Episode 21 - Stand To The Right - Walk To The Left

August 30, 2011

The Cast: Melanie Bounds, Ian Mitchell, Jeff Latko, Gary O'Brien, Michael Montanez

Singing and Plug and Unplug out of the way early!

The Earthquake hit us & BigFoot

D23 Expo Hilights - Fantasyland & how it's all going to come together. Crowds and lines were crazy. Too many people for too little capacity in presentations. Shopping was great. Talking Mickey is creepy?

Construction at Disneyland & Four Diamond Award

Little Mermaid Ride - Ariel's Got A Lazy Eye? Ride is impressive - great dark ride.

INTERCOT's Best Of - Area Music John - EPCOT Entrance Medley. Gary - Fountain Area Music. Ian - Tomorrowland Area Loop 80's era. Michael - Main Street Entrance Loop. Jeff - Stole John's. Melanie - Tokyo Disney Sea

Tiki Room Re-Opens

Monorail Offline and Mel was there to experience it. Quickly turned into a transportation disaster when the parks are full. MAPO system was offline.

Art of Animation Resort Suites - Pricing discussion.  We don't get it.

Why is Go.com still around? Seriously.

Mobile Magic App?  No Soup for You! Save the paper - give everyone the app free.

RFID bracelets creeping up in the news.

The episode has turned CRANKY!

Disney Chrurro Cart Girl.

Iron on shirts?  Huh?  What?


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