INTERCOT Insider Live - Disney Podcast

Episode 33 - We Crank Because We Care

May 17, 2012

The INTERCOT Insider Live Podcast Episode 33 - We Crank Because We Care

The Cast: Ian, Melanie, Gary & John

- Unfortunately, we didn't make our deadline

- Sports talk starts the show and a Bake McBride reference

- John got sick

- NextGen latest rumors - cutting wait times?

- What's wrong with being spontaneous

- Was this really Walt's vision?

- Eisner's vision

- Levels of frustration & what's a vacation

- The Disney evangelists

- Do the people really want NextGen?

- The simplicity of an old theme park experience & Knobels Grove

- Crowds all the time

- Florida Orange Bird

- A hologram of Anita Bryant

- We rehash the merchandising debate and are hopeful of the direction clothing wise

- Poo poo and eating your words

- DVC @ Fort Wilderness, Gary has feelings - he says leave it alone

- STOLPort - check it out on Google Earth says Gary

- DVC in the parks?  Disney’s America mention

- Ian staying in the castle - AGAIN

- Staying in the Haunted Mansion & Haunted Mansion themed rooms?

- Mel stayed in a Pirates Room and gives a review

- Test Track refurb - the horrible Test Track All-Stars acapella group covering the closure.

- A clown making balloon animals would be more entertaining.

- John approves of the kerning in the new Test Track logo

- Gary suggests a cross promotion with the Shriners

- Thanks to @inbloomphoto who wanted to know - Best of Special Effects.  Ian loves Haunted Mansion, Gary’s a fan of the sense of smell - goes with scents such as Spaceship Earth and Soarin’, Melanie likes the Bride Room in the Haunted Mansion. John goes with the classic Peter Pan and flying over London.

- Ian suggests they stop firing movie people and fire the publicity department instead.

-Tom Hanks to play Walt Disney?

- Prime pick of the week from Gary - Jonah Man:

- Visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter