaoke at Universal Orlando Resort
- Food at the festival and booths
- INTERCOT's Best of from member Buttercup who suggested we do Best of Signage. Carol likes Walt's Quote at Disneyland, Ian prefers the Walt Disney World sign at the entrance roads, Melanie digs the Art of Animation, Gary says a sign at Boardwalk Resort is cool, John creeps us out with the Haunted Mansion.
- John says bring back the radio station you heard while approaching the entrance.
- Check out the fonts at
- Military Salute
- Pirates league at Disneyland
- Amazon PRIME Purchase - The Speakman S-2005-H Anystream Hotel Showerhead - $36
- The Yeti is Down (reprise)