Episode 12 - The Big Reveal

March 29, 2011

The Cast: John Yaglenski, Melanie Bounds, Carol Robert & Gary O'Brien.

- Gary Returns - Carol & Gary actually are on the same show at the same time.  No Ian.

- The Haunted Mansion queue rehash.  Gary questions why the queue really needed adding to since there was never a wait, but is reserving judgement.  Carol is a little worried it looked a bit "cheap".  John's wondering how it will be lit at night.

- John is going to have to slice and dice this episode.

- Why don't they offer a photo at the end of the Haunted Mansion ride.  Send it on to Marketing! Combine photos and learn the "Photoshops".  INTERCOT Consulting Services are born!

- New Ticketing @ Epcot being tested.  RFID Scanners suggests Gary. 

- 2 Brilliant Ideas in one podcast - EasyPass for ThemeParks.

- Wait - another one.  Annual Passholder dedicated line.  Bypass those confused by the ticketing process.

- New Permanent Home for Mickey Mouse - Town Square Theater.  Magician Mickey will be making an appearance. Hinted to open April 1.

- Patriotic Mickey, Frotierland Mickey, The Billies.  Colonial characters including Patriotic Mickey should definately move to the American Adventure.

- Gary begs for a trip to Hawaii for all the great ideas.

- Free wifi testing @ the Contemporary Resort.  A "flight" of internet at the Wave of American Flavors.

- The Tikki Room.  Reopening pushed further back to July 1 - fueling rumours that the old show may return.

- Mel hates the Country Bears. Yet another attraction - the Tiki Bears.

- Apparently no one has seen the Tikki Room Pre-show.  Google it or hit YouTube, John swears it exists.

- Gary & Refurbs - Toontown update.  Mel struggles to describe a peak as we play charades.  Then Gary needs to explain the weenie. 

- Grand Floridian Expansion.  Construction between the Polyneisan Luau thru to where the Grand Floridian Pool begins.  Bridal Suites?  DVC?  Reception Halls - we're full of ideas tonite!

- INTERCOT's Best Of - Photo Places. Gary takes a pic at the wishing well & the giant troll in Norway (aka Uncle Jimmy).  Carol takes pictures of the icons.  Mel does the character totem pole at the Wilderness Lodge.  John talks about video in front of the Adventureland sign & Epcot's Spaceship Earth.

- John's headed to the Hard Rock Hotel and then new Hilton Bonnet Creek Resort.

- Mel went back to Universal & liked it much better this time.  She thinks the Mummy is the coolest ride ever!  Don't wear flip flops on the Forbidden Journey.  Gary has another idea - gift shop at the end of the ride with all the stuff people loose on the ride.  Crowd control @ Wizarding World.  Jimmy Neutron going away.

- What's an LMNOP?


Episode 11 - Ours Goes To Eleven

March 16, 2011

The Cast: Melanie Bounds, Ian Mitchell, Carol Robert, John Yaglenski

Are Gary and Carol the same person?

ESPN The Weekend & Flower & Garden Festival - Mel got up at 4am for Mike & Mike and it was a mess - If you can go down for the event on Friday, crowds were light - Main action went on in front of the Sorcerer’s hat - Curly looks good - Flower and Garden Festival looks lovely, waiting for some topiary to bloom - Tangled tower looks cool

Le Cellier Steakhouse moved to a two credit dining location - Only restaurant at this level in Epcot – supply and demand

Duffy obligatory mention - The St. Patrick’s Day Duffy - Looks like it’s an integrated package – not an outfit - Mel and Ian are sucked into the land of Duffy

Pins, Vinylmation, Collectibles & More

Fantasyland Skyway Station Being Removed - There goes the Horizons mention - Originally closed at the end of 1999 - Peter Pan queue extended, improve traffic flow

Haunted Mansion Queue - Installing new showpieces, rerouting queue - We speculate on how this would work and it turns out we were part right and part wrong on the layout. I don’t think we were able to visualize how things would come together. - The Ghosts at the end of the ride – what are their names again?

Phineas & Ferb discussion – Characters and their foamy counterparts

INTERCOT’s Best of – Disney Smells - John associates the smell of damp wood / tropical plants with the Polynesian - Carol says it has to be the water, but her favorite is the popcorn at Downtown Disney in Disneyland - Mel goes with the smells from ‘Soarin including the queue that is a mixture - The smell of ‘Soarin! You’re welcome Disney marketing. - Ian says all of yours are mine… but the bakery smell at the end of Main Street - Slim Jims remind Ian of Spaceship Earth

The Wave of American Flavors now offering a breakfast buffet

Grad Nights ending at Disney Parks in 2011

When to go to avoid crowds?

Dedicated podcast forum on INTERCOT – Comments welcome.

Requests to cover the Disney Vacation Club - Hot topic - change to resold points. Check out our sponsor the Timeshare Store. What it means to buying points on the secondary market vs. buying directly from Disney.