Episode 69 - You Don’t Ask Someone Else To Say Garwsh!

September 30, 2014

The Cast: Gary O'Brien, Cindy Jachrimo, Todd McCartney, Ian Mitchell, Melanie Bounds, John Yaglenski

- Frozen in Malestrom It's great and terrible and where are we going to wait in line?

- INTERCOT Consulting: The perfect queue. Beer cart, bathroom, then ride

- Frozen Bathrooms

- Old attractions to New

- Two words. Hydro. Later.

- Everybody generally agrees that all the songs used to be better in old EPCOT -Mainly because they were so funky baby.

- Take it or leave it: Tiered amenities. John has the tallies

- Back to old attractions

- If You Had Wings was free, so obviously it was the best according to dad

- MNSSHP-New additions-Amazing, Bowler hat guy, John Warner's amazing photos, New trick or treat stations, Villain soiree not so much

- Disney Bound

- #runICOT

- Cheering is as inspiring as running

- You don't ask someone else to say Garwsh!  Goofy always does it. 


Episode 68: Gary Sells Out

September 22, 2014
The Cast: Carol Robert, Cindy Jachrimo, Gary O'Brien, Michael Montanez, John Yaglenski

- Off Kilter is done, new entertainment coming to Epcot.

- Is there an example in Disney history where management has reversed their decision to close something?

- Talking Epcot again

- Marvel coming to Disneyland

- More FROZEN!

- Take it or leave it - Special Edition Magic Bands. Tried out during Star Wars Weekends. Frozen Bands have been circulating. Carol says leave it. Cindy says leave it too. Gary says leave it. Michael leave it. John leave it. Big Goose Egg.

- Carol suggests interchangeable cores for Magic Bands that you can switch to accessorize with your outfit.  INTERCOT Consulting(tm). Fantastic idea!

- Silly Jasmine and Nathan - Gary Sells Out

- Villains Sinister Soiree - trying to see the value proposition by the time you pay for park admission, then special party that night, then special party for only a few hours.  We do an economics lesson. $680 for 5 hours for a family of four.

- More Starbucks

- Drones in the parks

- #runICOT update