Episode 45 - The Holiday Edition

December 28, 2012

The Cast: Gary, Carol, Ian, Mel, Christine, Michael, John

- Everyone is in the Holiday mood and Michael corrects John

- John opens his present - Kerning Matters

- Michaels Trip to Disneyland, Carsland looks great.

- The mythical cherry churro comes up again

- Mel with a Disneyland Tokyo mention

- Candlelight Processional Disneyland style and comparing shows

- Starbucks in Disneyland

- Christmas Ornaments - How much of your tree do Disney items take up

- Holiday Merchandise

- John rants about mixing LCD lights and incandescent lights

- Talk about Hawaii

- Spiraling - Do You Hear What I Hear by request - GO BUY IT!

- Best of 2012 Disney Memory. Michael: Going to ICOT15, Carol: Staying at the Grand Californian, Christine: Canada Staying Alive, Mel: Pricesses Half Marathon, Gary: ICOT15 Trivia Meet, Ian: (Castle Mention) Family trip at Boardwalk, John: Disney Fantasy cruise with his family

- Ms. Tick Tock had an issue and had her battery removed

- Count your blessings - hug your kids

- Press opening of Fantasyland - Thanks to Disney for inviting us! Dragon, Jack down, broke down on Test Track, Splitsville, AOA Lion king rooms & Resort Mrrch NIke polos, busses, Whats new/next - Around the world - Avatarland Still on

- Girls in NYC - Guest Relations experience compared to florida.

- Kodak sponsorship ending - Philharmagic, muppetvision, Imagination etc.

- Twitters and Facebooks

- Ian complains about the festiveness

- Christmas/Holiday plans


Episode 44 - Sometimes You Have to Get Ugly to Be Pretty

December 23, 2012

Sometimes You Have To Get Ugly To Be Pretty

The Cast: Mel, Carol, Christine, Gary, Michael, Ian & John

- Cranky John in the house and Mel goes right after him

- Incandescent twinkle lights

- Fantasyland, the media event and Ian’s castle, Beer, Duffy and Disney Sea

- Test Track POV – catch it at http://www.youtube.com/intercot

- Crazy new audio animatronic, yet the Yeti is still down

- Christine’s lunch review of Be Our Guest

- Discussion of food at Disney Parks

- Apparently Swatch still exists

- Michael wants supersized Dumbo

- Bathroom news!

- Tables in Wonderland huge price increase

- Food booths coming to Downtown Disney

- Capn’ Jack cupcake

- Tin Can Mel joins us for the second half – her headphones broke

- Best of things we’ve look forward to opening – did they live up to the hype! Mel chooses Soarin’.  Michael says Animal Kingdom and the glorious Yeti, Christine surprises us with a HOODA - the bleachers at Fantasmic, Gary says Animal Kingdom too, John goes with Epcot park opening. Ian goes with – wait for it – The Year of a Million Dreams and his Castle stay.

- We argue over the birthplace of aviation

- The customer service gate keepers that keep us from enjoying our vacation and life in general.  Michael & John share their experiences.


Episode 43 - The Return of Darth Chinwattle

December 3, 2012

The Cast: John, Carol, Christine, Michael, Gary & Ian - Wine & Dine Half Marathon and what's a Swolphin? - Food and Wine festival - Starbucks coming to Walt Disney World - controversy on main street - John was ill during the big day - The Bathrooms in the Living Seas Salon - garlicly - and more bathroom talk - Churro cart needs to be parked in front of the castle & the mythical cherry churro - Art of Animation Resort - Thumbs up from John, Ian and Gary with one huge TURRIBLE exception - the food courts. Something needs to be done. It's the least magical part of your vacation. - The frustration of trying to get home during SuperStorm Sandy - Coffee in the room - Disney purchases Darth Chinwattle's empire. INTERCOT Consulting has a plan to redo the studios. Gary offers his services. - Phone discussion. John says naked phones and things devolve from there. - Best of - Waste of Space suggested by iDisney. Carol says pleasure island. Christine's says the Odyssey at Epcot. Ian says Wonders of Life at Epcot. Michael thinks the area between the Seas and Imagination is a concrete mess. Gary stays in Epcot and names the Outpost. John wants a resort between the TTC and the Contemporary. - Prime Pick of the Week - Microsoft Surface Tablet - Legend of Captain Jack Sparrow at Disney's Hollywood Studios - Mermaids in Pirates of the Caribbean ride and what happened to the waterfall sounds at the beginning of the ride? Is it broke? Where is ghost monkey? - Effects on rides that are not working. - Customer Service in all aspects of life - Carol talks about Disney running the monorail for INTERCOT guests alone. THAT'S Magical - Wi-Fi in the parks - Carol subs for Mel ***** Brought to you by: Magical Journey's The Official Ticket Center *****