Episode 6 - Mom & Dad Ran Out of Tickets

December 12, 2010

Way to sell it John

Attendence Figures & Profit 3rd Quarter
- The Disney Indigestion Plan (THE DIP)
- Tourist Traffic Increasing / Disney Traffic Flat /
Universal attendence up 36%
- Seaworld & bang for your buck
- Orlando Thrill Park
- Challenging times ahead competition wise
- Ian was quoted in Disney War by James Stewart
- What's the next big thing? Cars Ride
- Back to Universal again

Union Dispute @ WDW / The Disney Vision
- Career castmemers vs. hourly/seasonal
- Long term vs. short term view
- Who is the public face of Disney now?
- The great recession & missed opportunity
- What are we, a money show?

INTERCOT's Best Of - Extinct Attractions
- Gary's frozen so we'll start with him or not... The
Gary COIN!
- Ian misses If You Had Wings (the speed room), Gary
brings the crickets and then chooses Extra
TerrorRestrial, Mel says Skyway but ultimately chooses
the Living Seas (attraction video is on INTERCOT), John
wants to ride World of Motion again (Horizons - need not
even mention).
- Ian wants to live in the house in the Land
- Future World needs theme music again

Tangled / Tangled Package @ BBB
- Movie review
- Disney's moving away from fairy tales?
- Gary thinks animated movies are still being made for
the 1990's and havn't moved ahead
- The package and the hair

Tron Pins & Tron Soundtrack, Tron DVD sold out

Epic Mickey on Wii

John predicts blockbuster for Tron

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