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Entries from March 2015

Episode 75 - Addicted to Hummus

March 14th, 2015 · Comments

The Cast: Christine Warner, Michael Montanez, Melanie Bounds, John Yaglenski

- It's our 75th Anniversary - Diamond! 75 podcasts down the line.
- Daylight Saving Time RANT!
- Addicted to Hummus.
- Soarin & Toy Story Mania Expansion.
- INTERCOT Consulting - Apply Star Tours concept to Soarin'
- John finally saw Big Hero 6.
- Michael gets sassy with John - It's not a Spoiler!
- Segue Kings - on to Pirates refurb all summer long.
- Cinderella Review - Christine saw a preview. Lets hear from you on the forums.
- Run Disney Registration becoming tougher and tougher. 
- The Three Amigos Challenge
- Take It or Leave It - Ponchos! Mel yellow yes, clear no. Christine - Yes. Michael NO - refund my purchase. Cindy yes. John No.  That's 3-2 Leave it!
- New iPhone Show Your Disney Side App.
- The new hub in the Magic Kingdom.
- Monorails not going away.
- Aloha Isle & Sunshine Tree Terrace. How will this help with traffic?  Bring back the Grape Juice stand.
- Galactic Gathering Cost - YOU make the call.
- Madonna & Kylie Minogue, Weigh in.


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Episode 74 - There Is Something Wrong With Us

March 1st, 2015 · Comments

The INTERCOT Insider Disney Podcast
Episode 74 - There Is Something Wrong With Us!
The Crew: Cindy Jachrimo, Melanie Bounds, Ian Mitchell & John Yaglenski

- Epcot reference right off the bat.
- Missing but not missing the Oscars.
- Ticket Prices increase, break $100 for the first time.  Comparing other parks. Pass options. Non-Expiration option is gone.
- Annual passes for the water parks?  Didn't know they existed.
- Orlando becoming an upscale market?
- John's Trip.  4 hours refreshing the browser to find a room at the last minute. 
- All Star Movies started the stay. John thinks he has outgrown staying there. Likes AOA and Pop Century though.  Food court is still an issue.  Different lines for everything is a nightmare for a family.
- Day 1 to Epcot! Enjoyed LaCava and then moved on to Germany.  
- Day 2 to Universal. Warm Butterbeer is excellent!
- Day 3 random act of Disney kindness. To refresh the magic - take someone who hasn't gone to the park before with you. 
- John loved Monsieur Paul - one of the best meals he has ever had at Walt Disney World.
- The last 3 hours of John's vacation. What was supposed to be fun turned into a disappointing experience in crowd management and monorail maintenance. System needs some love. May be time to set aside some funds toward system upgrades.
- Speedway closing for transportation improvements.  Wondering if that means an improved guest experience into the Magic Kingdom parking lot?
- Can't imagine Disney without monorails...
- Our special guest - Ana Fallas of the Disney Parks Mom's Panel. She tells her story of a 7 year jouney to where she is today. Tells of her mom saving and how she contributed by babysitting to go to Disney World. Magical Moments at Epcot with a first step. We step through her favorites park by park!
- INTERCOT's Take It or Leave It - None of us can remember what we were supposed to do! Mel - Leave It, Cindy - Leave it, Ian - Leave It, John - Leave It.
- Jungle Cruise Restaurant coming to Adventureland Verandah!  New restaurant.
- #runICOT & #cheerICOT 2016 planning and Paris run as well. Light the Night in Celebration, Florida. 
- We still love the mouse after all these years.  Plenty of magic still left to go around.
- Spread the random Acts of Disney Kindness - buy someone a Mickey Bar. Be Good and Do Good.

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