Episode 10 - The Three Amigos

February 23, 2011

The Cast: Melanie Bounds, Ian Mitchell, John Yaglenski

Toontown is RIP
- Melanie was there on the final day - pics are at http://intercot.com/discussion/album.php?albumid=3
- We say goodbye and at the same time look forward to the changes.
- Mickey and Minnie movin' to Golden Oaks.
- We're hoping they hide the demolition of Mickey and Minnie's homes...
- Obligatory Horizons talk - http://horizonsresurrected.com

Breaking News - Disney Investor Conference
- It's a low budget show folks...
- A fast pass for your entire vacation.
- All this broke as we were taping this weeks shows.
- Gut reaction - Mel and Ian think vacations are becoming way too planned and complicated.
- John's hoping this doesn't turn you into a themepark commando and that there is some balance
- Getting your key in advance sounds aweful good.
- Art of Animation Resort is confirmed for 2013 - 2000 rooms and 1200 Family Suites.
- On demand entertainment
- Disney stock is up
- Fastpass is polarizing? Really?
- Characters in their element
- Disney Cruise Line
- Mel, Ian and John all want to go visit Cars land at Disneyland

Flower & Garden Festival March 2 - May 15
- Pixar theming to be featured
- Flower Power Concert Series - John can't resist singing and naming songs - bear with him and please don't tune out.

ESPN The Weekend
- Mel's psyched to attend
- The ESPN WWOS Complex
- Braves Spring Training

Expedition Everest is 5 years old
- Passholder Event

Disney Junior

Florida Orange Bird Returns
- Do you remember the Florida orange juice stand & the orange ball shaped drinks?

Disney before I-95 was finished

INTERCOT's Best Of - Favorite memory traveling to Disney World
- Mel loves to stop at the Florida State Line welcome center and orange juice.
- For Ian, it was always Pedro - you never sausage a place
- Fancy pants Ian flying to Disney World
- Did they get a carport?
- John remembers the Haunted Fort

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