Episode 18 - Youll Stay Here and Youll Like It!

July 10, 2011

The Cast: Carol, Mel, Ian, Gary, Jeff & John

The biggest crew for the podcast yet - 6 is the magic number

John's just back from the world and has plenty to say - though Ian gets

in an Edit early on. Yes, that's why everyone is giggling.

Hoop De Doo at Fort Wilderness still a good time after all these years.

 Say hi to Dan Patrick's look alike.  Getting there is a little bit


Keep Carol on Speed Dial!  Ask Carol!

INTERCOT's Best Of Entertainment - Gary likes the Street Performers in the UK and Italy - Ian loves Sonny Eclipse at Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe - Carol goes out to Disneyland for the Billy's at the Golden Horseshoe

or Off Kilter in Canada @ Epcot. - Jeff enjoys the Holidays Around The World @ Epcot and streetmosphere

at Disney Studios. - Mel preferst the Voices of Liberty at the American Adventure (It's

Not A Board Room Fellas...) - John thinks Push is a hoot in the Magic Kingdom and DeVine at the

Animal Kingdom

This episodes song is Midnight At The Oasis by Maria Muldaur - Send

your camel to bed from 1974.

Talking Food from John's Trip! - Quick Service Burgers - BRUTAL say John & Ian. Something has

definately changed. As John tweeted it tasted like a combination of

cardboard and soybean flavored with smoke. Like eating a hockeypuck. - Columbia Harbor House tuna sandwich was sub-par.  Mushy and

Mayonaisy! - Kona was excellent - sushi was fab.  John tells the trick... - ESPN Zone does not dissapoint. Burgers and Dingers are wonderful.

Disney Pin Code Promos - Disney Picks Your Resort - We try to


Old Key West Resort Discussion - Water Sprites go 5 mph.  We transition

into a discussion on busses.

Waterparks - if you haven't been recently - GO!

Vinylmation - Like Mel, John has been sucked in.

Escaped the heat in Voyage of the Little Mermaid. LASERS!

Carol covers the current Rehabs/Announcements/Park Hours

Mel ponders Test Track changes?  Rumours of Cars in Lights Motors and

Meet n' Greet


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