Episode 29 - Thats A Lot Of Shuffleboard

February 15, 2012

INTERCOT Insider Live Podcast Thats a Lot of Shuffleboard Episode 29

The Cast: Mel, John, Ian, Gary, Carol

- Castmember beards and casual Fridays. Mel will be on mustache watch.

- Cruise Line news - unfortunately, some of it is horribly incorrect in this part of the show.  We will get it straight after the break. No, the Europe cruises do not leave from Florida, and the Alaskan cruise does not leave from Seattle.

- Disney Premier Visa - new card will have an annual fee. 8 designs.

- Ian kills his router and forces an unexpected reboot.

- Electric Umbrella. Gary wants to know why the restaurant stinks so bad now.

- We correct our missteps Cruise wise.

- INTERCOT Best Of Parades. Carol misses Tapestry of Nations. Melanie says BOO TO YOU! Ian is a fan of Spectromagic. Gary goes for the Main Street Electrical Parade. John goes with the hipster choice of the Bicentennial Parade from 1976.

- The INTERCOT 15th Anniversary boards are up.  Join in the fun and plan your trip.

- One of our members actually made a Flight of Meatloaf.  John and Ian are upset that beef was not included.

- Star Wars weekends announced May 18 - June 10.

- Universal announcements. New Spiderman updates, water show, parade, Despicable Me, new Blue Man Show and more.

- Gary the squirrel and Ponce DeLe Squarepants

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