Episode 59 - The Line For Goofy Was Too Long

January 29, 2014
The Cast: John, Mel, Carol, Christine & Ian

- John's illness and why we were away so long
- Some of lifes best memories have happened at Disney World
- #RunICOT - Marathon Weekend
- The line for goofy was too long: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3VNLw3Kc8rI
- Ian's Trip
- Staying at the Swan/Dolphin
- MyMagic+ - The ups and downs, the good and the bad
- Take It or Leave It - Tables in Wonderland
- Universal Announcements
- Spiced Road Table opens at Epcot
- Downtown Disney West Side – House of Blues New Smokehouse
- Disneyland Walts Footsteps
- SPOILER ALERTS - Saving Mr. Banks & Frozen
- Carol looses it on Main Street
- Forget it he's rolling

Episode 58 - Ian’s Got A Toque On, Gary’s Got The Anorak

January 2, 2014
The Cast: John Yaglenski, Gary O'Brien, Christine Warner, Ian Mitchell, Michael Montanez

Apologies in advance for audio issues - we had problems with the recording but didn't want to throw the episode away - which is one of the reasons it took so long to release...

- Ian's got a toque on, Gary's got the anorak.
- MyMagic+ Delayed according to the Orlando Sentinel.
- Ian's experiences and frustrations with the MyMagic+ App.
- What problem did this system solve?
- Is vacation planning becoming to much of a hassle.
- Christmas version of Reflections of Earth.
- Candlelight Processional.
- Another INTERCOT Consulting Idea!
- Michael goes to Hawaii and Disney's Aulani - and has the scoop for you!
- Diane Disney Miller passed away.
- Saving Mr. Banks.
- Frozen.
- Take It or Leave It - Water Parks! Gary says Take It - and just watches everyone having a good time while eating.  Michael says he doesn't do Water Parks or public pools - Leave It. Ian Takes It but he never goes anymore. Christine Takes the Water Parks and does the lazy river and bars. Take It - John likes the lazy river.
- Holiday Happenings @ the parks and resorts.
- Celebrating dead rides.
- Coast to Coast AM