Episode 53 - It’s A Snoozer

July 25, 2013
INTERCOT Insider Live Podcast Episode 53
It’s a Snoozer!
The Cast: Melanie Bounds, Ian Mitchell, Christine Warner & John Yaglenski

- We hit all of our crutches out of the chute
- Transformers Opens and we were there – Christine says its great but likes Spiderman better
- Simpson yourself, Rock the Universe, King Kong coming back @ Universal
- Disney’s Hollywood Studios rumors -left side of the park gone? Where would Osborne Lights go?  Expansion of Star Wars Brand. 2018?
- Where is Avatarland?
- Pairing down our collectibles - seems like most of us have stopped collecting. Clutter and the soft collectibles market.
- Starbucks in Main Street - INTERCOT approved minus the loss of the chocolate cake.
- Christine is over Limited Time Magic
- INTERCOT’s Take It or Leave It!  Where is out theme people? Attractions / Rides on both coasts.  Christine likes originality and says Leave It.  Ian does’t have a strong opinon but says Take It! Melanie wants to Leave It - and like Christine likes going to different parks just to see attractions. John splits the panel and says Take It!
- Thanks to our 2 listeners
- INTERCOT Kid’s shirts
- John is heading to Disney’s Hilton Head and will be reporting on it!
- Disneyland Tinkerbell Half Marathon and 10k added
- MagicBand discussion and accessories.  John may be coming around.  Wants a watch add-on to make the bands useful in day to day life. Ian just about loses it - take us to ludicrous speed! He then admits - John is on to something.  Another great idea from INTERCOT Consulting.
- Galaxy Quest and Space Balls references both in one episode
- Halloween time at Disneyland Resort
- Grand Floridian Villas - Christine says looks lovely.


Episode 52 - Not The Sun But The Moon Princess ImaLamma

July 1, 2013

The INTERCOT Insider Live Podcast Episode 52 - Not The Sun But The Moon Princes ImaLama The Cast: Melanie Bounds, Carol Robert, Christine Warner, Ian Mitchell, John Yaglenski

- We Talk About The Weather - How Original. Andrea storm and music.

- 24 Hour Monstrous Summer Kickoff and review.

- Park Ticket price increases - $5 more for Magic Kingdom, Universal Prices.

- Universal unveils Transformers Ride & Simpson's Springfield.

- Grand Floridian DVC on sale, Ian sells his DVC.

- Debate on using points for cruises.


- Talk of the space time continuum.

- Take it or Leave it - per Carol... Disney Buses: Carol says it's three fold but currently, it's Leave It! Christine says Take 'Em because you can and sit down. Ian Leaves It.  Mel says pretty much - Leave It! John says Leave It and use the Rental Car and coins a new term, my "patience is out the wall".

- Discussion about Boats vs. Buses.  There's SPIDERS!

- Muppets Down a month, Jungle Cruise as well

-  Track Completed at the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train in New Fantasyland

- A Pirate’s Adventure: Treasures of the Seven Seas has officially set sail at Magic Kingdom Park.  Christine says the game has issues

- Wii U Tour

- Sent from my iPad?  WHO CARES!  Change it to -- my favorite Disney website is INTERCOT.com!  Viral marketing.  Do it now!

- Star Wars Weekends - Hyperspace Hoopla is phenominal.  See it on youtube.com/intercot. Princess ImaLama

- Character spot in Epcot

- Spaceship Earth Twinkle Lights

- INTERCOT's DMOD (Disney Music On Demand) gets a mention

- New Ice Cream Shop - one scoop, two scoops... get out of the line!

- Starbucks in the Magic Kingdom - it's gonna be okay.

- #RunICOT