Episode 5 - The Concession Stand of the FUTURE!

November 23, 2010

The Cast: Melanie Bounds, Ian Mitchell, Carol Robert, John Yaglenski

November 23, 2010

Hyperion Warf Announcement
- Pretty much what we expected
- Concept Art looks nice but not enough details
- Lego store enlarged, Fork & Screen theatre interesting
- The concession stand of the future
- What's an enhanced pedestrian walkway
- Ian doesn't want to shop for linens

Winnie The Pooh
- New Queue. Actually opening ahead of the grand opening contrary to what we said.
- Store looks the same
- Exterior looks interesting, what's interactive?
- Potential for kids melting down?
- Mr. Potato Head pictures - is it ok to pass people?

Little Mermaid/Be Our Guest
- Things continue to progress in Fantasyland

Ian Goes Back In Time
- Old time photos & how the park has changed over the years
- The joke completely gets missed - John repeats
- Ian's obsessed with plastic drink mixers and so is Carol

One Man's Dream Reopens
- New carpet and see thru Lincoln, Figment, Horizons
- Clamobile & The Little Mermaid

New Duffy Christmas Tree
- Obligatory Duffy mention - donated to Toys For Tots
- Duffy is selling out

Holidays @ Walt Disney World
- Swan & Dolphin - Worlds Largest Chocolate Santa sculpture.
- Almost 3 million calories
- See it at http://santasfavoriteresort.com/chocolate.html
- Resort Decorations

More Holiday Stuff
- Phineas & Ferb at the Osborne Lights
- Carol & John aren't familiar with the show and need to do homework.
- World Showcase Santas

Gowalla @ Disney
- John explains Gowalla
- Checkin at hundreds of locations in the parks
- John's creepy FourSquare experience

Tron Legacy
- Vinylmation with Tron - Not sure we get it but Tron ones look cool
- Tron @ Disneyland

Best Of - Counter Service
- Carol likes Columbia Harbor House and the upstairs dining. Sunshine Seasons
- Mel likes all the Animal Kingdom counter service, Pecos Bill
- Ian Yakitori House in Japan @ Epcot, Pecos Bill @ MK
- John goes for Fish & Chips @ Rose & Crown, Cosmic Rays for Cheese Steaks, The Land
- Pizza @ Disney - Heartburn on a plate sans Via Napoli & possibly Mama Melrose's

- Check out @INTERCOT on Twitter for pictures

Disney's Golden Oaks Development
- Multi million dollar housing development on WDW property
- The staff doesn't quite get it and especially the location
- DVC Discussion
- Land lease or own the land

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Walt Disney World Swan & Dolphin Resort


Episode 4 - To Fix Or Not To Fix

November 7, 2010

Welcome Carol!

Something Happy @ Ian's Request - Holidays at Walt Disney World and Disneyland
- The parties start soon!
- West Coast vs. East Coast.
- Haunted Mansion, Small World.
- It used to snow in Disneyland - does it still? Carol will check.
- Epcot New Years Eve & Illuminations.
- The Happiest Gathering on INTERCOT (HGOI) - Eyes are glazing over. What was it and when was it?http://www.intercot.com/news/hgoi - Cherry Churros @ Disneyland Park.
- Candlelight Processional - John's never done.
- John doesn't do ADR's.
- Osbourne Fesitval of Lights.
- Value Season - increased weekend rates.
- Animal Kingdom - Lights on the tree?

Extra Magic Hours @ Disney's Animal Kingdom
- What happens after dark.
- Limited attractions - what's left.
- Did John just go Beastly Kingdom?
- Lack of Table Service Restaurant.

The Yeti
- It's broken & has been for a few years now.
- Is it a big deal? Ian and Mel say no. John says FIX IT!


Your Favorite - Restroom - Yes, we did go there.
- John says to stay away from crowds @ Imagination.
- Mel likes decor in a restroom @ Ariel's Grotto (Disneyland).
- Carol likes a theme - the one near Alice in Wonderland (Disneyland) and painted card stalls.
- Ian likes music - Tomorrowland and stainless steel.
- John likes Moaning Myrtle at Wizarding World.

Disneyland vs. Disney World
- Carol likes Disneyland better and hates buses.
- Walking in Walt's Footsteps. You can feel his presence.
- Carol, Mel and Ian like the DL castle, John wants it a little bigger.
- The panel likes Disneyland's Magic Kingdom better - We all feel guilty.
- The $100 Chicken Nuggets @ Club 33
- Everyone loves the New Orleans Square area but we like Mexico Small World too!
- Disney World has more table service options - we prefer WDW for Dining

What Do You Do To Unwind After A Day In The Parks
- Late dinner, lobby & bar at the resort says Carol.
- Ice Cream, Arcades, Electrical Water Pageant, Fireworks from the Resort
- Jellyrolls
- Mel drives home, swimming/pool, laundry

INTERCOT on Twitter
- iPhone 4 Cases
- Obligatory mention of Duffy

One Man's Dream Reopens
- Obligatory mention of Horizons

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