INTERCOT Insider Live - Disney Podcast

Episode 28 - The Changing of the Balloons

January 29, 2012

The Cast: Ian, Melanie, Michael & John

- Taping earlier tonite, Gary & Carol out earlier

- One More Disney Day - 24 Hours of Disney Magic.  Watch the balloons go from night time balloons to daytime balloons.

- Ian brings up staying in the castle - YET AGAIN.

- Reimagined Test Track headed to Epcot this fall.  How customized is customized, how interactive is interactive? Horizons & World of Motion mention.

- Magic, Memories & You - Valentines segment starts February 3.

- Disney Dream float out. Ian promises that if we get invited on a preview cruise, he will match that with a paid booking of his own!

- Marathon Weekend

- INTERCOT's Best Of - Hidden Mickeys.  Michael goes with Soarin in California.  Ian goes with the ballroom in the Haunted Mansion. Melanie goes with a hidden Mickey in Indiana Jones.  John goes with the bamboo in the stairwell at the Polynesian.  Send us your favorites in the podcast thread.

- Mel's Marathon Weekend - she did her very first 5k. Cylon Michael makes an appearance. We get off on a CES - Consumer Electronics Show tangent with the Transparent Smart Window - Ludwig Von Drake was out at the events - his first appearance supposedly ever.

- John says fix the Yeti - bring the people who designed Ka - the Cirque show in to get the job done.

- Wifi service extended into Moderate Resorts at the lobby and feature pools. Why is the big D so technically challenged.

- INTERCOT's Garys Column -

- Tidbits from Jason - Big Thunder queue to be revamped & other items.  Wine Bar @ Italy!

- Jolly Holiday Bakery & Electronica

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