Episode 84 - This Magic Moment

November 15, 2015

INTERCOT Insider Live Disney Podcast - Episode 84
The Cast: Carol Robert, Cindy Jachrimo, Ian Mitchell, Gary O'Brien, John Yaglenski

-  New Star Wars stuff
-  Kids these days and their ideas about CGI being better than practical effects
-  New Star Wars attractions/events
-  Has a ride ever been updated to be day and date with a movie?
-  Where is Jedi Training Academy exactly?
-  Star wars meet and greet for Visa members
-  Star Wars Weekends are no longer or are they?
-  Avatarland
- Is there ever going to be another movie - Apparently 2017
- Na'vi river ride looks good but.
- Is the other ride a Soarin' on another planet or more?
- Jimmy Fallon 8D ride at Universal - What are those other Ds?
- Ian's never seen any of the Harry Potter movies
- John is finally checking Candle Light Processional narrated by Gordon Jump - We've literally planned his arrival down to the minute.
- John has to take a selfie with the choir, Ian now has to watch It's a Wonderful Life
- John's never been to Primetime Café
- Thanksgiving at WDW, John's using his visual artist kids to photograph the entire place
- New Segment - This magic moment: Carol would have a lapulapu and watch Wishes, Gary would have a beer at WL pool bar, sit and read comics on iPad while family swam, John would take family to top of Cotemporary and have a beverage, a snack, watch the nighttime spectacular, Cindy would just go to Radiator Springs and watch the neon, Ian would go to Tapestry of Nations, if he had a time machine but in reality he would just hang out at Storm Along Bay with the kids.
- Hit us up on the boards and let us know where you would be in any Disney park at 8:30 pm RIGHT NOW.
- Motley Fool story - EPCOT is set to be the lowest attended park by 2020, Future World barely exists, dated, everything we love about EPCOT seems not to be attractions.
- New Colorthingie it's colors by Glidden 


Episode 83 - I Bring The Cheer

November 9, 2015
INTERCOT Insider Live Disney Podcast
Episode 83 - I Bring The Cheer
The Cast: Michael Montanez, Ian Mitchell, Cindy Jachrimo, Christine Warner

- Michael is irritated and Christine looks like Murphy Brown?
- Annual Pass increases on both coasts - Michael and Cindy explain. Ian's head explodes.
- Does Disney want AP holders or not?  Is it time to build another park due to capacity issues?
- Food and Wine is out of control crowded on the weekends.
- Is tiered pricing for everyday tickets inevitable?
- New and updated INTERCOT forums - now Mobile ready and more features!
- Updated many sections of the site including Theme Parks, Water Parks, Disney Springs, Resorts and more!
- Flying Fish closing for major updates.
- Tables in Wonderland price increase to $175 residents / $150 passholders.
- The year was 1983.
- Sunset Showcase theater coming to Disney's Hollywood Studios.
- Duffy is out, Daisy is in...
- We get stumped on famous Disney turtles and ignore the obvious.
- Disney updating Fort Wilderness cabins.
- Christine wants to be able to pick a room view at all DVC resorts on points.
- No more storage compartments on Kali River Rapids
- Take it or Leave It - Lockers, John & Michael take them to avoid rides being shut down, Christine says no - OCD issues & no critters, Ian take them and Cindy sort of.
- Cargo shorts/pants are out?  Seriously?
- Candlelight Processional lineup finalized.
- Roller Coaster Tycoon World coming out December 10.
- Pecos to Mexican, Tortuga to Barbecue place.
- Completely forgot a new resort is coming to Universal Orlando
- New exit to Disney Springs is open
- 1983 Movies
- What kind of rinky dink podcast is this!